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Fill er In Feline Friday

It’s Friday…..fish day. I want salmon for supper. Did you eat the salmon Shoko…..I can smell it on your breath. Of course I didn’t eat the salmon, I found mom’s special perfume and I guess it smells like salmon.   *wink* *wink* Oh, that explains it. Thanks Shoko. What’s wrong with your eye?
Geez, she’s so gullible. Now, I feel guilty but I’ll get over it….mol

Friday is the day for Feline Friday at Comedy Central blog. Feline Friday shows the most pictures I’ve ever seen of us 4 legged sleek and magnificent animals.

Pad on over by clicking on the blog name.  Clcking on the badge will only exercise your finger.

Friendly Fill-Ins give us 4 sentences that we can fill in.  Ellen of 15 and Meowing came up with the first 2 sentences and Lorianne of Four Legged Furballs came up with the last 2 sentences.

Shoko and I will take turns copping a fill in.


1. You will never find….A TOWEL WITHOUT SNAGS IN IT….. in my home.  We live in our home…..and it looks it. mol  Mom won’t let us show our snagged towels so here’s me looking like I would never do something so callous.                                                 

2. Once a year, I….DON’T SCREAM AND YELL WHEN GETTING MY MANICURE..Hey, I’m not going to show a picture of me being anything but dignified….mol…..


3. My TEMPER…. has gotten me in trouble.  You don’t see anything.  Walk away.

Mom says she’s taking the last sentence.


4. The last time I …..WAS AT A FRIEND’S HOUSE…. was when…..THE WORLD’s POPULATION DIDN’T WEAR MASKS.  Anticipation will make the meeting so much more exciting.