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Sunday Selfie and Meezerism from Tyebe and Shoko

Let me in!!   It’s dang cold out here.

That’s better. There’s not even a lone vermin out there. I’m staying inside. I plan to go out later this afternoon when the temperature warms up. Dad’s changed the kit lit so our toilet is nice and clean. I can use this until I can get outside. I have a huge bladder.                                                   
I’ll just curl up on the catnip blanket that Sammy P’s mom made for us. It has your picture all over it Tyebe so I can sleep on your face……mol.  So this is the little guy that was under my new blanket.  *sniff*……do I smell nip?                                                           
Time for your meezerism, Shoko.

Right you are marshmallow with eyes.

“The rattling of food dishes means it’s time to get up and start your day.”

I got a wonderful gift from  my handsome ginger boyfriend,  Cooper Murphy.   I had a tough time figuring out what to do with it but I soon learned how to get some noise out of it and it feels good on my bod too.                                                                     

Speaking of Gingersnap reminds me that today is a selfie day  on The Cat On My Head.   Go visit this huge family and see what’s happening with your new friends.

Have a happy day.