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Boxing Day 2020

It’s Boxing Day and artsy fartsy day.  Do you want me to get the boxing gloves out or shall we just find boxes Tyebe?  I really don’t feel like boxing with you Shoko so let’s find a comfy box and some greenies,

I like the new kitty we have in the house.  This kitty looks similar to me                                                           
She also hisses and sings “Your ornaments are his-story.”


Here  I am celebrating Boxing Day in my cozy box waiting for the treats to be rolled out.

Shoko is somewhere around here I believe she’s working on a Meezerism.  She’s scratching the fur on her chinny, chin, chin.                                              ” Do not judge all cats by the actions of a few.”

Mellowing out in my room with a view.

It is also Caturday Artsy Fartsy Day with Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty.                                                            

We haven’t been to visit Athena for like ages, Shoko.  She’ll never recognize us.  Yes, she will.  She’s a wise kitty and a real beauty too.

This is the first picture of us laying side by side.                                                       

Mom gave the picture to Lunapic and applied sparkles, beauty and a snow border. Voila….I am unrecognizable! mol

May your Boxing Day be filled with cardboard that tastes like shrimp.