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Friendly Friday Fill-Ins

We are joining Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie Of McGuffy’s Reader in the Fill-ins.  Ellen puts out the first two sentences and Annie the last two.                                                          SHOKO…..BLACK


1. The best part of where I live is…… IT’S QUIET AND ON A PREY FILLED LANE.                                                       

2. The worst part of where I live is …..PEEPS TEND TO DROP OFF THE CATS THEY NO LONGER WANT IN OUR LANE.

This is Oak St.  Mom and dad took him to the SPCA because though he was friendly and happy….he had no home.  Mom phoned every day to see how he was.  He was neutered and 5 days later was adopted.  A happy ending and a furever home. 

My turn fuzzy black paws.

4. My favourite article of cold weather clothing is…. THE HEAT REGISTER!  If I could tear it out of the floor, I’d wear it around and feel the warm air all day long.                                               

Have a great Fryday friend.


Happy Bulletin

You will remember a couple of weeks ago we had a furry visitor.  He hung around here for three days…much to Kali and my disgust.  He was in great shape and friendly.  Dad was getting ready to call him George, so mom knew it was time George was taken to a shelter.  George suffered the indignity of getting neutered but that was for the best best to keep the number of kittens in check.  He was also given a check up and found to be in excellent health.  Mom called today to see how George was doing.  Well, yesterday a really nice family adopted him.  Mom and dad were so happy!  Mom had a cup of tea on Oak St( the name given him by the shelter).  Dad, well dad had a beer to celebrate Oak St. getting a forever home.

Here's to our grey, furry friend.

Here’s to our grey, furry friend.

We like him much better now that there is no chance he’s going to live with us.

Earlier today I got a surprise!  Beatrice called  to wish me a Happy Gotcha Day.  I was delighted to speak with Beatrice and chat away about what she was doing and where she was.  She was no longer in the Yukon and had spent weeks at headquarters in Winnipeg learning the camera angles and so on.  She was calling from Argentina.  It was very hot and she didn’t much care for it.  Her work in Argentina would be done in a week so she was happy about that.  She wasn’t sure when she would have the time to come home but she wanted to take advantage of the demand for her modelling.  We told her we loved her and she gave us many verbal hugs.  She’ll call again when she gets the extra time.

White landline telephone

White landline telephone

DSCN3165Imagine she’s in Argentina!  I never even heard of it,  Bet she’ll have lots of stories to tell us when she gets home.  C’mon Kali a nap is sounding pretty good about now.  Superb idea my little buddy.                                                         DSCN1833