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Happy Bulletin

You will remember a couple of weeks ago we had a furry visitor.  He hung around here for three days…much to Kali and my disgust.  He was in great shape and friendly.  Dad was getting ready to call him George, so mom knew it was time George was taken to a shelter.  George suffered the indignity of getting neutered but that was for the best best to keep the number of kittens in check.  He was also given a check up and found to be in excellent health.  Mom called today to see how George was doing.  Well, yesterday a really nice family adopted him.  Mom and dad were so happy!  Mom had a cup of tea on Oak St( the name given him by the shelter).  Dad, well dad had a beer to celebrate Oak St. getting a forever home.

Here's to our grey, furry friend.

Here’s to our grey, furry friend.

We like him much better now that there is no chance he’s going to live with us.

Earlier today I got a surprise!  Beatrice called  to wish me a Happy Gotcha Day.  I was delighted to speak with Beatrice and chat away about what she was doing and where she was.  She was no longer in the Yukon and had spent weeks at headquarters in Winnipeg learning the camera angles and so on.  She was calling from Argentina.  It was very hot and she didn’t much care for it.  Her work in Argentina would be done in a week so she was happy about that.  She wasn’t sure when she would have the time to come home but she wanted to take advantage of the demand for her modelling.  We told her we loved her and she gave us many verbal hugs.  She’ll call again when she gets the extra time.

White landline telephone

White landline telephone

DSCN3165Imagine she’s in Argentina!  I never even heard of it,  Bet she’ll have lots of stories to tell us when she gets home.  C’mon Kali a nap is sounding pretty good about now.  Superb idea my little buddy.                                                         DSCN1833                                        




One Giant Step

Here it is Monday and Beatrice we know you  leaving for the modelling job is a giant step up for you but we are going to miss you something terrible.  You take care now Beatrice.  Mom has packed some red willow bark for you, just in case “The Beaver” magazine decides to send you on to the Yukon today.  You’ll have some munchies.  Personally says Shoko, I think going to the head office in Winnipeg Manitoba from here is enough for today but I’m not your boss.


red willow bark

red willow bark


The Beaver Cover

Remember to phone us from wherever you’re sent.  You know an even better way would be to Skype us.  Then its free.


Yes, I will Skype you.

Yes, I will Skype you.

Please let Billy know what has happened to me.  He always knew I was a little different than your average beaver.  We will make sure Billy knows that you have made your dreams come true.

B,S and Kali at airportThey’re calling your plane # Beatrice.  See ya friends and thank you for everything.  A special thank you must go to Kali for all her work.  We did it Kali…in spite of the fights and coffee table chewing.! Beatrice goes through security.


She's on her way Kali.

She’s on her way Kali.

Beatrice is starting the biggest adventure of her life.  We wish her all the best.





Kali’s Gotcha Day Coming Up


Shoko, Kali’s Gotcha Day is quickly approaching.  Oh, it’s not until next month Mom.  It’s on Friday Shoko.  Well, it really is Sunday but Sunday is Mother’s Day so we’ll celebrate it Friday.  Seriously??

I'm not ready though!!

I’m not ready though!!

Do you think she’d like a picture of me, mom.  Would you like a picture of Kali for your Gotcha Day Shoks?  Not really.  What can I get her?  I haven’t saved any treats and the catnip plant hasn’t got any new nip yet…just a few sprouts.  Well, I’m going shopping today perhaps I’ll see something.  Mom don’t you have anything for her?  I ordered her a “Furminator,” from Amazon but no sign of it yet.  I hope we get it before her Gotcha Day.  I plan on making a special meal and a cake for her.  Catnip of course inside the cake…you betcha’.  Kali will be 13…about 68 human years.  WOW!….she’s getting on but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her!  She carries her age well.  She is alert as ever.  Just what the world needs more “Lerts.”

How bout you Beatrice?  You got anything for Kali’s Gotcha Day?  Oh no…this is a special occasion for Kali and I have forgotten….wait, Shoko I never heard of a Gotcha Day…what is it?  That’s the day that Kali adopted mom and moved in with her and dad.  You celebrate that?  Of course…Kali decided to come and help mom furever.  Kali has been here for 13 years.  Kali has been hanging around…I mean lived here for quite awhile, eh Shoko. Yep, she is the oldest of all of us…except dad…he is REALLY old.


Something from the heart

Something from the heart

I know Kali would love something that means a lot to us.  For example, the egg blanket for a month from you cause you love it and hate to part with it Shoko.  That’s gonna be tough Beatrice….I don’t know if I can be happy without it but Kali is one great sister….I’ll think about it.  How bout you?  It will be a surprise for you too Shoko…you’ll have to wait till Friday.


We must make her feel special on her day

We must make her feel special on her day

So drop by on Friday to visit with us and wish Kali a happy Gotcha Day….I know we’ll have treats here for cats, woofies, bunnies and pigs….peeps, I’m not sure if there will be peeps food though. 





International Beaver Day and Beatrice


Did You know that April the 7th was International Beaver Day?  We didn’t know, although Beatrice was making a fuss yesterday.  We thought it was because she finally found her BLING! No, she was excited because on Beaver Day she allows herself to indulge in her favourite bark…..willow….it is more fattening than the pine or birch bark but has that extra nutty flavour.


7th Apr each year

The beaver may be the national animal of Canada but the furry dam-building rodent can be found across the North American continent and Eurasia as two distinct species, but the population has been on the decline for several decades now. International

Beaver Day aims to celebrate and raise awareness of the plight of the rodent. Beavers are known for their tree-munching activities, but did you know that they use every bit of the tree that they fell? They eat the buds, bark and leaves, before gnawing the branches and trunk into smaller pieces to build with. The dams are useful in preventing floods and droughts, restoring the northern wetlands and helping to cleanse the water. The largest beaver-built dam is in Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta, Canada and is 850m long!

International Beaver Day is a great time to hike into the woods to spot some of these noble gnawers.


Beatrice has her BLING and is looking for a modelling job with the Wildlife magazines.  She wishes to stay in Canada and enjoy the mountains and many lakes and streams.


right side view

right side view

closeup of Beatrice

closeup of Beatrice

We will keep you up to date on Beatrice’s progress.


Life’s Little Hiccups

We started our seeds for the vegetable garden last week. Mom showed me the seeds today and my friends, their efforts have been pitiful. We are growing cilantro, summer savoury, buttercup squash, Silvervine catnip and sunflowers. The sunflowers are for the flower garden but mom wans to see a couple in my veggie garden too. I’m most concerned about the Silvervine mom, we know its fussy. The only thing we can do Shoko is wait and see if these sprouts are really Silvervine and not weeds.

tray of seeds

tray of seeds

We used a good starter soil….Miracle Gro but after examining the bag, it doesn’t say,”weed free.”

Miracle Gro starter soil

Miracle Gro starter soil

You know mom let’s start some more squash and the sweet peas we saved from last year. The tall transplants of sweet peas are really hard to find around here. I like that idea Shoko.

What’s that racket mom. Sounds like Beatrice and Kali are having a disagreement. Get away from that table Beatrice Castorella!

Now tell us Beatrice, what has you so upset. Kali was so rude to me….she called me a skank beaver….cause I didn’t like her idea. Kali!! I’m surprised at you. Well, gee whiz mom, I’m trying to help Bea with the bling and clothes we have and she doesn’t seem to like anything.

I think we need some other stuff for her mom. Then I wouldn’t get feeling all smacky paw with her. Hmmm…you’re right Kali…I’ll go this afternoon and look for a bigger selection for Beatrice. Will this solve the problem between you two? Oh yes. Kali is a great friend…let us tell you what would be nice…

I guess our seed planting will have to wait till tomorrow Shoko. We need to soak the sweet pea seeds for 24 hours anyway mom.