Sunday Selfie With Tyebe the Terror


♫ Me bucket’s got a hole in it.♫ ♫ Me bucket’s got a hole in it. ♫ It’s more fun this way. mol *hic*

Good, we’s going outside.

Whatcha doin’ Shokos?

I’m lookin’ for some treats in mom’s gardening box. Anything there Shokos? Not even a crumb! Cwap! You go look cutesy Tyebe and maybe mom will loosen up with the treats.

Come and play Shokos. You’re it!!

Shokos will never find mes under here. mol *hic*

She never did find mes, I’s think she fell asleep under the Dahlia, I’s do.

Did you know that it was Selfie Sunday today with our host The Cat On My Head?

We urge you to zip on over there and look at your friends as they pose for you. Mes going to have a nap for a few moments. Excuse. mes friends.

Before I’s fell asleep I clicked me picture on the walker. Pretty good for half asleep, eh?

Thankful Thursday from Tyebe


What the…put mes down, mom!  I’s putting Shoko in her place.  “No Tyebe!  No biting Shoko.  “Grrrrrr…hissss!”  I jumped down and hid mes face.  Mom was mad and she doesn’t ever get mad but she was ticked.  Mes was pulling Shoko’s fur out cause mes figured that’s how cats would fight in a real fight.  Shoko was annoyed with me too.                                                                 
As Shoko says….Mes was up poop creek without a paddle! So I was going to be a good girl cause I’s am a good girl me is. Me showed mom how I could play quietly with me new play and bowl.

Did you know that this play and bowl is great for sharpening teeth?

I’s tell ya, mes was charming. As charming as I’s get. Me didn’t jump on mom’s back like I’s sometimes do when excited.

So this Thankful Thursday I’s would like to thank Shoko for being such a good big sis and putting up with my shenanigans. Mes thankful she is patient with me and doesn’t hurt me cause pest is my middle name. Go to Brian’s Home and see the other thankful anipals.

Mom…oh mom, can I go out now? I’s will be a good girl mes will.



Playing with Canada Post Goodies

The mail lady came today with a happy surprise for all of us.  This lady snuck up onto our porch and rang the doorbell.  I screamed. “introoder alert,”  Then I hot pawed it under the bed.  Tyebe looked at me as if I was nuts.  She’ll learn one day.                                                      

It was a parcel for us from the Overlook Twins.

No, no, not those two.  They’re girls.  The Overlook Twins I’m thinking of are real he-men and they’re from France.  You can see them on Easy Blog.  Just call them Phenny and Neilson.                                                         These are the guys I’m referring to.  Don’t they look like they could do serious harm?  My kind of dudes.

Look at the stuff they sent us.  Mom also got a package from the Overlook Twins mom.                                                                            There is a Play and Bowl.  It’s cool.  I’s didn’t use the bowl but mom is going to put treats in it and see if mes can sniff them out. mol *hic*

Me’s fuzzy cause I’s so fast that no camera can catch me’s without going blurry.                                                                         Shoko had to try the Play and Bowl too.

The velvet lips are just me size and mes planning on hauling them around the house.

It has been a fun playing day thanks to the Overlook Twins. Thanks doods.

Night all!


Selfie Sunday with Shoko


I have spent over a week inside because some dirty alleycat bit me on the side.  The wound got infected and I had to go to the vet.  I was very unhappy and sore.  The worst thing was, and get this, I had to stay inside for over a week while my wound mended.  Well, I was beyond ticked!  I mewed and mewed….nothing.  I cried….nothing.  I hissed and growled at everyone…….nothing.  In fact, everyone seemed to ignore me cause I was being nasty.  The vet gave me a clean bill of health Thursday and I was allowed out yesterday.  I was so happy I didn’t go home for 6 hours.  When I did I was as hungry as a bear after hibernation.  Thank goodness life is back to normal.                                                         
The Cat On My Head is having a selfie Sunday and this is my entry. To see more anipals click on the blog name and you’ll arrive at the selfie place in seconds.

Tyebe and I had a little fun earlier in the day.                                                              
Tyebe stole the treats out of the kitchen and dragged them into the living room to share with me.  She’s turning out to be a pretty good little friend.

I may have encouraged her a wee bit. mol  Point is, we enjoyed some salmon treats together while mom wandered around wondering where the treats went.

Have a mighty fine Sunday friends.                                                                     

Friday’s Friendly Fill-Ins with Shoko and Tyebe

It’s a Friday and that means a fun-filled Friendly Fill-Ins day with our co-hosts 15 and Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs.

I will comple the first 2 sentences and Tyebe the last 2 sentences.

1. As a child, I feared……PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING, BUT I DIDN’T WANT ANYONE TO SEE I WAS SCARED SO I HITHED AND GROWLED AT EVERYONE.  MUCH AS I DO NOW THAT TYEBE’S HERE.                                                        

2. Friday the 13th …..IS A FRIDAY AND THAT’S A FISH FRY DAY AT                                            CAT SCOUTS.  ANY FISH DAY IS A GREAT DAY.                                                                 

3. I think.….MY EARS… are my best quality.  WITH RADAR LIKE MINE I CAN HEAR TREATS RATTLED IN A TIN 3 ROOMS AWAY. MOL *hic*                                                                          



I’m not impressed, mom!

Sunday Selfie with Shoko

Today is a selfie day and I intend on looking nonchalant as I take my selfie.  Before I get too far ahead please take a gander at The Cat On My Head and have a chuckle over the anipals posing for the selfies they took.  Some of them are quite amusing.  Click on the blog name for some selfie action.                                                          

Mom has the fountain plugged in for the summer and this water is purified. It’s really tasty.                                                           I shall grab some water and snap my selfie.  This is so easy, Tyebe could do it.                                                         

I step on the remote and bingo….a *gag* *sputter* picture of me.  Cwap!!  This water is cold as a toad’s butt and it’s all over my face.  Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea.

Have a restful Sunday my friends.