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Power of The Paw Is Needed For My Friend

I heard some bad news the other day and thought it was time to ask for everyone in Blogville’s help.  Lexi, the schnauzer, was told she has cancer,  Her mom had the invading lumps removed but Lexi also has a mass in her lung. *sigh*  I get very upset when I think of what Lexi’s going through.  Please, read Lexi’s post and read what’s happening….just click on Lexi’s post.                                                    ashsmLexi, the schnauzer, sure could use some extra help , bring on your best team.

Lexi is having a hard time with the chemo as its giving her an upset tummy to the point where she doesn’t want to eat.  Let’s use the POTP to help Lexi relax, eat and tackle this disease.                                                              LexiPOTP

   Please feel free to take the badge, put it in your sidebar and ask for the POTP from your commenters.

Thank you my friends.

Kali and Shoks