Togetherness on Happy Tyebe Tuesday

Tyebe, leave Geraldine alone. You keep pickin’ on her and she won’t come when you call her. I hate to leave her Shoks, she’s so active.

Budd whatcha doing? This here paper is trying to get away and I need to sit on it.

There must be something making the paper move.  I’ll check Budd. You try to catch me.

I got it Tyebe!! That’s me Budd. You’re too heavy on my paw….get off bro!

I don’t see a thing under there Budd. It must have run off when it saw me climbing under the paper.                                                                                   

MOL…keep trying, you’ll see him. Are you making fun of us Shoks? Well, kinda. There’s nothing there. When Budd jumped on the paper, the paper moved and he thought someone moved him but….NO,…..he moved himself.

We’re going to join in on Comedy Plus and their Happy Tuesday.  Click on the badge and we’ll go over and visit with you.

SHOKO…..Midnight BLACK

I thought they’d never leave. This paper feels so good and loud. MOL


Now for my Meezerism for the week.

“When you feel upset with life put on a happy face and trip your sister/brother so they fall down.  It feels so good.  Betcha get a laugh out of it. MOL

Shoko’s Selfie Sunday

You’re going to pose for the selfie, Shoko? You bet your peach coloured booties, Tyebe. Where’s Budd? He has a thing for me. What ever do you mean, Shoks?

You’ve seen him do it Tyebe. If, I growl at you for doing something stupid, Budd comes over towards me, using the ole evil eye look. He’s a big guy and he isn’t looking at me with love in his heart. Well, you don’t have to fuss over Budd.

He’s sound asleep.

Good!! Now, it has been awhile since I tried this,

Woops, my ears are elsewhere.

Those ears are high enough! Look, I have white hairs growing out of my ears….like dad! Maybe I’ll have to pull them out like dad does. No, I’ll just leave them. I look debonair.

Last try, my arms are getting tired, not to mention the pressure on my paw when I push down on the camera button.                                                                               

Much better. I look presentable.

Have a great week, friends.

Happy Tyebe Tuesday

MOL….Here we go….  Mom let loose this white mice, see, and  I’m thinkin’ this is probably a relative of Gus.  Gus had certain moves that he repeated.  This was his tell.                                                                     

I can get ready and be prepared for him or have a lousy day thinking a white mouse beat me.                                                                   

Have we got a Gus or a Geraldine there Budd?    I’ll lo…., oh, Gus seems to be a Geraldine.   There we go another female in the house.  Be beware boys we’re growing in population. mol

W What was  that?  Holy frog butt!!  Look at Geraldine run!!  Get her, Tyebe!

Today is a very cool day so we’re not going out.. Think we’ll harass Geraldine some more at the Meezer Bowl.


Shoko is ready for her Meezerism of the week.  Take it away big sis.                                                                                

We can all relate to this proverb.  “When in doubt, clean your butt.”

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I wonder if GingerSnap sees me as his rose in the snow…like in this song.

Oh It’s real mushy! UGH!  Sounds more like mom and dad  MOL



First February Sunday Selfie

So this is the first day of February and it’s beautiful… sunny and pleasant.  We’ve all been outside and enjoyed the sun. Budd came out too but didn’t like the cool air so went back inside very quickly.mol  We need a toque for Budd, mom.  He just can’t stand the cool temperatures.  I’ll get right on it, Tyebe.                                                                             

There we go Tyebe. He seems to like this toque. He’s so handsome. mom. C’mon Budd let’s go outside.


We’re joining The Cat On My Head with the Kitties Blue .  This includes GingerSnap…my guy.  *giggle*                                                                     

Come join us at The Cat on my Head blog and let’s see your selfie this week.

I’m sorry there is no meezerism today cause Shoko is sound asleep and I’m not waking her. She’s not a happy kit when she first wakes.  Apparently, Shoko and Einey are the same in this respect.  Nobody goes near them til they’ve eaten. hehe                                                                 

Fun Filled Friday

Another Friday has rolled around.  It was a pretty good week.  No more snow and mild temperature of -5C.  This we can take and actually enjoy.  Mom’s birthday was yesterday so she went grocery shopping with dad. We liked that.  She got us our favourite Fancy Feast wet food and threw in some Friskies for a change in diet.                                                                   

     This week we are joining Feline Friday at Comedy Plus as we usually do unless mom forgets.                                                               


First, we must tell you the most exciting news we know and the event is happening today.  Buddy Budd of Tomcat Commentary by Tim turns 20 today.  MY mouse and a half, that is ancient!  His family is throwing him a Birthday Party  over on the family blog, we are sneaking out and heading over after we do the fill ins.  We have whistles  so help yourselves and have a jolly good time at this special celebration.  I am going to be with Einey playing with his toys from Christmas.  Gee, I hope I don’t break any. I’ll be careful.         

Also, Friendly Friday Fill Ins with Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Lorianne of Four Legged Furballs with Ellen stating the first 2 sentences and Lorianne stating the last 2 sentences. Click on the red names of the blogs and go visit.

1. My favorite quote is…….”GOT MILK”……..CAUSE I DON’T LIKE MILK AND YOU CAN KEEP IT!



3. A little known fact about me is…..I LIKE WEARING HATS.  SH…..DON’T TELL ANYONE.


4. OWNING CATS……. is the most rewarding experience in the world.

We decided to take mom’s chicken wings to Buddy’s birthday party. Mom used secret herbs on the coating and she used lots of herbs. Yummy!! Notice the white mouse. His name is Gus.                                                                                 

Gus has no ears or tail anymore. His life is a rowdy one. The poor guy has never been the same since I gave him a bath.

Poor guy just dropped his ears and then I bit his tail off. He used to run automatically but after a dose of water, he just quit trying.


We almost forgot.  This blog hop, Photo Fails, comes around once a month and we love it.  This is our opportunity to show the weird pictures mom takes and then thinks they’ll be lovely….NOT SO MOTHER MAGOO!  Roby Sweet started this unique blog hop and since she left us, Mochas, Mysteries & Meows has carried the tradition onward.                                                                     

This is our entry for the month.

Mom was trying to show me looking at Juno out on her deck but one can’t tell what it is and if she made it bigger I would be outta the picture.


May your weekend be relaxed.

Tyebe Tuesday with Fort Meezer Residents

Is it ever nice out.  C’mon Budd let’s blow this popsicle stand!   Where, where are the popsicles….yummy.  For heaven sake Budd you really are food oriented.  Do you think of anything other than food? Well…..I guess but food is my favourite thought.  No kidding!                                                         

Let’s go outside, Budd. You go and tell me about it. You really don’t care for the fresh air? The fresh air is great. It just depends how fresh it is. I can do without fresh air that clouds up in front of my face at -20C. OK, we’ll stay inside and have a nap. I’m feeling rather boneless anyway.
It is also Happy Tuesday over there at Comedy Plus so we are joining them.  Click on their badge and be instantly whisked away.


Shoko has appeared with her proverb of the day. Take it away Shoks!                                                         

“Do not eat yellow snow. It’s not frozen custard like Budd thought. It’s a woofie’s bodily charm oozed out. Yuck!!”





Fancy, Fun, Fill In’s on Friday

It’s Friday a usually fun filed day but today is kinda sad for the family.  Millie of 15 and Meowing has moved to the world of angels.  Ellen and family miss her so much it hurts.  We know Angel Kali will try and make Millie comfy and able to connect and reconnect with friends there.  Millie is welcomed with many open arms.  Millie’s family, we wish you everything possible to make the transition easier.

We are kinda choked up so let’s get busy with the sentences from today’s Friday Fill Ins. Ellen of 15 and Meowing did the first 2 sentences while Lorianne of Four Legged Furballs did the last 2 sentences.                                                                                                   

1. I am particular about…..the kitty litter and must have any solids removed as quickly as possible. Otherwise I walk in and tell mom everything that’s on my mind until she comes and makes it clean again.  Dad gets to clean out my kit lit now.  He’s not as picky as mom but she says I should be thankful it gets cleaned out at all.  Well I don’t think so!!                                                                                 

Did you really think I was going to show you moi sitting on my toilet?  No way!

2. My…..favourite game…. is …..leaping on Budd when he least expects it.

He always gets me though….he’s a fast dude.

3. The day I saw Tyebe playing outside… a moment I will never forget. It was the beginning of a new life for me.

4. Have you ever heard of…..Ruby chocolate? The chocolate is made from “ruby cocoa beans”. These are existing botanical cocoa bean varieties that have been identified as having the right attributes to be processed into ruby chocolate.

There you have it, our own thoughts on the sentences given.



We also are joining  Sandee at Comedy Plus for Feline Friday.  Just click on the badge or the name and we’ll take you over.

Woops the wrong picture….excuse please but you can click either picture now.