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Walk-About For A Selfie

A walk-about of the neighbourhood shows that Cow Kitty’s house is for sale.                                                                           Here Cow Kitty lies on the catnip so no one else can have it.  He’s dumb like a fox. MOL

                                                                                                                                          Not a bad looking house even if mom didn’t get all of it in the photo.

  We were mellowing out till we saw a woofie.  Then we felt like sitting ducks.                                                                       

I tried to get a selfie of the two of us but Kali was watching and the bad words she was using were very descriptive. mol                                                                        I certainly don’t look fearless in the picture.

Our awesome host, The Cat on my Head is serving up many a pet’s selfie in a great lineup.  So stop by and admire your friends.  Click on the name of the blog host.                                                                   Have a lazy Sunday friends.

Artsy, Fartsy Caturday

caturdayartbannerAthena is having her art display with us anipals.  Drop by Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty and admire the fine artists we have in our mist.

It’s about time.  What is it three weeks since we’ve been there.  Is it my turn Kali?  No way Shoks…I am the model for today’s art.  I have combed my furs but have a kitty lick on the back of my head.  No one will see your furs sticking up Kali.  Here goes Shoko.

Mom used Lunapic’s Floating Art Effect.                                                           aafloatingkali

Remember Kali, next week it’s my turn…I’m keeping score. Maybe next week we can do an artsy photo together, Shoko.  I wouldn’t mind that Kali.

Have a great weekend friends.                                                                      sistersinarmsfall