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Sunday Selfie with Tyebe

Today is Selfie Sunday at The Cat On My Head blog.  So grab your typist and rush over there by clicking on the badge.                                                  

Hey Budd, I’ll take my selfie here with you. OK, Tyebe but I see a crow on the lawn…shhh.

That’s a keeper.

Ohh, another Crow. They’re doing the tango. I need a drink. Wonder if there are bubbles in the fountain.

TYEBE…..Royal Blue

Have a great Sunday friends.                                                                         

Artsy Fartsy Caturday with Kali

MOL, it’s my turn for artsy Caturday and I told mom exactly what I wanted.  She of course obliged my every whim.  Sure she did furry face, *rolls eyes*.  More than likely she agreed to shut you up.  Well, maybe Shoko but you could be nicer about the whole thing.


Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty is having the Caturday artsy lineup.  Click on the name and go see your buddies enduring the effects of their mom’s creativeness.                                                                       

Here is the picture we started with.                                                                    Notice the bubbles lightening my load.

This is what we ended up with thanks to Lunapic.                                                                    Egads, the artsy me looks like a monster!  I think the first one is better mom.

What’s that saying Shoko?  You mean:


Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby at Cat Scouts.  Kali and I are going with our boyfriends.

I think Classic Empire will win and Kali thinks McCracken will win.  I wonder if our choices will  win.                                                                   

Interesting eh?  If you want to see more, join Cat Scouts…it’s FREE.