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Brian’s Thankful Thursday

Kali, what are you doing?  You look weird, walking around in circles.  I am blessing my bed.  Looks more like you’re casting a spell at your bedding.  No, no, no!  This is very important…..you are only as strong as your most powerful thought.                                                           

Ok…are you saying if I think I can do something I can?  Sortof…if you think it and picture it…all you have to do is accomplish it.  You’ve already seen yourself doing it.

That’s a bunch of pig feathers, Kali.  Pig’s don’t have feathers.  Your idea has pig feathers…bet you could make the pig fly…just tell him if it thinks he can fly he can….then push him off a cliff. Mew, mew, mew.                                                

 Ohhh….treats!  Now where were we?  Give me an example Kali.  Ok,  You see me walking around in circles in bed before I lay down, right?  Yep, you look ridiculous.   There’s a reason why I do it….I’m looking and feeling for snakes.  I turn around exactly three times and then I settle.   You really think that helps, Kali?  I haven’t laid on any snakes so far and I’m 15 years old.                                                       We’re joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.                                                    I am very Thankful there are no snakes around here.  Kali is very thankful her twirling in bed keeps snakes away.  Seems we’re a tad different.  The main thing is…neither of us sleeps with the snakes.