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Xena Writes a Story on Dr. Seuss Day

Xe’s visit was so fantastic and quite an eye opener. Who knew woofies could be so much fun. We just had to repost and give you Xena’s link so you can read the entire story.  The link is

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess and Lucy

Lucy: Hi Xena. Whatcha doing? You look like you’re up to something.

Xena: I’m thinking. It’s Dr. Seuss Day. He wrote fun stories and poems. You know Angel Lexi was an author, too. She wrote a whole book about her life and adventures. I’m thinking maybe I could write a little story.

Lucy: You’ll never know unless you try. Like Dr. Seuss said, “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!” So, how are you going to do it?

Xena: I’m thinking maybe I’ll dogtate it into one of those dogtation machines. Then, if there’s a mistake, I can blame the machine.

Lucy: Sounds like a plan. Have you come up with a story?

Xena: Yep. Here goes: My name is Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess. Xena for short. Xe for shorter. I have two Siamese cat…

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Awwww….Feline Dr. Seuss Day

I decided to honour Dr. Seuss by taking part in his special day.  You know he was a imaginative man….he looks kinda odd but he was an amazing dude.   Shoko told me once that peeps that look different are usually fun.  I believe her. 

 Comedy Plus’s Aww….Monday is the host for Dr, Seuss Day, so bop on over and visit some of your friends that are participating. Click on the name or the badge.


Dr. Seuss gave us many books like the Cat in the Hat.

Here I am, the cat in the hat!! mol                                                               

I could catch these fishies….they’re my speed…

Dr. Seuss, a clever dude, was responsible for many positive quotes like:

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.  This is an excellent SPARK for today.  SPARK is a way to start the week on a positive note then by next Monday you’ll be feeling a tad beaten up and need another SPARK.  Life is just like that.


Have a mew-velous Dr. Seuss Day.

Why did the Cat in the Hat put the letter “M” into the freezer?

To turn “ice” into “mice”




Feline Friday Fails and Fill Ins.


It’s the last Friday of the month and that’s time for Photo Fails started by Roby Sweet and continued by Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries and Meows Click on her name or the badge and visit her blog.

Mom had a great time shooting whatever cropped up this month.  So there were several fails.

Here’s Shoko grabbing some water while mom made her nothing but a blur.

Shoko became a blur and mom chopped off most of her head too.

Mom decided her foot should be honoured in the picture. Take it away mom. It’s all about ME…not you.

Those are mom’s worst pictures.  Hope you enjoyed our mom’s klutzy moments. mol

Today is Feline Friday at Comedy Plus blog, so whip over and catch your friends, all of them cats with attitude and have a mew with them Click on the blog name to see other felines.                                                                                                                           

When I sleep….I hear nothing!


Time for the Friday Fun Fill Ins with Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged FurballsThank you ladies for your sentences.   Click on the names to go visit these fine blogs.                                                                       

We each will take a sentence and fill it in.  Ready one and all?  Let’s do this.

1. I know spring is almost here when…….THE KITTIES CAN FIND AND WALK ON THE RAISED GARDEN.




3. I have a strong opinion on…..WHO IS BOSS KITTY IN THIS HOUSEHOLD.




Thankful Poetic Thursday at Fort Meezer

Look at us mom….we’re sittin’ pretty in our own space.

I have the top tier. There is nothing I miss. Any flea ridden introoders are toast. This time of year hardly anyone walks down the street but those monsters with rounded wheels keep coming.

SHoko doesn’t care who’s outside unless they’re in her yard. Budd doesn’t bother with scary outside. He is on the look out for anyone eating.

I’m mewing for everybody to get out and enjoy the sun before it snows again.

This is so invigorating, eh Budd? What do you mean you’ve had enough? You just came out.

That’s it Shoko. Woah, it’s pretty bright. Your eyes are watering. Well. we’re not used to the sun so bright. It’s a wonder we don’t all run and hide from that big ball in the sky. mol

What’s this I see?  Is it a bug… this weather?  Oh no!                                                               

It has 6 heads and a dime on his nose! His arms are everywhere…..a monster! Run!

I’m stayin’ right here out of its way. What an ugly creature! It was a mouse? Mice aren’t that ugly. It doesn’t have 6 heads and there is no dime on his nose…..he has some snow on his face. I think Budd’s calling me inside….

OK Tyebe, be a wimp! Today is Brian’s Thankful Thursday so we are joining him. Click on his name or the badge and join us.                                                                                    
We are thankful for such sunny days.  We’re looking forward to Spring when we have gorgeous days like today.

Today is also Poetic Thursday with One Spoiled Cat blog.  Once again click on the name of the blog or the badge to see others practicing their proses.  Here is the picture for today provided by  Angel Sammy.                                                                       


Excuse these two for they know not what they do
They are stuck to each other with crazy glue
The man is aware only of the weight he has to bear
While the lady is drunk as a skunk with not a care
Lady in blACK struggles to remain standing upright
The guy looks conceited and the  woman is very uptight
While her leg points upwards to give her balance.
Giving me a chance to wonder is this a dance?

MOL…this was fun. Thanks Angel Sammy and Teddy for the chance to express myself.



Athena’s Caturday Art with Tyebe


Looky, looky….it’s the sun!!  Doesn’t it look warm and inviting.  C’mon Budd….let’s hit the deck a runnin’ and spin around like tops. 

You tell me about it, Tyebe…I’m feelin’ rather tired.  Guess I should’ve stayed in bed instead of chasing you down the hall when everyone was sleeping.


Today is Athena’s Artsy Fartsy Day.  Mom says I can be the model..whoopee!  Now, you can go see Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty blog by clicking on her name or the badge.

Just a moment….there is a small matter I must attend to immediately if not sooner.

Juno, get outta here and stay on your own side of the fence!  The power of my probiotic is evident today. mol


Here I am posing on the counter….I like it here.  This is where my wet food pops up….dad waves his hands and it appears.  He is really very clever and a great one to have around when you’re hungry.

Mom used Lunapic photo editor and the Fairy Effect at 50%.  I think the effect makes me look mysterious.

Shoko is here with her Meezerism of the week.                                                                   

“A mouse in the paw is worth two under the snow.”

Heck, I could give a great meezerism, Shoks.                                                           
“Ummmm…When your mouse is broken its time for another.”

That’s pretty good, eh?

Silly Selfies for Sunday

It’s boring this weekend or it was until mom pulled out a catnip bag.  Wow, I never saw anything like this before.  Shoko and I were sleeping together….I wasn’t jumping on her head like I normally do.  I guess she likes me when I just lie like  dead mouse.  Go figure!                                                     

Then I hurried away to play with the crinkly bag.

You can’t see me!! I’m well hidden.

I can see you so you can see me too but I bet Budd doesn’t know where I am. mol 

We will choose one picture for The Cat On My Head blog to show on their Selfie Sunday blog hop.  Now click on the name or the badge and come join us and view your friends.  Better yet join us and we can chuckle together.


On a sad note, Buddy Bud (Tomcat Commentary by Timmy) left  for the Rainbow Bridge.  Angel Kali is waiting for him as she said she would.  They are together again.  So even as we mourn, Buddy is free and spry once more.  We will never forget you dear friend.  Pop on over to Buddy’s blog and let the family know they’re not alone.  Simply click on the badge of Kali and Buddy.