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Tyebe Tuesday in the Snow

It is a frightful day but fun.  The snow is coming down in buckets.  The north wind is a howlin’ and I chose to run around like my butt’s on fire outside.

You can see where I slipped in my purrsuit of the north wind.

We are also joining Happy Tuesday at Comedy Plus  for today’s fun.  Bounce over and say “Hi” to some pretty special furries. Click on the name and you’ll be there in seconds.                                                                   

You can see how heavy the snow was falling. It was cold so the snow was small and light. Great digging snow. I am a smear by the fence attempting to dig my way to the Lane. I didn’t quite make it.

Think I’ll stay inside.  It’s warmer and there’s food!                                                       

Outside is fun for a bit and then I need to warm up my paws.

Seems to me it’s time for Shoko’s Meezerism.  Take it away big sis.

“Hunting is poor in the winter because one leaves pawprints in the snow and every vermin knows exactly where you are.”


It’s Artsy, Fartsy Caturday

It’s Friday and very warm here.  Yesterday mom, Kali and I went outside in the snow as it was -4C.  Mom made a little snowman and put it on the steps to the deck.

snowsmMom figured she could put a carrot, two pebbles and a hat on the snowman today but, alas, the temperature is 6C above and the snowman melted completely.

snowkalismKali helped….by talking at mom.

Yahoo, I can go in Athena and Marie’s Caturday display.  The instructions are complicated so pay attention.  First go to the name of the host blog and click on the name.  It’s called Athena and Marie’s Caturday Blog for those that have forgotten or your paws were too slippery after dripping sardine juice into your mouth that you slide off the computer and had a lapse in memory.

This is moi in coloured foil done through Corel Paintshop.

Have a great Caturday my friends.
Kali and Shoks

Shopping Around the World


This month Shopping Around the World Presents making a hearty winter soup.  Bacon of Piglove introduced us to Shopping Around the World.

Cat in pot

Shoko has decided to be my assistant on this cooking project.
chef Shoko
Just think of me as the Canadian Chef. Today we will be making pea soup from scratch.

This process takes us two days because mom is picky as hell-o.
Here is a list of the ingredients:

1 smoked pork hock
1 onion, chopped
celery, chopped
1 bay leaf
3/4 cup dried split peas
1/2 cup whole dried peas
1/4 cup of green lentils
1 potato, peeled, cut up

Mom used a big crock pot and threw in the smoked pork hock. What’s a pork hock mom? I never heard of one. The hock is the lower, meaty portion of the front leg of the animal. Eww…the lower leg of the pig…shhh we don’t want Bacon to hear! You mean like the ankle? There’s not much meat on an ankle but the hock might include an ankle also Shoks. Sounds like peeps don’t have enough to do if they’re going to smoke an ankle. The hocks are so tasty though Shoks and when they’re smoked they get a special flavour. You mean like ham, mom? Well, yes, very similar to ham Shoks. Why not just use the ham then? Mainly because the hock has such a lovely flavour…stop asking questions Shoko and let’s get busy. OK mom, how long do we simmer the smoked pork hock mom? I put the smoked pork hock on for about 10 hours on simmer in the crock pot. Then we throw away all the fat on the meat and the bay leaf. We peel back the fat to see the meat. Transferring the juice into our bowl, we then put the bowl into the fridge to make the juice gel up and all the fat to rise to the top. The meat we keep in another separate bowl. We can put it in the fridge overnight or in our case, stick the bowl on the deck for an hour or so and the juices will solidify quickly. It shows just how fast us kitties can get frozen at these temperatures. It’s quite dangerous to have animals out for very long in this weather Shoko.

After the juices have cooled overnight we take a slotted spoon and remove much of the fat solidified on top of the bowl. We keep some of the fat as this is where much of the flavour resides. Now. is the time to add all the dried ingredients and the onion and celery. There is no need to sauté the veggies as they will cook nicely in the crock pot and retain all their flavour. Any questions Shoko? Yes, when do we pee on the juices? What??!! Oh my Shoko we never pee on the soup. It’s called pea soup because we use peas. Why would you think we would pee on it? I’ve heard of yellow pea soup and green pea soup and I figured one had to pea on both but you couldn’t really see the pee in the green soup. What’s the difference between yellow and green pea soup mom? Green and yellow split peas are different varieties of the seeds of the Pisum sativum L., or field pea, plant. Also if peas dry to hardness on the vine, they retain a yellow appearance as opposed to dried up picked peas. How do you know mother? I know from the peas in our garden Shoko. I have never dried enough to make yellow pea soup but maybe I should and see if it works. That’ll be our goal this year mom.
After the dried ingredients have been added, add the chopped onion, That’s not much potato in a big crock pot like that mom. I know Shoks but we freeze our pea soup and the potato seems to go grainy when frozen so I only put in enough for that meal.
While the ingredients are cooking bring out the pork hock meat. I am rather particular about not including any gristle or chunks of fat. So I pull the meat apart by hand so I can feel the meat that goes into the soup. MOL…no wonder you need glasses mom! About 2 hours before meal time add the chopped and peeled potato. If you add the potato too soon, it will become mush.  I add the meat just before eating the soup.  Many times I have had a delicious soup but the meat tasted boiled so I add the cooked meat last.  Although I can’t see where adding the meat earlier would make a huge difference. Today you will have the crock pot on for about 8 hours or maybe a wee bit less.
Your soup is now ready to enjoy. Any last words about the soup Shoko? Yes, remember don’t cool the soup down by peeing in it….mom says it really doesn’t taste good afterwards…psst..guess she found out the hard way. MOL


Note the orange thingies in the soup, well, mom told me she added shredded carrot and a bit of chopped carrot but no pee.  Got i?!  Good.

Kali and Shoks