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Caturday Artsy Fartsy Day

Huge news….at least from my point of view.  Mom bought me ANOTHER water fountain.  The last one she took back because after a week I was still crawling past it on my tummy and elbows.  This time she said I had to get used to it because she wasn’t sure if Kali was getting enough water from the bowl by the sink.  Well, it took me a few days, alright Kali, quite a few days to get close to it but I like it now.

Here, I stare at it….the fountain stares back but does nothing.                                                                                I got a little closer and it still didn’t move or squirt water at me.                                                              Aha….I’m taking a drink out of this silver devil.

Hey, this water is good.  Cool and fresh.  I’m so brave.  I conquered this devil!

Caturday is also Artsy Fartsy Day and mom got a wee bit creative with me and a unicycle.                                                                            Athena and Marie are presenting the blog hop so hop on over and view the creative anipals.  Or should I say view the anipals wearing the concoctions of their creative pawrents. Tee Hee                                                                      


Artsy, Fartsy Caturday

I volunteered for mom to play with my face this week. for Athena and Marie’s Crazy Caturday Art. Click on the name and be teleported….with no ill effects, I might add, to Athena and Marie’s joint.

fishy Kali

fishy Kali

Mom used fisheye in Pizap to get this effect but the effect is fairly mild…I think anyway…be daring mom….none of this dithering about!

Athena and Marie's Caturday Art Blog