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Sunday Selfie while Cleaning.

Wow, the Sunday Selfies are here again. So we are clambering over to The Cat On My Head’s blog to see what they have to say and then one of us will be chosen to pose for the Selfie on their blog.  The Cat On My Head has had some problems earlier so we’ll wait to see if we can hook up later.                                                                                                                                         

We couldn’t decide who would do a selfie so we both did one each.


First up is Tyebe in the basket having a bath.

Here I am in the basket having a bath.                                                     

             Do you get the idea maybe it’s sticky in the basket and we must clean up after stepping in it?  mol

Have a happy Sunday.



Friday Fill-Ins With Budd and Shoko


Me’s, “Walkin’ the walk and talkin’ the talk”…me’s full of myself so Shoko says!  All I’s can say is,…Just who am I’s supposed to be full of sis?  mol *hic*

It’s Friday and time for Friday Fill ya Ins with our co-hosts 15 and Meowing and Four Legged Furballs.   Simply click on the badge and be taken to pictures of your friends.  Click on their pictures and be taken to their blog.  It’s like sci-fi!

Budd will do the first 2 sentences and Shoko will do the last two. 



Shoko’ll never find me here behind the bush.

2. The best time of the day is…..AFTERNOON…..THE SUN IS OUT AND IT’S WARM IN THE BACKYARD.


3. PATIENCE….. is not my strong suit.                                               

Are you two hidden yet? I wanna have a dirt bath!

4. It’s all fun and games until….SOMEONE GETS EXCITED AND FALLS OFF THE DECK.  NOT MENTIONING ANY NAMES.                                                      

That only happened a few times, Shokos.                                                       


Sunday Selfie with Shoko

No!!  I don’t want a bath.  Even a facecloth and soapy water.   Aw,  Let me go.  I’m all wet and I’m cold.  Now, you’re trying to smother me with a towel…..poor me.  Thank goodness I thought I’d never be free of that awful stuff and the mom handling.                                                      

I was left wet and cold…..what a day.  I’m having a hard time smiling for my selfie,  There I got it.  Please, go see your buddies doing their selfies at The Cat On My Head blog hop.                                                           

Have a fun Sunday, my friends.                                                      

Some Alone Time In The Garden

What a beautiful day.  Hey mom, are you weeding….good, the garden was a disgrace.  I’ll roll in this freshly weeded area. 

                                                              Oh, that feels so good to feel the dirt rub against my furs.  Mom isn’t looking, is she?  I think I’ll stretch out again. MOL

                                                                    I could do this all day but here comes mom so *mum’s the word.*  No I haven’t been rolling in the dirt,  Who made those rolling marks?  That was Shoko, she came over here rolled in the dirt and then left.  Um…the dirt on my back?  Gee, I think dad threw it at me and it stuck.  I get the feeling you don’t believe me mom. 

                                                                                No way did I need a sponge bath!  How rude of you mom!  I cleaned myself  earlier today.  Although I do look fluffier and there are no more dirty marks all over me bod.

                                                                           Ahhh….that brush feels so good.  Keep it up mom.

                                                                         Don’t tell mom but the brushing almost makes it worthwhile to have a sponge bath….purrrrr                                                                        


Memories of a Northern Winter

C’mon Kali, let’s blow this joint.  Why?  It’s nice and cozy in here.  We need the fresh air blowing in our furs.  The wind is terrible.  I want to be warm.  Ok, so it’s cold.  How cold is it, Shoko?  It’s so cold the snowman has rosy cheeks!

Do you remember the time mom was out shovelling off the deck and then came in to have a hot bath?                                                                             aamomsnow

Boy, do I ever. MOL The hot water on her cold butt was not relaxing….she said it was so painful and she was fussing about. MOL. She learned to get herself a little wet with warm water before leaping into a hot tub.  Experience is a great teacher.

You’re too young to remember mom with the old Taurus but she had trouble plugging the car in so dad got her a light that would turn on when the car was plugged in.  You mean sorta like a plug-in for idiots?  MOL…exactly.

Ohhh, what about the time Cow Kitty’s dad left his truck on the street and the snow plough came along and blocked him in.  The snow was deep that year.  It was so funny watching him dig his car out,,,he used words we can’t say…..at least when mom’s looking. MOL

C’mon sis let’s get some air….ok, lead on Shoko.

aakalishoksnowsmI’m going into a nice warm heat register.  It’s too cold for me.  Leave me some room on that warm heat register….I’ll just *sniff*, *sniff* this patch of dirt.    Make room for moi….coming through.                                                             aaakalitoy                                                                    aashoksleepMuch better….I feel like a princess again instead of a pioneer braving the elements.  Not that again, Kali.  Go to sleep.

What’s worse than snowing cats and dogs?
A: Hailing taxi cabs!


KALI…..ORANGE                                                                                         sistersinarmswinter                                                                  

Typical Tuesday

Today has been a laid back, do whatever you want day….at least for Kali and I. I started the day with a surprise wash from Kali. I wasn’t sure if she wanted some form of payment so I was a little suspicious of her motives.


After Kali gave me a bath. I was off to the ensuite to examine the shower. Mom has to be kept up to date on the shower condition….does it need cleaning or what? She is a tub freak and dad is the shower freak…sorry dad, you’re not really a freak. Just a term us kitties use for anyone that likes water.

This is lookin' kinda tacky mom....could use a few squirts of a cleaner and some paw power.

This is lookin’ kinda tacky mom….could use a few squirts of a cleaner and some paw power.

Nothing says I can’t have fun with my silvervine catnip bird while looking for grime.

Kali and I grabbed a small bowl of Fancy Feast Beef for breakfast. I cried out, “Where’s the beef?” in my best dramatic voice. Mom is getting used to it and just walked away. Kali headed into the living room to sit on our tree condo and practice taking selfies for the blog hop on Sunday.

Now this is close up

Now this is close up

I headed off to the hall for some practicing on my balancing bar.

I wonder if I could scale this wall and be the first SpiderCat?

I wonder if I could scale this wall and be the first SpiderCat?



Woohoo, look Kali…its warm out…let’s blow this joint.

So warm!

So warm!

Mom, its not that warm…let us in!!

It's cool!!

It’s cool!!

I’ll help you with our post mom.

You sure are making a lot of mistakes mom. Whatda mean....I'm in the way?  I usually lay here.

You sure are making a lot of mistakes mom. Whatda mean….I’m in the way? I usually lay here.

I gotta go tinkles mom…..please….let me out….P L E A S E!!

Whew....just made it outside

Whew….just made it outside

The rest of the afternoon was much the same with in and out, in and out.

Mom is off to bed and we’re following to get a good comfy spot. We start a new book tonight.

Bring on the new book, mom

Bring on the new book, mom

The new book is titled, “More Cats in the Belfry.” In this house the author, Doreen Tovey, has two Siamese cats. This sounded good to us so we wanted to hear how other families like us live. It is an uproariously funny book and an excellent read before turning the lights out for the night.