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Thankful Thursday with Tyebe

Great balls of  weeds!  It’s cold as your heart at treat time, Shoko.  Mom and dad won’t let me out and I’ve whined and cried,  I even tried screaming in my mother tongue. Nothing works.  Geez, Tyebe it’s so cold outside you’d be a popsicle in minutes.                                                               
Of course I wouldn’t. I’m tough!  You look tough, Tyebe.  You can’t keep your eyes open.  Mom is going to let you out.  Bye Tyebe.                                                         
Mom wasn’t foolin’ it’s dang cold out here. Let me in!! Open the door and get outta the way. It’s -39C with the wind chill. I’m stayin in now and giving thanks at Brian’s Home. Simply click on the blog name and you’ll be in their abode. Tell him what you’re thankful for. I am delighted we have such a lovely warm house and many treats.