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Remembrance Day at Fort Meezer

All the veterans that fought for us in the wars all over the world are remembered today.  A national holiday honouring the men and women in the armed services that daily keep us safe and uphold our lifestyle.  

A picture of Grampa Kelly around 1938.  He was about 22.  He married grandma not long before war broke out…like the year before.

Grampa Kelly was in World War 2 and was stationed in England as an instructor to the men going across the channel to Germany to fight.  He sent a picture back to grandma of his barracks after it was bombed.

Thanks, Shoko I’ll take it from here.  Dad wrote that this is his barracks after a Heinkel bird dropped an egg.   Can you imagine living like this, never knowing if your home would be there when you got back?  The thought is terrifying.

You can read more about Germany and the Heinkel Bird here.

We are most fortunate to have these stoic men and women to honour today.


Blog 4 Peace…Climate Change from British Columbia, Canada

Here in British Columbia, the land is a natural resource for mining, logging, hydroelectric and offshore fishing.  The land in the north …. the north is relatively wild and untouched by industrial life..  Now there is talk, it’s more than talk as the building has started of a pipeline to haul bitumen from the tar sands in Fort McMurray, Alberta to Vancouver, BC where it will be shipped to other countries.  Bitumen is heavy oil with the sand removed.  A solution is added to keep the oil flowing.  The pipeline has been started despite the cries of naturalists and natives of the regions.  What a double-edged sword.  The jobs the pipeline will provide are in the thousands but and this is one HUGE but…there will be a pipeline going through Jasper National Park in the Rockies.  The pipeline will destroy the homes of many animals and wildlife.  What if there is a spill?  How many years will the area take to clean itself of the oil?  Will the clean up also provide jobs?  I, myself, prefer the wild.  The oil has been shipped by train to Vancouver in the past and is currently shipped this way which is probably as equally dangerous.  Still, all this fuel is going to pollute because there is a strong demand for it.  With the pollution comes climate change as evidenced by the forest fires and stronger hurricanes, We are not as cold here in the Central Interior as we were in the ’80s.  Destructive insects were killed off with the -40c weather but not anymore.

The time for change is now.  If there was no demand for oil and it’s derivatives, there would be no pipeline but our demands must change before industry follows.


Sunday Selfie with the Yoga Girl

Well, it is the beginning of November,  This Is the beginning of winter for us.  Snow hasn’t fallen yet but it’s comin’  Highway drivers should have snow tires on at the beginning of October.  We have studded snow tires and for those that have never travelled with the thrill of studded snow tires, they vibrate through one’s body as they spin.  True Tyebe, one does get used to it and then finds something is missing in the spring when their teeth are no longer chattering.  It’s not that bad but you get the idea.

I am doing the selfie for The Cat on my Head this week.                                                                                             

This is a great pose. I call it, “Cat Stretching on Pole.”  It is part of my yoga regime.  One must remain limber.                                                                           

It’s also time for Shoko’s Meezerism of the week.  Take it away sis.

                                                                                      “Never be afraid to show your lighter side.  Be carefree and show up for events in, say….a shower cap.   Keep them guessing at who you really are and if  you’re a doughnut short of a dozen.  MOL ”   

Thankful Thursday with Tyebe

It’s Halloween, well, almost.  It’s party time.  I must call Timmy and get them over for a party.  Don’t tell Shoko, Budd.  Let’s surprise her.  She’ll be so happy to see Einey.

I’m gonna call Timmy and ask the whole gang to come over and party with us. “Hi, Timmy.  Tyebe here, we were wondering if you’d like to come on over and celebrate with us. It’ll be a big surprise for Shoko.  Right on, Timmy!  Do you need a lift to our place.  No, it’s easy to get here.  Just fly along the cooler states and make a sharp right paw turn at the Canadian border in BC,  The Peace Arch Park sticks up like a sore claw.  Then you follow the Fraser River….it’s the only one that goes right up to Prince George.  When a town appears and the river meets another river, you are here.  We are one street over from a big hill with picnic tables.  Have you got your dad’s cell phone, Timmy?  Just call us when you start to feel lost.”

Brrrrrig!    “Is this you Timmy?  Shoko is getting suspicious,  Where are you?  OK…at the big hill make a right till you see the house with a greenhouse and raised garden.  You’ve been here before.  That’s right….come closer….I see the whole dang family. *Tyebe waves her paw at the Cusack family*  She uses her bright whiteness and her arms to serve as lights on their landing in the backyard.”                                                           
There they are! What a great landing. Timmy’s a real pilot.

What’s happening in here.                                                                            

Holy Cwap!! It’s Einey and the whole family! What a wonderful surprise. A Halloween Delight.


Welcome, to our cool city.

Let’s introduce everyone.

First, we have Buddy. the most senior member of the family. The nip stops here. What Buddy says usually goes.

Timmy in his fancy costume.

Rumpy is an evil clown.

Here is Miss Fitz as Maleficent with horns.

Here’s Toby with many claws….the more treats to grab. mol

Here’s Einey as Dracula.

Here’s Shoko as Dracula’s assistant.

Here is me being my real self…a Demogorgon.

Last but not least is Budd.

This is our Voodoo King.

Happy Halloween Everyone from Tomcat Commentary by Tim and the Canadian Cats.

We are entering Thankful Thursday at Brians Home. We are so very thankful for all our wonderful friends. Go to Brian’s Home and visit with your other friends there. Just click on the badge or the highlighted name.

Sunday Selfie with Tyebe

What a day.  Very sunny but geez it’s cold.  My goosebumps have goosebumps.  A quick walk outside tells me I really want to be inside where it’s warm.  Shoko came outside once and went fleeing back inside.  Budd looked at me out the window and waved but said he wasn’t coming outside.

Ok, I’m on my own….actually I’ll go inside and take the picture.  You can view me and others posing over at The Cat on my Head blog Click on the red highlighted name or on the badge. Come join us….we just adore posing.                                                         

This should be easy. Pose and click! I’m ready.                                                                   

Hey, Tyebe what does a sour puss eat?   I dunno, Budd.  Crab meat. mol..

That’s hilarious Budd! mol  Oops, my picture isn’t dainty,  I’m having a huge hee haw.  Oh well….that’s the modelling business for ya.


Here’s Shoko with the Meezerism of the week.  Take us into Meezerland Shoks.                                                                     

“The picture of contentment is a sleeping Meezer.  You know the one with the battered toy mouse beside her.”                                                                 


Wordless Wednesday with Shoko and Tyebe

We are joining Wordless Wednesday at Comedy Plus Blog.  Come join us and meet the other silent but fun furries.                                                                         

Smells like Shoko just passed.

Yep, she’s ahead of me.

There’s still a lot of Parsley here but everything else is pretty much finished for the year, Shoko. Good, we’ll send dad out to grab some parsley. Thanks Tye.


Caturday Art with Budd…Picasso Style

Here it is the middle of October already!  This month is running away from me.  Pretty soon Hallowed Eve will be saying BOO to us all.  Dad will be giving kids candy…you know one for you and two for me.  MOL                                                             
Shoko will be telling us spooky stories about the Vampire-Ferals that come out on Halloween night in the Lane. You know she even scares me and I’ve been in the Lane on Halloween night.

Look at the expression on Tyebe’s face. It says, “Yeah, yeah, Shoko’s not going to scare me this year. I’m not a wee kitten anymore.”

This is the picture mom used for the Caturday Art on Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty blog.  You know the picture she took of me after I snagged a hunk of ham.                                                                       

The fancy photo is Lunapic’s Picasso Art Effect.

Come visit with us over at Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty blog and share your Caturday Art.                                                               

Now it’s time for Shoko’s Meezer Proverbs.                                                                        

“A kitten is comparable to an opening rosebud.  A Meezer kitten is an angel with an attitude.”