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Remembering Charles


Put down your outside stuff, Tyebe.  I must do a special selfie today for my brother Charles Mallory.  You met Charles and thought he was so darn good looking.  Lisbeth Blue was a lucky lady to have Charles for a boyfriend.Go see Lisabeth’s memorial to Charles at The Cat On My Head’s blog.  While you’re there put in a selfie to show Charles’s family that we’re standing with them in their time of need.                                        


Charles passed away on Monday April 19th   and our world was a little darker.  We have so many memories of Charles to keep us going that I know our world will be shiny from the memories.                                                   

This is Charles and Lisabeth strutting their stuff in Cat Scouts at a Sock hop.

Charles was my brother from an American mother and we gave each other a bad time about Canada and the States,  I said Canadians have tons of room to wander compared to Americans crammed into little towns all over the countryside.  Just plain fun between kin.

We will miss you Charles but will see you once again when our time comes to join you.