Meeting mom

Did I ever tell you how mom and I met? No! Well, come here, sit down and let me tell you our story. I and my brother were born to a beautiful Siamese lady cat. Unfortunately, we lived on the streets of Prince George. Food was hard to find as mom kept getting thinner but my biological mom tried her best. I was drinking from mom’s tummy so I didn’t really know at the time, how she must have struggled. One day we were all taken to the SPCA….I didn’t know the name but it was full of yappy wolfies and kitties. The 3 of us were given a fair sized cage. So at least we were all together. Mommy paced back and forth and would only growl at us. She was very unhappy. Finally mom turned on us, trying to get rid of us and she had to be put down….poor mom. It was a shame. I was fostered out to an older person’s retirement home. It was ok but not fun. I didn’t like the way the people poked at me. I was sleeping one day in my cage at the SPCA and this lady came up to me and said, “You sure are a pretty little girl”. I hissed at her…she woke me and I didn’t know what to do. I was very young….about 3 weeks old. This lady persisted though and picked me up and patted my head. It felt so good in her hands…so secure and she was soft spoken and gentle not like the people in the retirement home. I hissed once more just so she knew I was boss of me. She kissed me on the head and put me back in the cage. She came back the next day and then the next. I wasn’t hissing anymore. In fact I was happy whenever I saw her and would get excited. On the third day my new mom took me home. I had to get into a box and ride in a car that bumped along the road but before I knew it we were at my new home. I was a happy kitty that night. So that’s how we met and it has been mostly fun since then.