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Sunday Selfless Selfies with us Ladies

Shoko its a lovely day.  Here come da sun too.  It’s as warm as barf freshly arriving on the floor.  Yuck what a disgusting image, Tyebe.  You get the idea big sis.  Are you saying its a barfy day?  It is if mom takes us around the front.                                                 
Mom will probably go for her walk and she’ll have that dang stroller and I hate the hood up on the stroller. I don’t mind the hood down. I feel confined and must get out. You’re a nincompoop, Tyebe. You are so protected in the stroller.  No,  I feel like all sorts of strange things can jump on me.

This is the way I like the stroller.                                                     

Time for a Meezerism, Shoko. I’t’s an easy one today.

” A watched kitty never boils.”


We get our Easter baskets this evening.  Mom says she wants to give us all the food we refused to eat this last week.  She thought turkey was a treat but you dug a hole in the floor trying to bury it Tyebe.  What a gross meal  I don’t want any stinkin’ feathery turkey!  Yuck.


Anyway Happy Easter to everyone.