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Artsy, Fartsy and Tartsy Day

No way Kali, the nip leaf fell face side down so I get to choose which day  to do a photo for.   Will I choose Artsy, Fartsy Day or Sunday Selfie?  I’m going with Artsy Caturday.  You get Sunday Selfie Kali.

Mom has designed her own artsy picture of me for Artsy Caturday.                                                                 What do ya mean…what am I?  No, I don’t look like I’m wearing a wrinkled and stained wedding dress…knock it off Kali!

I’ll give you a hint…♫ Do the mashed potato…♫

So my friends, go and visit Athena and Maries Artsy Caturday blog by clicking on the blog name.  and enjoy viewing the other artsy pictures.