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Sunday Selfie in January with Budd

I’m not leavin’ the house.  Yes, it’s warmer but not that warm.  It’s -25C.  We often have peeps walking down the sidewalk here wearing shorts when the temperature is in the minuses.  However, not today.  There is just this guy on his snowplough.  There are no cars out and not a soul is walking along the sidewalk.

I decided to make a mohawk for myself. How do you like it? I even dyed it. Wonder what GingerSnap will think of it.

Today is Selfie Sunday at The Cat On My Head blog.

Budd figured it was his turn for a selfie so I’ll quit gassing with you and present our representative.

I haven’t taken a selfie in some time!  How did I get the camera to work before.

Well, that was not very flattering! Let me try it again.

Crap!!  I missed my leg….I have a leg folks…..nothing to worry bout. This is a picture of me relaxing…..I usually am relaxing. I never want to be uptight again.

Time for Shoko’s meezerism of the week.

“Have you noticed when something awful’s happening, it takes forever to go away. However, when a happy event occurs, it’s over and done with before you can hum a happy tune.”

BUDD……Galaxy Green


Sunday Selfie with Budd


It’s Sunday Selfie day and today Budd has offered to pose and shoot.  Flit over to The Cat On My Head blog and view the furries and not so furries selfies.


Mom, you don’t use me anymore.  Shoks you are either sleeping or have your nose out of joint by something Budd or Tyebe did.  They are pests…actually Tyebe borders on just plain stupid.  What she thinks is funny just is not a bit amusing.  Like jumping on my head when I’m sound asleep and then yelling, “landslide.”                                                     

Ok, I’ll try to snap that button…..I cant reach….*click*…..dang, way too soon. “Kittens a go-go,

I look like crap.”

I’m way too close.  Let’s try this again.

Let see if I put my paw here…*click* No, no not now….quit it camera.

Much better. See how handsome I look in this picture.


Shoko is refusing to impart her philosophy with anyone.  She is in a snit.  So we’ll join her when she comes down from her high horse.  She’s texting Einstein about her problem.


Friday fill-ups

Friday means a Fill-In type of day.  Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie of McGuffey’s Reader came up with this terrific blogging event.                                                         1. I am the…PROTECTOR AND CODMOTHER….. in my family.  Datroutsotabbietowne understand what the Codmother can do when the need calls for her participation.                                              

2. I have …..NADA/NIX/ NONE…..sibling(s).  Kali was my sis but she is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.  I will see her again.                                                           
3. I am looking forward to …..MY VEGGIE GARDEN…..this Spring.  Mom has started some seeds so they should be huge by the time the planting weekend appears.  This is my garden last year.

4. The first sign of Spring this year was…..UM…..WE HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET.  I could say the peeps wearing sleeveless shirts without a coat but these peeps have a screw loose.  To be out in Spring clothing when it’s -10C is just odd.  Perhaps these poor souls have cabin fever and must express their need for lighter clothing. mol                                              

No no……really mom, I’ve not seen anybody in a swimsuit but shorts and muscle shirt, fur sure.


Have a super weekend and may the Bird of Paradise wish you luck with a dropping from above. mol

Rites of Spring:

Thankful Thursday

 Hurry up mom, we have to play before it’s Story Time.  I think Cow Kitty’s Cheese with Mice would be fun.                                                

This basket on your desk is in a great place. I can watch you and everyone else that comes into my area.

I haven’t played with the Cheese and Mice for years. I wonder if I still know how?

Look at those mice go.  Son of a mouse eater!

They’re hiding.

MOL…here they come again.!

Today is Brian’s Thankful Thursday so I am very thankful mom plays with me and does most of the things I want to do. For this alone, I am a thankful Shoko.

Click on Brian’s Thankful Thursday and join in the hop. You know what they say…”Ye who hops like a bunny will find an easter egg in their bed!”

Have a super thankful day my friends.

Nap Attacks!

♪ I was working in the nip patch one day ♪
  When he began walking this way
  His shoulders were like high-grade steel
  He stood there and his nails he started to peel
  He took me in his arms and I started to squeal
  At this thought I awoke with a start
  Crying “Buddy, don’t go breaking my heart!”♪

Oh hi there. I was just going to get up and help mom change the bed but it seems I fell asleep. MOL

My eyes felt like two lasers trying to  burn through nip.  I feel like a new fur ball now.  At least for a while.  Mew, mew

                                                           Mom just removed the chicken wire from the nip so it’s free once again.

Mom and I changed the bed and then I had a wee siesta in the duvet.                                                                          What else can a kitty do when it’s 32C or for you metric system deprived 90F.


Sunday Selfie with Shoko

                                                                  I have a great idea for this weeks selfie, mom.  I’ll sit on your lap and snap my selfie,  Easy peasy,,,you’re sleazy!                                                                            What a remarkable neck I have!  Tsk…my collar appears a bit on the dirty side…must’ve rolled on it too much.  It needs washing, mom.  *hint* *hint*

                                                                       What a distinguished face.  Bright blue eyes and  loose hairs stuck on my nose.  Maybe this was a bit too close.  I have no ears either.  This is not so easy after all.                                                                           I look like I’m contemplating the meaning of life….like the Mona Lisa.  I did a little better this time…I have one ear.  I won’t try this way of doing a selfie again.

Do drop by The Cat On My Head and view your buddies or better yet pose yourself and show us how the pros do it.