Halloween In Paris

by Xena and Lucy

 This is the latest installment from Xena our official biographer of our tails.  We spent a wild Halloween in Paris and boy do the French know how to keep the nerves ajumpin’.

“I’m so glad my Mommy and your Sissy let us stay in Paris,” woofed Xe.
“Yep, even if Sho did send little Missy the mouse to keep an eye on us. As though we wouldn’t notice her hanging around, spying,” laughed Tye.
“I’m also glad Missy agreed to only send good news back to Sho and Mommy when we offered to include her in everything we did!” exclaimed Xe.

“Hey, Missy,” the pair yelled out together, as they were often wont to do. Let’s head on over to the river bank and see what’s going on. The café let us have the night off from tasting food, er, I mean waiting tables, and licking, er, I mean washing dishes so we could enjoy Halloween! They’re so nice there. They even said please, please take the night off, take several nights off. We can text Gigi on the way to meet us there,” finished Xexe.

A short while later, the foursome met up on the bank of the Seine.
“Look at that friendly pumpkin,” observed Tye. What fun we are going to have tonight! I bet we get lots of treats, too!” she added.
“Gigi, will you take a picture of the three of us?” implored Xe.                                                                   

“This light is quite flattering,” observed Tye.
“Oh, my,” squeaked Missy, “I forgot to smile. And now Miss Mommy and Miss Sho will know I am in cahoots with you two. I’m sorry, Miss Mommy and Miss Sho!”

Later, after nightfall…

“Let’s go to Disneyland Paris,” suggested Gigi. “They always have a big blast for Halloween. It should be tons of fun. And *giggle* maybe we can sneak in like we did at the museum and all those other places we got thrown out of.”                                                                 

“Poof” said Mickey the Magician. “You’ll disappear if you enter here.”
“Grrr,” growled the pumpkin. “Turn around or you’ll never be found.”
“Come closer,” enticed the witch. “Turn into wood, rot where you stood.”

“Well, we sure didn’t get very far,” grumped Xe. Who knew they would have this elaborate system set up to make you leave if you didn’t have a ticket!”
“Ooo, that was scary,” squeaked Missy the mouse.”
“Let’s go find somewhere better,” meowed Tye with disdain.

“I know,” said Gigi, trying to make up for the Disneyland failure. “Let’s go to the Eiffel Tower. It is never disappointing, and it is free.

The next morning…

“Wake up, my friends,” woofed Gigi. “It’s time to go home.”                                                                   

“Where am I?” asked Tye. “I felt this terrible sleepiness overtake me and I laid down and fell soundly asleep.”
“We never made it to the Eiffel Tower,” Gigi answered. “You fell asleep, like you said, and Xe went into a stupor. I could not rouse either of you, so I sat here and watched over you both all night to make sure no one played a Halloween prank on you. It was very odd. It was like the pumpkins acted as the poppies did in the Wizard of Oz.”
“I dreamed I was wearing the Cone of Shame, and JenJen Bear came to comfort me,” said Xe.
“Well, I hate to tell you this,” laughed Tye. “Oh, never mind. You’ll realize it soon enough.”

“But I also had an even scarier dream,” said Xe as she began to shake with fear. “Angel Lexi came back as a Vampire Dog…”                                                                               

“Bwah, ha, ha, ha. I have come… to suck…your blood.” Lexi’s voice could be heard in the distance, moving away from the four friends. “Man, I love Halloween and the Big Guy letting me come back to have some fun!”

As Gigi, Tye, Xe, with Missy riding on her back ran as fast as they could toward their Paris abodes, their screams reminded all of the terrors of All Saint’s Eve.

Fabulous Friday’s Fun Fill-Ins

Friday and its still snowing.  Everything is white now.  We are tucked away in our beds.  Me, I’m in my Murphy bed and Shoko’s on the basket on mom’s desk.                                                     

Never fear cause today is the day for 15 and Meowing and The Four Legged- Fur-Balls

Let’s get started.  I’ll be doing the first two and Shoko the last 2 sentences.                                                                   


2. I don’t need…..NO STINKNG MASK…, but I want…… TO SCARE SHOKO.  So I’ll run past her yelling while she’s sleeping….mol


3. I would want ....MY CLAW MARKS…. to be etched onto my tombstone.

4. If I heard something go bump in the night,…..I’D LOOK TO SEE WHAT IT IS FROM MY HIDING PLACE.                                                                       

In Pursuit of Flavours

In Pursuit of Flavours is coming out next Wednesday so we huddled as to what food is best for November.  It was very cool and snowy so we were bored.  We zoomed on the computer with Phenny and Nelly.  They wanted no part of the snow or the cold.  We ended up playing “I Spy with my Little Eye.”  Nelly won.  On to the foods.  We decided November is cold or at least cool in most places so we all need fuel to keep us warm.                                                   
An early snowstorm has us buddling up. So we thought a meal with something to warm our tummies would be appropriate.  “Tummy Warmers” could consist of soups, stews, goulashes…..you get the idea.                                                                     

Something delicious that sticks to the ribs.  We will be back Monday to tell you what we decided to make.  How about fried fish on a stick, Shoko?  What da ya mean it’s not exactly what we mean.  We can set it on fire and then it would be real hot!  You have no sense of adventure, Shoks.  Phenny’s up for it as long as we don’t have the bon fire of fish  in his house.  Tyebe…*$*^%%..and no is the final word#$&%!  It sounded like it would liven up the joint.                                                     

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Tyebe Tuesday in October

I had  marvelous day. How bout you?   It was a true Tyebe Tuesday and we are joining Happy Tuesday at Comedy Plus to celebrate.  Just click on the name and you can visit too.

It was pretty chill out so I sat around the house.  Well, I’m not known for my sitting cause I’m usually on Shoko’s head when I’m sitting.                                                                           

I ran about after Spot.  Mom took Spot down to the basement where I ran and ran after the red dude.  When we came upstairs….oh ya, Shoko was helping mom keep an eye on me.

To say that Shoko got caught up in the moment is just the tip of the catnip leaf.  She was running all over and pushing me out of the way.  In all she had a great time.

When we got back upstairs Shoks left for her basket and some shut eye.  I decided to try out a few places to see which I liked the best.

The first resting area I tried was  on dad.

I found him too bony for my liking.

Then I tried mom’s reclining chair.                                                                              

I couldn’t see over the arm of the chair but the padding was cozy.

The very last chair I tried was mom’s office chair.                                   This is the best resting place cause I  can get out quickly, can see just everything and everything can see me.  

                                                                                                                                  Author Unknown

Thankful Thursday Tocktober Fest

This is the month we show off our butts, Shoko.   So we are joining Brian’s Home for Thankful Thursday.                                                                           

You’re getting a pretty big butt yourself,  if you ask meSo, who’s asking you?

You’re making me feel shy, Tyebe.

I don’t know why. We all have butts.

Mom said to be ladylike so my butt’s not stuck up in the air. We are very thankful for our butts!

Shoko let me hear a meezerism. I like your wise words.

Ok, let’s provide a new meezerism for today.


“A cat should  always wear the same expression whether he sees a girl with flowers or an axe murderer.”  That would surprise the crap outta peeps, Shoko

Sunday Selfie with Shoko

My but the air is refreshing!  Never mind refreshing, it’s down right cold out here.                                                                   

The coneflowers couldn’t take the snow and frost. We won’t see them till August of next year.

The nip seems to be thriving, Shoko.

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Let’s be happy at least the nip is still with us.

It’s here and in great sniffs.


Thankful Thursday For Easing Our Transition

It’s been over a month since Budd went off to the Bridge.  Little did we realize this guy had wormed his way deep into our lives.  The screaming for breakfast was a little tough to listen to at first but he never yelled for supper.                                                                 

He belonged to the clean plate club!

We are joining Brian’s Home for Thankful Thursday as we thank the wonderful families on the blogosphere that gave us their understanding empathy and helped us through this unforeseen hurdle.                                                                               

From the many comments on our post to the cards and letters coming to our house……we are thankful for all your thoughtfulness and kindness,                                                                       

A big hug to Ann of Zoolatry for her memorial badge for Budd.  Click on the blog names and go for a visit.                                                           

A whisker kiss from the girls to Ingrid from Meezer’s Mews & Terrieristical Woofs.                                                                

Thank you for these badges.  They are wonderful.

BTW:  Shoko and Tyebe are playing together which warms my heart.

Wordless Wednesday with Spot

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Spot was out and about in Fort Meezer closely chased by Tyebe and me.                                                    

Ewww spot’s on me!!

I have radar eyes and I don’t see him!!

Got him…..crap missed.

I think spot’s tired….we can get him….


Shoko it’s been ages since we heard your meezerisms.

Let us hear your wise words, sis.

“Us felines can purr our way out of any predicament.”

I’m gonna try this next time I get in trouble.


Sunday Selfies with Tyebe and her Tomatoes


We are joining The Cat On My Head blog for Sunday Selfies.  Click on their name and go visit them.  You  might see my guy,CooperMurphy.

What a horrible and cold day.  It was dark and raining.  Mom and dad would just NOT let me out to play.  It was cruel…I tell ya.

Mom played spot with me and mouse wand but not long enough.  I had to yell out the song of my clan before mom listened.

I was watching while mom and dad brought in tomatoes from the garden.                                                                           

Oh boy,  A back scratcher on the table.  Tyebe get off the tomatoes…..mom will be ticked.   No she won’t, Shoko.  I’m helping.

What are you doing, dad?                                                                           

I can’t get at the tomatoes to make tomato puree.

As you can see my efforts are not appreciated. mol                                                       

We are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend.  Ham is on the menu and we’ll get lots. mol