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Remembrance Day In Canada Is a Wordless Wednesday

Today is the day we honour our veterans.  You know the ones that have sacrificed so we can feel safe.                                                                     

My dad was a proud officer of the Princess Pat’s Light Infantry.  He joined the army when he was thrown out of his house at the tender age of 17.  He was too young for the army but his goal was to be an officer of the Canadian Army so he lied about his age.  Obviously, folk were more trusting in that era and they let him in.  He left the army a Major.  Dad is gone but never forgotten.

We are also joining Comedy Plus for Wordless Wednesday                                                    

The poppy is a symbol of the men and women that shall not be forgotten                                                     

I like many others only thought that one was supposed to wear a poppy on November 11. Here are some poppy facts.

For one, the poppy should be worn on the left side, over the heart.

The symbol of remembrance should also not be affixed with a pin that that does not obstruct the poppy itself.

The poppy can be worn during several other occasions besides the remembrance period lasting between the last Friday in October until Nov. 11.

They can also be worn at the funerals of veterans and other memorial events or services.

As it is an individual choice, wearing a poppy during other times to honour fallen veterans can also be appropriate.

Facts supplied by the Royal Canadian Legion.                                             

Stay safe….. someone died so you could live free.