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Post 1372: postcard from abroad…

We haven’t had much to say lately cause of the European bug mom and dad picked up on their travels so we are reblogging a wonder blog that mentions us and mom. Mom and dad are slowly getting better. They are really boring right now so here’s to some activity in the near future.

weggieboy's blog

One of the benefits of living with minor international kitty celebrities is other international kitty celebrities send them postcards from abroad. What fun!


Many of you know the Canadian Cats and their human, Jean. Or I hope you do! Shoko and Kali are two of my top favorite Internet kitties, and Jean is one really sweet and thoughtful person.

Kali (left) and Shoko, “The Canadian Cats”

But this is about postcards from abroad…from celebrity cats, so here’s what Shoko and Kali (and Jean!) sent us, a souvenir of their recent visit to one of my favorite cities, Paris. 

 How fun is that!? (See the two kitties in the lower right hand corner?) Thanks, kitties and Jean. I really enjoyed the postcard!

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Shopping Around The World For April Reminder

Well, it’s just about the time to knock our booties off with your fabulous fish recipes.  Kali and I have just started learning the joys of salmon after tasting the salmon treats Nellie sent up with mom.  Delish!  Where has salmon been all our lives?

To participate in Shopping Around the World simply give the  link to The Canadian Cats.  Write out your recipe plus the cost of the items.  We will be waiting for your recipes on April 30th.  Gee, I hope I didn’t forget anything Kali.                                                                               


Bionic Basil’s Adventure With Us

We reblogged this post from Bionic Basil’s blog.  Do stop by and visit with these awesome English kitties.

Now it’s time for our Canadian Cats Report.

As mew will know Shoko & Kali’s pawrents came to visit us in Sleepy Hollow last Sunday and we had a truly terrific time.

The P.A. & Dad picked up Bill & Jean from the station and took them to see Southwell Minster which is about 2 miles from our house.  It’s a 900 year old Romanesque Cathedral and it’s amazing, they were so lucky to be there at midday when the bells were ringing, listen it’s beautiful.

Then they came back to Bionic Basil HQ for tea and cake and to meet us.

I greeted our guests and offered them a comfy napping spot before we began the tour, as travelling always makes mew a bit tired. So aftur a quick catnap we headed into the garden.

“Shoko, Kali if mew would follow me I’ll show mew our Control Room,” I said.

Some of The ‘B’ Team were already there and we got settled while the rest of the team explained a few things about the bunker before we went back up top and into the garden.

“Hang a on sec,” I said with my toothiest grin effur. “We’ve got a surprise fur mew!”

The bunker hatch slid back with a low rumbling sound and then the tank appeared on the lift and Humphrey drove it on the lawn.  The hatch closed with a soft thwump.

“Guys it’s all yours!” I laughed as Shoko and Kali furry gracefully jumped onto the tank.

“Best day effur!” Shoko smirked.

“WOO HOO!” Kali whooped.

We would have loved fur them to stay longer and purrhaps join us on one of our adventures, but then it was sadly time fur them to leave, as we had to take them back to the station to catch their train.

Guys mew know when mew’re having fun as the time passes so quickly and their visit seemed to be offur far too fast, but we had the best day and loved meeting Bill & Jean and Shoko & Kali, thank mew so much fur coming to see us, and come back anytime!

Happy Hopping
Sweetest purrs & nose bumps
Basil & Co xox

[Bunker picture used under licence from]

Shopping Around The World for April….Reminder

Hi folks, it’s me…Shoko.  Mom and dad made it home last night.  What a sight they were!  Tired and shabby looking….I had to rub my paws over my baby blues.                                                           Kali has welcomed dad home but not mom…Kali is giving mom the cold shoulder where I am delighted she is home.  I actually missed her.

Now, on to our Shopping Around the World for April.  We are handling the SAW for April.  We have decided to have recipes done with seafood.  You have a special tuna salad sandwich recipe…write and tell us all about it, including the prices in your area for the ingredients.  Got a good recipe for jellyfish without the stinger, let us know.  A cold or hot meal is great.  Remember to spell the recipe out as mom is not exactly the greenest nip on the vine these days. MOL

Shopping Around The World and your recipe will be held on April the 31st. folks.  My mouth’s waterin’ already.                                                                          

PPS: Mom screwed up already. Yes, Two Spoiled Cats, we meant the 30th of April. lol.

England Swings In Spite of Mom and Dad

Mom will step through our front door on Thursday so we have Tuesday as the final day for entertaining.  We must help Judy and tidy Fort Meezer before mom is home.  We had a ball and want to do it again soon.  Thanks to all our friends for helping us enjoy and ransack the house. MOL  Loves ya.

Shoko and Kali 


Sunday Selfies #139 Gorgeous Garden Selfies & Blog Hopping with Cat on my Head

Supurr salutations pawesome furriends
Welcome to another beautiful Sunday on the blog!
Today it’s supposed to be 20 C and as it’s early morning we’re waiting to see if it actually does get that warm because if so, it’s going to be epic.
Also today the P.A. and Dad are meeting up with Shoko & Kali’s pawrents and they’re coming to visit us here in Sleepy Hollow, how freaking exciting is that? WOO HOO all the way from Canada into the wilds of our little village!
So exciting on so many levels, and we’ll hopefully get some pictures with Shoko and Kali too, anyhoo we’ll defo have a report fur mew next week.
It’s time to share this weeks selfie theme, which is really obvious actually! MOL
Gorgeous Garden Selfies
*    *    *
Wishing mew all a supurr day with lots of sun puddles and mega warmz
Bestest Sunday Purrs
Basil & Co xox

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Kali…look, here’s Da Phenny. Isn’t he a smart looking guy? Mom and dad are there too. Those pawents of ours sure do get around. Let’s reblog Phenny’s post.

Easy Blog


it’s me, Da Phenny….do you remember me?

I’m back from Pawris and Normandy  where we met Bill&Jean from The Canadian Cats blog.

They are wonderful people and it was like a miracle that we really met each other…and we loved to discover Pawris and some parts of normandy together. I hope they liked the time  with us too… We say THANK YOUto Bill&Jean for a wonderful time.  The mama said we will wait till Jean&Bill are back, so we can write about our adventures together, so just a short sneak a peek today. I hope that’s ok…

I was an angel in da howltel, honestly …. I only refused to use the elevator. My dad is a lazy peep and refused to carry me via stairs to the 7th. floor, so he picked the lesser of the two evils and carried the weimaraner in the elevator….


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A Special Family In London


Mom and dad arrived in London and were met by a special Blogville resident and her pawents.  Take a peek at the blog listed below for some great adventures.


Thursday, 6 April 2017

Taking Tea on Thursday

So where did I go on my train trip?
I went here….
The Eurostar Arrivals
I’m waiting for those doors to open…..
 Phenny has sent over VERY special visitors for me!
Shoko and Kali
Shoko and Kali came with their Peeps
to have a chat over a pot of tea
Oh wow, did we have a GREAT time
I do luffs meeting peeps in the furs
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah