Kali’s World

DSCN0008aYou read how Shoko met mom, well here is my first encounter with mom. I was living in a very nice house with my father, mother and sister plus the nice people that fed us and cared for us. My fur mom was a very dainty Lynx Point Siamese. My fur dad was a striking Flame Point Siamese. Mom has told me several times how I am the spitting image of my fur dad. He was big….I prefer to say big boned and so am I. My name at the time was Peaches because of my flame coloured points. One day this lady came over and asked all about me…..really, I thought she was terribly nosy for a visitor. I went back to playing,”thundering herd of elephants” with my sister. The next thing I realized this lady picked me up and we went to her vehicle. I’d never been in a vehicle before and I let my new mom know I didn’t want to be in one now. I sang and sang about the unfairness of putting me in this bumpy car. Before long we were at my forever home. The first thing mom did was to change my name from Peaches to Kali. She said I didn’t look like a Peaches. Whatever!! I struggled to get into the kitty litter and then I fell asleep. End of our first day together.

We love mewing with you my friend so pull up a cushion and let's chatter like the squirrels.

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