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In Purrsuit of Flavours..One Pot meal

Where’s our huge skillet Tyebe?  In the drawer under the stove.   Bring it out so we can start the bow ties.  You want me to bring it out?  Yep,  No flippin’ way I brought it out last time.  That pan is heavier than you after you gorge yourself on duck!                                                  Alright, I’ll get it out.  By Jiminy, you’re right Tyebe this guy is a heavy dude.

Oh yes, we are joining Comedy Plus’s Wordless Wednesday today, Click on the name or the picture and we wisked over to Comedy Plus.  Try it and make sure mom did this correctly.                                                        

Between the two of us we’ll get that skillet on the stove…..there.  Now follow the recipe on the package for the number of guests you’re serving.  We used 2 and a half cups of bow ties and mom and dad were eating Alfredo for 3 days…moI think they made every Alfredo joke possible.


1/2 cup Gruyere Cheese
1/2 cup mozzarella
1/2 cup butter
2 cups milk
1 tablespoon of crushed garlic
2 – 3 tablespoon of flour
about 6 ounces of parmesan cheese
pepper and thyme


After straining your bow ties, run cool water over them to remove some of the guminess.

Meanwhile prepare your alfredo sauce by  stirring the butter in a warm skillet until the butter melts.  Then add the flour slowly and stir until it’s a thick mess.  Then gradually add the milk….very gradually and stir like a crazy animal.  It will become smooth and start to thicken so add a smudge more milk and stir like the crazy cat you’ve become.  Keep this up till the milk is all in the sauce.  Jump around and scratch under your armpits …….Makes you feel more in control of the situation.  Although you may look like a monkey with fur.   The sauce should be sort of thick. It will thicken more after you add the cheese.  Add the crushed garlic and the cheese and stir.  The temperature on the burner is low so nothing burns.  Then add your pepper and thyme.  Finally stir in your bow ties.  There you go Bow Ties Alfredo.                                                                                 

Mom and dad enjoyed the meal but didn’t really want the same meal for 3 days so I’d cut down the amount next time.

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Aww Monday Announces a One Pot Meal.

Look at me, Tyebe.  No, turn around and let’s see your whole body.  Why?   You’ve seen me before Shoko.  You look different,  Well, I’m still me.  Let’s see your paws.  One at a time.                                                               
I think your paws are white, Tyebe. Well, most of me’s white so no big deal. These actually look like shoes, where I wear long boots you seem to wear galoshes over shoes.  That’s why my shoes stay white….mol.  It’s hard to see them but as you get older it will be easier.  I wonder if you have Birman in your background.  You know……dad calls it Beerman.  Like some cats stuffed with beer.  You act like you’re stuffed with beer, Tyebe, How do you know how some kitty that gets drunk sounds like?  I’ve seen things, Tyebe.  Ya, right.  You’re a cat of the world! 

We are joining Sandee at Comedy Plus for Aww…..Monday.  Click on the name and go visit our friends.                                                                                         

OK, the only one I’ve seen drunk is mom. It took a half a beer. She’s a total wimp. Maybe she’s destined to be a pot head. No, she’s no better with pot.

Let’s keep an eye on your paws and see if they get whiter.  Apparently Birman are very happy playful kitties.  That describes me ShokoA snowball with eyes describes you too, Tyebe.

You might be right about the galoshes, Shoko.

Now, let’s tell everyone what we’re making on Wednesday. Ah yes Tyebe! We wanted to make a pasta dish in our big frying pan. Penne Alfredo sounded delicious. However, we have no penne noodles and mom says she’s not running out for noodles. So we are making BowTies Alfredo. This recipe is easy… doesn’t like difficult.  We’ll tell you what we did to make it special other than have bowties on Wednesday.


Flingin’ Friday Fun Fill Ins

Look what you did to the deck, Tyebe.  It looked so pristine and beautiful before you stuck your paws in the snow.

The snow was so cold it revved me up.

We are Joining Feline Friday over there at Comedy Plus.  Drop by by clicking on their name and have a chuckle with some friends.


We are also joining  Lorianne of Four-Legged-Furballls and co host Ellen Of 15 and Meowing for the Fill Ins.  The linky stays open until Wednesday night

1. You don’t have to convince me to….TRY A DIFFERENT KIND OF TREAT OR SUPPER.


2. ALL THIS COLD … causing me stress.


3. Speaking from experience…..SUMMER IS WAY NICER THAN THE WINTER.


4. Over time, my opinion of….TYEBE…..  has changed. She seems to be a half decent sister now,

My Meezerism concerns time.

“They say time waits for no one but if you have treats I’ll wait,”


Wordy Wednesday Reminder of In Purrsuit..

A lovely day.  The temperature is above freezing and the sun is out visiting the city.

Where did that bird go to?  He was sittin’ here like the proud crow he is and all of a sudden…..nothin’  He sure can move!

Get outta there Tyebe.  They won’t eat with you sitting in the middle of their plate!

Let them chow down.


We have to SKYPE with Da Phenny and Nellie about a meal for In Purrsuit for March.  Spring arrives on  March 20th but its still winter here.  No dang way is it hot dog weather.


Phenny,  Oh Phenny are you there?  You say it’s warm in France?  Well it sure isn’t here and there is no way a spring meal is poppin’ out of us when the wind still howls at -10c at night.  The hot dog would be plastering some fur on up here.  We can’t even see mud yet.  So we still need warm food here.  However, fewer dishes is always good.  Those fancy new fry pans with 2 inch sides are dang heavy on one’s paws.  We should be able to leave it on the stove all the time…..dirty even.                                                                             

I know what we should do, Tyebe!!  What?  Let’s do a one pot meal using the 2 inch side frying pan.  I dunno Shoko.  A whole meal in this fry pan.  It doesn’t have to be meat, potatoes and veggies.  It could be a casserole or stew or even soup.  Mom likes sauces so if we give anything a sauce she’ll like it.  You may have just hit the supper on the head.  I’ll SKYPE with Da Phenny again and let him know what we decided.  He’ll be for it…..I know he will.   So In Purrsuit of Flavours  recipes will appear on March 3rd. On Monday we’ll tell you what we decided on making… already know it’ll have a sauce. mol


Do pop over and visit Sandee at Comedy Plus for Wordless Wednesday….ya, we know talk too much but that’s us.  Meezers with big mouths. mol                                                           


Sunday Selfie and Meezerism from Tyebe and Shoko

Let me in!!   It’s dang cold out here.

That’s better. There’s not even a lone vermin out there. I’m staying inside. I plan to go out later this afternoon when the temperature warms up. Dad’s changed the kit lit so our toilet is nice and clean. I can use this until I can get outside. I have a huge bladder.                                                   
I’ll just curl up on the catnip blanket that Sammy P’s mom made for us. It has your picture all over it Tyebe so I can sleep on your face……mol.  So this is the little guy that was under my new blanket.  *sniff*……do I smell nip?                                                           
Time for your meezerism, Shoko.

Right you are marshmallow with eyes.

“The rattling of food dishes means it’s time to get up and start your day.”

I got a wonderful gift from  my handsome ginger boyfriend,  Cooper Murphy.   I had a tough time figuring out what to do with it but I soon learned how to get some noise out of it and it feels good on my bod too.                                                                     

Speaking of Gingersnap reminds me that today is a selfie day  on The Cat On My Head.   Go visit this huge family and see what’s happening with your new friends.

Have a happy day.

Thankful Thursday with Tyebe

Great balls of  weeds!  It’s cold as your heart at treat time, Shoko.  Mom and dad won’t let me out and I’ve whined and cried,  I even tried screaming in my mother tongue. Nothing works.  Geez, Tyebe it’s so cold outside you’d be a popsicle in minutes.                                                               
Of course I wouldn’t. I’m tough!  You look tough, Tyebe.  You can’t keep your eyes open.  Mom is going to let you out.  Bye Tyebe.                                                         
Mom wasn’t foolin’ it’s dang cold out here. Let me in!! Open the door and get outta the way. It’s -39C with the wind chill. I’m stayin in now and giving thanks at Brian’s Home. Simply click on the blog name and you’ll be in their abode. Tell him what you’re thankful for. I am delighted we have such a lovely warm house and many treats.