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Wind in the Birds


I walked out on the deck this morning, like every morning.  I ducked and then ran under the bench.  What’s happening here?  I had to dodge our patio furniture to get anywhere near the bench.  The wind dang near bowled me over.                                windbenchsm

I hollered at the glass door for mom to let me back in.  Whew!  Talk about a surprise.   As I was looking out the glass door look who I saw.                               cowkittyzm

Doesn’t Cow Kitty blend in with the snow.  He’s very hard to see until he moves.  He is one huge dude too!

I wandered outside in the afternoon.  The wind had dropped but whatttt?  This is something new.  There are hundreds of birds swarming in the neighbour’s trees.                                       birdsintreesm

That’s it…….I’ve had enough of today outside.  Each time I come out, a new terror awaits me.  I can tangle with one or two birds but hundreds….forget it.                            DSCN3748

Kali, I tell ya, there were thousands of birds dive bombing me, really!

Kali and Shoks