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Tyebe attempts a Selfie.

Today I plan on taking a selfie while pretending to sleep.  I have practiced all morning and have got the shot down.

Pretty good, eh? I didn’t miss an ear or anything. Those little tripods are excellent.

I also have been out in the Lane again. This time of the year is awesome for catching mice as they are looking for a winter home, what with the cold coming.

Mom’s neighbor got a picture of a black bear in her yard at 3am last night but it’s pretty black and all you can see are it’s eyes blinking.  Shows you how close the bears can get to humans when they are foraging for enough food to see them through hibernation.

Still, I wouldn’t want to meet this black giant.

Remember Me Thursday with Angel Budd

Time to tell you when and how  my life changed .

It’s me, Budd.  I don’t consider myself an angel just a good ole boy that hangs with some pretty spectacular bro’s and sisters.                                                             

You don’t know how I came to live with Tyebe and Shoko? Well. let me tell you my story. I ended up in a Lane with nothing no food, water or even clothes to wear. I wandered up and down the Lane for hours and finally crashed under a bush for some shut eye. I met several kitties but they were either mean or so hungry I thought they’d eat me.

One day I was lying under my special bush waiting for a spot of sun when a white cloud zipped by. It was so fast i didn’t have time to move. This happened later in the day too but the cloud was alot slower and I saw this cloud was a kitten. I followed her and watched where she went. She went to this house and flopped down under a swinging bench.

I watched this little ball of fur for a long time and saw she had a sister. She was a hissy thing and was no company for the ball of fur. So I went up on the deck and chattered with the little one in my softest voice so I didn’t scare her. She invited me to lay with her under the swinging bench.

Well, I was in seventh heaven. This little one smelled like fresh milk and kitten biscuits. I felt a warm glow. Each day I would leave after supper and come back the next morning. One day, the peeps just opened the door and let me stay.

Turns out the white ball of fluff was called Tyebe and the hissy faced sister was Shoko.  Shoko was easy to control.  I would just put on my best wrestlers waddle and Shoko was gone.

My new mom and dad took me to the vet’s and I was not impressed just like Tyebe told me.  The vet told mom and dad something that they didn’t like and then we left.  Tyebe and Shoko both had visits to the vet and blood drawn.  Mom and dad relaxed a bit when they heard the news.  Turns out I had Feline Leukemia and after all this time Tyebe and Shoko did not.  Tyebe had 1 shot against it but was fine.  Mom and dad decided to let me stay and enjoy our household as long as possible.

I stayed for a little over 2 years and then it was time to leave. I’m afraid I left my family in a very upset state. Even ole hissy face was sad.

Now, they all say the time with me was priceless. This family never had a male cat before and did I ever show them what us males can accomplish.

I would suggest taking a cat in and adopting him. The pleasures can’t really be read about but must be experienced.

Be back Soon

They caught us, Tyebe.  No we weren’t doing much Just getting ready for some fun.
This is an old picture of  Tyebe but isn’t she spacy looking with the hat mom made that doesn’t fit.  lol

Thanks for your patience while I work through some health issues. 


In Purrsuit of Flavours….August

Tea time Tyebe.  Great!   I want to thank our co-hosts Phenny and Nellie for their contributions and if you want to read their post about tea click on Easyblog and scoot on over.

We are joining  Sandee and Comedy Plus for Wordless Wednesday. So click on her name or the badge to be danced across the blogosphere and to her joint.


The best thing we can do is start our ice tea right away. Which tea did you choose, Shoko? I chose Chamomile tea as the taste is light Did you know it was part of the dandelion family, Tyebe?   Well, no Big sis.  Chamomile is also calming and relaxing.  Whatever Shoko!  We’re not selling the stuff for butt’s sake.                                                         

I consider ,myself  told, Tyebe.  On with the recipe.

You want about 4 cups of water, boil and make  Chamomile tea,                                              Let the tea sit and steep for 15 minutes.
Put tea in the fridge to cool.
We gave our tea 3 squirts of lime juice and about 4 tablespoons of orange juice.

We got yucky pictures. So I’m just going to show the glass of Ice TeaWait, I have a special ingredient for the tea, Shoko.  It doesn’t need fruit TyebeTyebe tells Shoks to look onto the deck,  Shoko obliges and let’s out a strangled mew! Shoko runs outside to confirm what she saw.

Yep I’t’s a dead mouse.

No way is that mouse getting anywhere near our Ice Tea Then we could call it (M)ice Tea…..the main ingredient is mouse.   mol, mol It’s a big mouse, Tyebe and wouldn’t look nice sticking out of the jug.  I really think the peeps would run away.   Run down to the Kit Kat Klub and see if they could use it. I like that idea.  I’ll do that after we sign off.

Here is our masterpiece and it even tastes refreshing,

                                                  BONEY PETITE

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Aww Monday with Tyebe and Shoko

So this is Aww Monday, Shoko.  Are we supposed to say aww like we have a sore throat or swear Aww (*$%) it’s Monday.  mol  Tyebe really!  Aww Monday is a nice way of introducing a new week with a cute picture.  Cute like me?   Yes, oh modest one, something like you.

Phenny and Nellie had a hard time getting into the idea of tea for a main item.  However after some persuading they saw the value of being cool on a hot day.

You do look kinda cute for a pushy kit. Of course I do!

We of course, are joining Comedy Plus for Aww Monday.  Go see Sandee by clicking the highlighted name or their badge.                                                                         

We usually tell everyone what we are making  In Purrsuits but not this month. This month it’s enough to say Iced tea and we will want to hear your favourite tea blend for iced tea or any other type of tea.

Mom has been a tea granny since she was 5. Yep, that’s right 5 and in human years too! Her gramma started her on Nabob tea like in the 50’s when she was just a little loud mouth. When she could finely drink tea in public she was very happy.  So alcohol never appealed to her….just  tea.

Perhaps you have a special tea recipe you could share.  Dang tootin’ mom would try it.  Please share your recipe with us and the other visitors to In Purrsuit of Flavours.

Shoko, I got the purrfect ingredient to add to the iced tea we are making.  Save it, Tyebes and we’ll make up the tea tomorrow.  We are kinda slow this month what with mom not being available when we need her.

Remember your teas are expected In Purrsuit of Flavours on:                                                             





In Purrsuit of Flavours

We are sending this post  from the elves workshop through Santa’s special post..

We’ll get right to Purrsuits as it’s cool and refreshing here but a heatwave is working its way to our house in Prince George.
Sandee decided to join us for a few hours of laughs and chuckles so we are joining Wordless Wednesday with Comedy Plus.

Our theme recipe for August is “TEA FOR TWO & many more”

This means TEA…let’s have it cold as its just too hot for anything BUTT.

Tea for Two will be In Purrsuits on Wednesday August 4th.
We shall return to your screen on August the second to say a few words.

Gone To Get Cool

It’s been hotter than Shoko preforming at the Kitty Kat Klub on the pole! So we’re packin’ up our treats and headed to see Santa.  Yep, mom has been sick so she’s comin’ along..  The fresh, very crisp air will get her up and moving about.  Maybe not movin’ about like a stripper but at least shakin’ those bones.                                                                                                                                  


Go ahead taste one. They taste better than they look. Who knew witches had sweet fingers?

  You can thank me for Christmas Gifts in December.  Meanwhile have a witch’s finger or two.


Wordless Wednesday With Tyebe and Shoko

A beautiful day today.  The temperature is a balmy 79F.  Of course, we’re used to the warm weather now.   We like it.  No longer does it feel as  hot as an oven when we step indoors.                                                         

We actually walked up and down in the garden.  No, we don’t look like street walkers that have lost their way.

It was a great day….now for a snooze.

Notice, I’m listening to what mm says….”Speak softly but carry a big stick.”

We are joining Wordless Wednesday at Comedy Plus so rush over and give Sandee a big kiss and run away, mol.   She’ll know you’re from Canadian Cats cause the whole family is a little dingy! mol                                                

In Purrsuit of Flavours “Fruit Loose and Fancy Free”

Are you ready for the recipe for Key Lime Pie, Tyebe?  Ready and waiting Shoko.  Although let’s have something to eat while we’re waiting, Shoko.   Before we start chowing down let me say that we’re joining Sandee’s Wordless Wednesday at her blog, Comedy Plus.  Scratch your way to the title and join them by clicking on the title or the badge.                                                                                                                          



Ah! Nothing better than Key Lime Salmon for lunch.

You got that right, Tyebe.                                                                                   

I’m onto the special kibble mom got for this occasion, Key Lime Siamese Kibble with 35% extra limes.  So good!!

 Here is the recipe for the pie not the kibble!

Key Lime Pie

Bake pie crust first:

We used a Keebler Graham Pie Crust from the store.  It’s made with Graham Cracker Crumbs.  No fuss no muss.

They recommend making a Golden Crust by brushing with a beaten egg white & bake at 190° C or 375° F for 5 minutes. Cool before filling. Place pie on a cookie sheet prior to filling.                                                         
The picture shows beaten egg wash and cooked crust.

(Save the yoke for the Key Lime filling.)

While the crust is baking:
Stovetop directions: Follow carefully.

Don’t burn yourself….be careful.

Filling: in a saucepan with two slightly beaten egg yokes

  1. Add 1/3 cup (83 ml) cold water, add pouch contents and whisk until smooth.

  2. Add in 2 cups (500 ml) hot water and mix.

  3. Cook over MEDIUM-HIGH heat, stirring continuously. When bubbles first break the surface, continue to boil and stir for 30 sec. Remove from stovetop and stir in 1 tbsp (5 m) butter.

  4. Cool 5 Mins. Stirring twice. The pudding will continue to thicken as it cools.

Key Lime Pie:

  1. Pour into baked, cooled 9” (23 cm) pie shell.

  2. Cool for 3 hours on the counter before serving.

There you have it! Key Lime Pie with the bells and whistles. Apply your own bells and whistles. We used ours on our Key Lime Salmon luncheon. MOL

                                                  BONY PETITE

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Mom finally got her backsplash in the kitchen after a year and a half. Pictures below.

Our addiction, I MEAN ADDITION to “Fruit Loose and Fancy Free” for July.

What Are We Making For In Purrsuit of Flavours?

Hey Shoks, let’s tell everyone what Da Phenny and you decided on for the “Fruit loose and Fancyfree” theme in July.  You had the idea of cranberries on a stick but we couldn’t find a stick small enough.


Nelly came up with the idea of watermelon on a stick but the watermelon was too big and broke the stick.  We even cut the watermelon very small and still there was breakage.  Phenny decided we better think another way so I asked mom and she knew right away.  She wanted a laid-back, relaxed recipe for a Key Lime Pie.  So that’s what we are producing on Wednesday.                                                                                 

So appearing on :
will be our Key Lime Pie…..the easy way.