Sunday Selfie

This is great….warm and toasty.  Shoko did you see the new cat walking down the Lane.  Yeah!  He’s a handsome dude.  Young too!                                                   
We don’t have any pictures yet.  He comes over and looks in the sliding glass door and we go for a play in the Lane.

Today we are joining The Cat on my Head for our Sunday Selfies.                                                           

Clear the garden I’m getting down.

The Lane is becoming Spring-like.                                                           

Looks like soon I won’t be muddy when I take a walkabout down the Lane.


I play hard and sleep very hard.

A Walk On the Warm Side

It’s warm as toasted nip out there, TyebeIt’s gorgeous and its calling us, Shoko.  Look at the flies!!  I haven’t seen flies since last year.                                                               
I don’t like the buzzing they perform either but it’s nice to know they’re back.  Let’s go into the Lane and see if the mud is road again.

Yuck!! It’s still muddy. My paws keep getting sucked into the muck. Let’s try and run through lawns to get to the crappy house.

We are joining Sandee and Comedy Plus for Happy Tuesday.  Go visit them.  Simply click on the name or the badge and be there.

We made it to the crappy house and it looks like it had a hard winter.

I got to admit this is a great place to catch mice. mol


Let’s go sit on the sun deck with mom.  Sounds good to me.  Shoko we never sit on the sundeck…

Aww,,,,this dirt feels so good.

This grass smells like it’s going to turn green soon.

Sunday Selfie in April

The street sweepers showed their stuff and cleaned the street so I could eat off it.

You know…pass some of the water puddle….I’m thirsty. mol

Notice in the background that the school flag is flying at half mast.  Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edenborough, passed away yesterday at the age of 99.

He and the queen were married for over seventy years and he was loved by everyone.  He was funny and a character.

We are joining Cooper Murphy… Snap and his family on The Cat On My Head for Selfie Sunday.                                                                                                                                                           
The weather hasn’t improved any. It is still grey and the temperature though just -1c feels like -10c.

Time for Shoko’s wise meezerism for this week. Take it away Shoko.

“A cat knows knows the boss is….the one with the treats.”

In Purrsuit of Flavours…..Youthful Yummies

We are hosting In Purrsuit of Flavours with Da Phenny and Nelly from Easy Blog. You should pop over to their joint and see what they whipped up for todays offerings.

Do you have everything we need Tyebe?  Check, Shoks!


We are making Youthful Yummies and this calls for:


There’s not much to it, Shoko. Not really.  I’ll bet gramma liked it cause it was so easy….no fuss no mess.

Phenny says he’ll stay and help us. There’s not much to do though, Phenny. There is always lots of little EXTRAS that need to be done to ensure a suceessful recipe. Like these wieners must be sliced down the very middle about 3/4 of the way through the wiener with a very sharp paring knife. I’ll hold the wiener and Tyebe you can slice it. Owwwwww! You cut into my serving paw, Tyebes. Oh no….it felt like a wienie to me, Phenny. Quick Shoko bring in the first aid kit. Phenny has an injury.  Good idea for me to stick the first aid kit so close to the kitchen.

There you go Phenny. You’re as good as new.  You two are a hazard in the kitchenOh Phenny you hurt our feelings we really didn’t mean to let the knife slip,  Shoko must not have got all the olive oil off it from the last time we used it.  I’ll talk to her about it.

Woops, mom cut your hat off. C’mon mom try to cheer Phenny up. No I don’t think he wants a wienie mom.

Throw the bloody wienie away Tyebe.  We’ll be very careful when we cut the rest of the wieners.  They look good.  Mom didn’t have cheese bricks but she had garlic and herb cheese slices.  I got 3 slices per wienie.  You just fold them in half and they break unevenly…..dang cheese.  *stuffs cheese into wienie slot*  There we go….cheese inside the wienie.

I want to put a herb on the wienie….any herb you like.  We will put thyme on the cheese and around the slit in wiener.

Now, the bacon needs some browning…..just a bit so the bacon is still pliable but also cooked a bit.  I got our our trusty frying pan and put  our bacon in the pan to sizzle.  This takes all of 10 minutes.

Now let the bacon cool a bit.  I know….sing the Oscar Mayer wiener song and the bacon will be cool enough to put in place.  You know…♫♫My wiener has a first name….♫♫

Now wrap the bacon around your wienie. We have one slice per wiener. Sometimes we get a tad carried away browning the bacon and then the bacon doesn’t want to wrap. Isn’t that right Tyebe? Sorry, I forgot how fast the bacon cooked. mol Anyway if you find the bacon is stiff you can use toothpicks to stick the bacon around the meat. The other thing we did was just place the bacon in the slit.

The cooking temperature and amount of time was a guess as gramma never did mention how long to cook these guys. Shoko put the oven on at 350 and cooked them until the cheese melted. That’s roughly 10 to 15 minutes.

   We are also joining Sandee at Wordless Wednesday on Comedy Plus.  Please stop by and say howdy to the list of blogs there.                                                                          

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Our Meal for In Purrsuit of Flavours on Aww….Monday

It was Easter Sunday yesterday and do I feel lazy today.  Too much good food and attacking the nip.  There is still ice and snow but not much.  Just where piles of snow have lied….told a fib even….mol.                                                                   

We went out in the lane today and decided Spring has NOT sprung around here,

So we will get busy and tell you our chosen food for In Purrsuit of Flavours. Do you remember when your mother would make something special that was your favourite. No matter how anyone else in the family liked it this was my mom’s favourite.  Mom would do just about anything  nanna wanted if she made mom’s favourite food….. wieners stuffed with cheese and bacon wrapped around them.  This was soul food!!  Mom thinks she was in grades1 and on.  The way to her heart.

We are joining the blog hop of Sandee’s for Aww….Monday.  Click on Comedy Plus and visit.                                                                               

We must think of a way to present this offering which does justice to mom’s soul food.  C’mon Shoks let’s cogitate on this.

So the next In Purrsuit of Flavours is on:


Sunday Selfless Selfies with us Ladies

Shoko its a lovely day.  Here come da sun too.  It’s as warm as barf freshly arriving on the floor.  Yuck what a disgusting image, Tyebe.  You get the idea big sis.  Are you saying its a barfy day?  It is if mom takes us around the front.                                                 
Mom will probably go for her walk and she’ll have that dang stroller and I hate the hood up on the stroller. I don’t mind the hood down. I feel confined and must get out. You’re a nincompoop, Tyebe. You are so protected in the stroller.  No,  I feel like all sorts of strange things can jump on me.

This is the way I like the stroller.                                                     

Time for a Meezerism, Shoko. I’t’s an easy one today.

” A watched kitty never boils.”


We get our Easter baskets this evening.  Mom says she wants to give us all the food we refused to eat this last week.  She thought turkey was a treat but you dug a hole in the floor trying to bury it Tyebe.  What a gross meal  I don’t want any stinkin’ feathery turkey!  Yuck.


Anyway Happy Easter to everyone.


Warning In Purrsuit of Flavours

You look cold, Tyebe.  I am Shoks.  Crap!!  It’s snowing again.  When will this weather ever warm up.  It’s 14F out here.                                                         
C’mon inside and get warm, Tyebes. What are you doing ?  Rubbing my paws together for some warmth.  Let’s go sit in the oven.  mol…You really got chilled out there.  Speaking of the oven let’s let everyone know that In Purrsuit of Flavours theme for April will be “Youthful Yummies.”  These are the foods that really turned our cranks when we were kids.  Some kids made their own yummies after school.  Some moms made these foods for a treat for dinner.  We probably still like them cause they hold great memories.  The thrill of youth is a memory we will always carry with us.  In Purrsuit of Flavours wants your special recipes on Wednesday, April the 7th.                                                               

How come we didn’t talk with Da Phenny and Nelly about the theme.  Well, I did chat with Da Phenny and we decided on the theme idea.  Really, where was I?  You were  up on the neighbors’ roof.   Can you see in their window, Tyebes?  I can but I feel like a peeping tomcat so I try not to.  I’d drop my teeth if I saw some furry looking in the screen door at me.                                                             

I wrestled this t-towel to the ground but there’s nothing here….son of a salamander!                                                                             

We are joining Sandee for our Wordy Wednesday. We’re headed over there to see her post for Wordless Wednesday On Comedy Plus Join us and click on the highlighted blog name or their badge.                                                                                     


Shoko’s Sunday Selfie with Meezerism

Holy crap, Tyebe!  Look at all those fire trucks along the road,  There are fire trucks from around the area…..even small volunteer fire departments.  It’s a parade, Shoko.  It is wonderful Tyebe cause they are honouring first responders.

Listen to the trucks signaling to each other with their sirens. I’m proud of the spirit of people. They seem to be looking and finding the happiness in this life.   First responders have had it tough this last year but are still appreciated for their efforts,

Today is Selfie Sunday blog hop at The Cat on My Head blog.  So I will be posing for this honour.  Pop by and visit Janet and the herd at The Cat on my Head blog by clicking on the badge or their name.

I set the camera to click when I lay down.

Oh my…Look at the size of my butt!  Perhaps I shouldn’t have talked mom into giving me a Churu.  Dad says this is just a split second in time so I look this way right now but usually I look thinner….mol

Now, if you believe me I have a street full of fire trucks I can lend you….interested? mol

Today is a Meezerism day also.  I want to try one, Shoko.  OK, go for it beetle breath.                                                   

“The cat that cries over spilled milk is a fool…..drink it!!”



Friendly Fill Ins on a Purple Day

Shoko,,,,wake up! Wakey, wakey.                                     C’mon get with it.  What do ya want, Tyebe?  I was having a delightful dream and you were NOT in it but some fine treats were.  There was something called pate….duck too!    Well, it’s time for the Friday Fill Ins of hosts Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs.                                                           

Mol!  I always get a large charge outta filling in my thoughts.   OK sis let’s dive in.

1. I never have time to finish ….MY NAP IN THE GARDEN….SOMEBODY ALWAYS WAKES ME UP .


3. HAVING FUN…. is a cause that is dear to my heart.


4.  At this very moment, I…..,.am feeling sleepy.


We are also joining Feline Friday over there at Comedy Plus.  Go give Sandee a chuckle.  We all could use a chuckle.  Heck I’d like a belly laugh about now.                                                                   

Today is also Epilepsy Awareness Day.  This day has a special place in mom’s heart as she has been epileptic since she was a kid.  There are so many out there that are also cast with this dubious honour.  We have both seen mom in action and she always comes out of it very happy to see us.  So let’s give her a special day where awareness is a priority.  Dogs and cats are also may be deeply effected and need meds, understanding and love. 

Click on the badge and visit Epilepsy Awareness at Five Sibes blog…..join the blog hop.                                                                               

Show your support by wearing purple, something purple. Mom is wearing a purple t-shirt with “Bite Me” on it. mol