I Spy With My Little Eye…

I was just sittin’ on the deck.  The part without snow.  The sun was warm on my side.  I spotted some hooligan trying to get at my nip and said a silent curse under my breath.  Apparently, mom heard my silent curse so I wasn’t as silent as I thought.  She came runnin’ out, slipped and hobbled back into the house.  No words, or nothin’!  Next, I saw the introoder leaving the nip patch…the nip hasn’t grown enough to raid. mol  Get outta here you sucker!                                                        

Yep, it was snowing again but not much.  I spied a feathered fiend on my steps.  He was not completely black and I was at a loss….what is this thing?                                                      

Enjoy your day my friends.

Sunday Selfie with Sleepy Shoko

The Cat On My Head is the host for our blog hop of selfies.  This is no surprise as they do this every Sunday.  They are just really good furries that love our company. Come by and visit with us.  Simply click on the blog host name and join us.                                              

I was unsure of my selfie as I just woke up after a short siesta, 4 hours of undisturbed relaxation.
No, no, no! Not when I first wake up. I have sleep in my eyes. You sound like Kali, Shoks. Guess I do…she was my teacher.

Here’s my nanner! I was sitting on it.                                                             
This is more like it. My nonchalant, “Well, hello there friends” look

May your Easter Sunday be filled with chocolate eggs and bunnies.

Shopping Around the World With Shoko

Another month and another Shopping and Cooking Around the World with our host Bacon of Piglove.                                                 

We are supposed to show you what our ‘go to’ meal is. You know, when you come home pooped and don’t feel like making a big meal that everyone devours in 5 minutes. Mom has a few of those type of meals but dad’s favourite is Pizza with extras.

Mom got the 2 pizzas at Real Canadian Superstore for $2.98 each – $5.96

1 can sliced black olives = $1.18

100 mg. of Black Forest Ham = $3.67                                                    

100 mg. of pizza pepperoni = $1.92                                                

There….. all your ingredients cost $12.73.  That’s for 2 pizzas with enough leftovers to make another meal.                                                      INSTRUCTIONS:  Place the black olive slices on the pizza first.  Put on as many as you like.  Then place the ham all over the black olives and finally, your pepperoni spread out to cover the ham.  Follow the directions on the outside of the pizza cartons for cooking.  You’re finished.                                                     

I am sorry, everyone seemed to jump in and take their pizza…..photos be damned!

Thankful Thursday

Today Brian’s Home hosts Thankful Thursday.                                        

I am thankful for our story hour. Mom reads to dad and I and her words take me to a different place where mysteries are commonplace and often I assist the heroine in solving a murder. Of course, most of the heroines are of the feline kind so I can relate very well. Unfortunately, they don’t hear me. It’s a fun hour before we go to sleep.

Here I am listening while mom takes me to another time and place.

haha Have a great day my friends.

Sunday Selfies A Study in Why, Why Me?

It’s Sunday and that means selfie day. The Cat On My Head is hosting the blog hop for our unique selfies.  Pop over and visit them or better yet join in on the fun.

The picture here is an old picture, 2015, but it describes exactly what I was doing and my feelings about it.  I love to see the water in with the ice move and I get so very excited which in turn brings my inquisitive claws out.  In 2015 the water soaked mom as she was waking up. Once again  mom was waking up and didn’t have a camera so we decided the old photo should explain matters.  Sorry about the picture quality.

Mom was a tad upset with me. I decided to give myself a ‘Time Out.’

Have a great day everyone.

Friday fill-ups

Friday means a Fill-In type of day.  Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie of McGuffey’s Reader came up with this terrific blogging event.                                                         1. I am the…PROTECTOR AND CODMOTHER….. in my family.  Datroutsotabbietowne understand what the Codmother can do when the need calls for her participation.                                              

2. I have …..NADA/NIX/ NONE…..sibling(s).  Kali was my sis but she is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.  I will see her again.                                                           
3. I am looking forward to …..MY VEGGIE GARDEN…..this Spring.  Mom has started some seeds so they should be huge by the time the planting weekend appears.  This is my garden last year.

4. The first sign of Spring this year was…..UM…..WE HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET.  I could say the peeps wearing sleeveless shirts without a coat but these peeps have a screw loose.  To be out in Spring clothing when it’s -10C is just odd.  Perhaps these poor souls have cabin fever and must express their need for lighter clothing. mol                                              

No no……really mom, I’ve not seen anybody in a swimsuit but shorts and muscle shirt, fur sure.


Have a super weekend and may the Bird of Paradise wish you luck with a dropping from above. mol

Rites of Spring: