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The Happiness Tag

In July “Jeanne Foguth’s blog, Pet Care Tips and Humour” nominated us for a Happiness Tag  We gratefully accept this great….TAG and thank you Jeanne for the honour.  In accepting we have some responsibilities, such as:

Tell everyone the 5 Things that Make Us Happy

1/  Kali and I both agree the  most important thing that makes us happy is to live with mom and dad. They treat us very well and we love them.  Mom is a little odd at times but she’s never boring

2/ I must say I do love running.  I get so happy when Cow Kitty is chasing me home or I’m running after Kali down the hall.

3/  I have so much to be thankful for but this award is for what makes me happy.  I would have to say laying in a sunpuddle, getting warm and cozy  really makes my world go around.                                                                       aaaaa4/  We both are delighted when we hear from our boyfriends.  Einstein sets my teeth on edge, he is one dude that just doesn’t slow down.  Buddy is a gentleman and treats me as a lady should be treated.                                                              aeineypoolEinstein and I Glamping in Cat Scouts.                                                             00 Nip Fest Buddy KaliBuddy and Kali enjoying a BBQ.

5/  For our last entry we decided to go with our stroller because we each like the stroll mom gives us.  I am surprised that Shoko likes it but she never ceases to amaze me.                                                                                      akash

Sing Name the  favourite 5 Songs that Make Us Happy.

1/ Canadian Pacific by George Hamilton IV

2/ Summer wages by Ian & Sylvia Tyson with Emmylou Harris

3/ Canadian Girls by Dean Brody

4/  If You Could Read My Mind by Gordon Lightfoot

5/ The Blue Canadian Rockies by Jim Reeves

Admit to adoring 5 Bloggers who Make Us Happy and Notifying those Bloggers

We adore so many blogs and the hard work everyone puts into each post that we name everybody …..  This is a cop out Shoko…..you should name 5 blogs.  I like them all, they’re my friends.  Everyone else had the same problem.  Cwap!!  What if they’ve been nominated or don’t do these things?  That’s ok, they’ll let you know.  Alright…quit bugging me.

1/ Tomcat Commentary By Tim  This is a blog of seven cats living in a loving home.   Buddy and Einstein our boyfriends live here.

2/ERin the Cat Princess…..life from a princesses point of view.  She’s mad about cream too.

3/ Three Chatty Cats  This blog regulars are  Olive, Dexter and Sophie….3 chatty cats.  This blog also delves into shelters and articles about rescuing cats.  It is very informative.

4/  The Cat On My Head is an awesome blog as are the Blues cats.  There are several kitties living under the same roof, mostly living amicably.  Not always though.  Check them out.

5/ Easy Blog  What can we say?  Easy is a Woofie unto himself.  He is both fun to be with and a fun host like during the Pawlympics in the event Tuneful Farts.

May your supper slow down so you can bite him.                                                                  SHOKOKALI2


Blogger Recognition Award From Lexi: the schnauzer

Oh my, lexi the schnauzer recommended us for this lovely award.  We thank you Lexi for the honour and thinking of us.                                                                        

Now, I am suppose to recommend 15 blogs to receive this award.  Many blogs that I follow have been here for years and probably either already have this award or don’t do awards.  Oh what the nip!  I will name 5 blogs and if they choose not to participate, so be it.

Stunning Keisha…..a wise cracking kitty who believes she should have the last word in the household.

Piglove…..in the Thompson household there are 2 cats a wee dog and a pot bellied pig named Bacon.  Houdini( wee dog) looks after the posts on Friday and Bacon guides his bro.  The 2 cats are laughing at them but Bacon and Houdini just think the cats are very happy.  A household with a pot bellied pig is hard to ignore.

The Kitten Diaries…Bella and Esme are two kittens trying their best to help girl- woman and boy-man with household chores.  At least their version of how the chore should be accomplished and along the way having a few adventures.

Timmy’s Commentary…..this is where my guy Einstein lives…he has a wonderful floofy tail, Timmy, Miss Fitz, Buttons, Kali’s love, Buddy also lives here.  Toby and a big white cat…beautiful fur..the mind clicks…Rumpy!  The going ons in this house are hilarious as the boys try to outdo each other while miss Fitz is giggling under her breath..

Da tabbies o trout towne ….trout towne has a population of 11.  Each inhabitant has his or her own idea on how things should be done.  There are 2 things they agree on.  Fish is the best possible meal and no birdz are allowed.

The other part of the award acceptance said to tell everyone how we got started and give a bit of advice to those starting out.

Well, this is going to sound very dramatic but mom had heart failure in the winter of 2013 and ended up getting a pace maker.  When the surgeon put in the pace maker he nicked the heart and the heart started bleeding.  Mom found she couldn’t walk far without being winded.  Very quickly the doctors discovered the bleeding and mom was medi-vacced down to Vancouver to a heart intensive care unit at St. Pauls Hospital.  Here she was poked and prodded and finally they drained the blood from around her heart.  Mom said it was the worst possible pain she ever felt.  She was in the hospital in Vancouver for about a week.  She and dad managed to make it home on a normal jet.  Mom was so proud but exhausted.  She wasn’t allowed to do much and  was slowly going bonkers so one day she looked at the computer and found Mousebreath magazine, then Cat Scouts and finally decided on a blog for me and my sis.

Mom has two pieces of advice…stay with the blog, so what if you have 1 visitor….do the blogging for you and a record of your pet.  Then as Lexi says, lots of pictures.  We all love to see our friends in funny positions or just mellowing out.

To those I’ve named, simply follow the same things as I have done and link back to The Edge of Night.

The very last thing to do is let the blogs that have been nominated know.

Mom I’m Embarrassed, It’s Been So Long

Wednesday Purrs

We must thank Friends Furever and Paws 4 Moment for nominating us for the Creative Blogger Award.  This was so kind.  Noodles from the blog The Adventures of Noodle had nominated us  before  and we did our whole talk then.   Thank you so much for thinking of us.



Last year when we were trying to get used to having a blog and everything about the blog scared mom, we were nominated by Friends Furever for the One Lovely Blog Award.


Mom panicked and didn’t send another post for like 3 weeks….then she felt guilty for not thanking Friends Furever because we knew Raz and Allie so well from Cat Scouts. We did thank them in an e-mail but not on the blog. It was hell around this household for days as mom wrestled with this horrible dilemma. Bottom line she didn’t know how to handle this lovely award. She didn’t know anybody else to pass it to and after much debate between mom and me we decided to put it on the back burner, so to speak.

Today we have a fair idea of what we’re doing with the blog. We don’t know a lot still but are gaining more understanding, thanks to our friends with blogs. What a community this is! We are all friends here and we help each other. I am so glad I encouraged mom to continue cause we are having lotsa fun.

Now, to honour the One Lovely Blog award we are going to tell everyone 3 things you haven’t heard or read about us. You mean peeps are talking about us behind our back, mom. No Shoko, its just a figure of speech. *Shoko shakes her head*…I dunno mom, I don’t like the idea of peeps talkin’ bout me when I’m not there.   Just drop it Shoks.

Here we go:

1/ Kali and I each have our own placemats for our Fancy Feast.  Aren’t they cool?

Hello Kitty Placemat

Hello Kitty Placemat

2/ Kali refuses to stand on her placemat and eat…guess its a Flame Point thing?….who knows.

3/ Mom and dad bought a robot vacuum for us to play hide and seek with. Well, maybe it wasn’t just for us but we’re havin’ fun with it.

Now, to name the 3 blogs that should have this award. Well, every single blog we follow deserves this award.  In fact if I didn’t feel that way….I wouldn’t follow them.  Every blog is very special to me.  The amount of time you have taken out of your day to write a post to either inform, make us laugh or to show us your day makes us a great community.  Please take this award my friends, with our blessings.

An Award for Us!! Thank you

Oh my an award for the Canadian Cats….that’s us Kali!   Cool Shoko…who did we get it from?  Let’s see, it says that Purrince Siddhartha’s Purrfect Pad has nominated us for The Creative Blogger’s Award for inspiring bloggers. Thank you so much Dharth, that was so kind of you.


Now we are suppose to tell you 5 things about ourselves. That’s not going to be so easy cause we talk about everthin’, nothing is sacred when we find out about it.

1/ Shoko has put on weight over the winter and is finding jumping over the fence tough going.

2/ Kali will yell for someone to turn on the tap in the bathroom when she is thirsty.

3/ Shoko feels we should paint her nails gold after we give her a Mani-Pedi.

4/ Kali has a secret crush on Timmy da Tomcat’s brofur Mr. Buttons.

5/ Shoko gets water to her mouth in pawfuls when she is outside at the big water bowl or a puddle. She actually picks up water in her paw and puts it to her mouth.

As for choosing 15 more bloggers that deserve this award, this feat will be impossible….everyone I know has it. If, you don’t have this award…well jump at it…it’s yours my friend. The blogs I read all deserve this award and the blogs that follow the antics of us deserve an award.