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Aww,,,,,,Monday with a SPARKLING Reminder of In Purrsuit of Flavours

We’re in October already.  The months seem to be zipping by.  Summer was awash here…..water everywhere for days.  Now the leaves have started turning colour,  Dusk is at 7pm so we aren’t allowed outside after dinner.  *sigh*                                                         

C’mon Tyebe quit being mellow yellow…..it doesn’t suit you.  It does make one think though and I feel a Spark of positive thought coming  on.  You know, the one that Anne of McGuffy’s Reader started.  We’ll start the week with a positive idea we can embrace through the week

I like this one Shoko and I can relate very well.   Ya, like when some furry bites your butt cause you’re sitting in the empty box she wants.                                                                      

She can respect the other furry by leaving the furry alone to do her thing.  

At Comedy Plus it’s Aww….Monday Claw your way to the mouse and click on over to see what’s happening at Sandee’s place.                                                       


Aren’t we cute playing together?                                                                   

Awww no Tyebe…..think about it before you leap on my head.  Don’t do it……!!

Wednesday is October’s edition of In Purrsuit of Flavours.  We and co sponsor Phenny and Nelly of Easy Blog have settled on a Halloween theme.  Anything edible is welcomed.                                                           

Tyebe and I settled on Witches Fingers.  These will be a challenge cause the witches just won’t sit still while we chop their fingers off Give us some time  to grab the gory ingredients. I hear   some strange sounds, Tyebe.  It could be the ingredients coming back to life again, Shoks.