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Planes, Trains and Automobiles Pt. 4 (Re-run)

This is the last leg of the journey. Mom finally had a washing machine and washed that darned sweater and they took it pretty easy for most of the day. They did however jump on a trolley and ride up and down Canal St….a main street in Nawlins’ Now these two get happy at the strangest things! Mom was so delighted to get on the trolley for 40 cents…seniors rate. At the end of the line in one direction was a huge Casino and the Mississippi River and another trolley station to the Farmer’s Market. Just walking around, one picked up the flavour of the city. The residents of this city were all so polite and nice. That southern charm made everyone around them feel happy and welcome.

narrow streets with shops everywhere

Narrow streets with shops everywhere

There were sex shops mixed in with Voodoo shops….lots of variety.

The only tour they took was a City Tour. The sights were awesome. Nicholas Cage has a lovely house on a quiet street in one of the richer areas. They didn’t see him…so no big deal. The devastation of Hurricane Katrina was still evident in the badly hit areas. Some of the houses had the body count on the outside of the wall by the front door….makes one feel ill…other houses had the high water marks. In other neighbourhoods, the outside of the house had been fixed up in accordance with city bylaws but the people could not afford to renovate the inside.

Devastation beyond words.

Devastation beyond words.

They also went to a cemetery. New Orleans is at sea level and some of the city is actually below sea level, so burying in the ground is next to impossible as the coffins would float to the top with a big storm or hurricane. The crypts and mausoleums were unbelievable. There were beautiful crypts, that are well cared for….very expensive. They found out Nicholas Cage has reserved one for when he passes. These crypts could hold masses of people…if you had a friend that didn’t have a place to go in the afterlife…you could have him in your crypt. The plots are dug up after about 10 years and the remains are compacted to a smaller area. So you could hold many.



There were rows upon rows of the crypts.

Crypts for rich and poor

Crypts for rich and poor

At the far end are the less expensive crypts. Anyone who dies and will remain in New Orleans is in one of at least 7 other cemeteries.

The next stop was for a bathroom break but there was also a grocery store there. Mom proceeded to look for southern spices and herbs. Creole spice is about the only spice that was different that she found. The only peculiar item she found was dehydrated green onions. Why? Green onions are cheap, even in winter and easy to grow. Perplexing.

Mom and dad were hungry after their excursion and enjoyed another lovely meal that evening. A separate post will give you a few details on some of the dinners they ate while visiting this extraordinary city..

Off to bed about 10:30pm as tomorrow would be another active day. About 1am the partying started….it was Friday night in Nawlins’ and the partying went on and on…with the music and laughter getting louder by the hour. Finally, all the racket peaked with car horns blasting from 4:30am to after 5am. Needless to say, the pawents were not rarin’ to go come 8;30am. Dad was giving one of his talks about, “a learning lesson” and mom was looking ticked off again. Good idea not to be as close to the action as they were just off Bourbon St.

Here they come for a night of celebration.

Here they come for a night of celebration. Notice the necklaces thrown about.

They decided to rent a car for a few days to see some of the outlying areas. Then headed off to Baton Rouge and Livonia. Dad took a hazardous waste course many, many years ago in Livonia, and wanted to see what it looked like after about 30 years. Dad set the GPS and away they went. They only went to the outskirts of Baton Rouge…The GPS would get upset each time they got off of the freeway. They did stop at Hooter’s in Baton Rouge and got me a small Hooter’s duck. Mom says it was to remind me of ducky boobs.

Ducky Boobies!

Ducky Boobies!

Mom was amazed with the scenery. They stumbled on a bayou called the Irish Bayou. They just had to have a look much to the GPS’s dismay…it kept saying, “Make a u turn at the next light.”

Raised house.

Raised house.

The majority of houses in the bayou were raised.

Imagine looking in your backyard and seeing an Egret

Imagine looking in your backyard and seeing an Egret

Getting back on the freeway….this made the GPS happy, they didn’t seem to go too far and there was Livonia.

Livonia's water tower.

Livonia’s water tower.

Mom was amazed at the water towers. BC doesn’t have any. We have well water or river/lake water. Is this because Louisiana and most southern states are so flat?

Mom also spied a Magnolia Tree….she had never seen one….only on TV. Amazing, all flower and no foliage. It must get its foliage after the flowers are finished. Like our Japanese Cherry Trees.

Magnolia Tree

Magnolia Tree

On the trip back to New Orleans they crossed the Mississippi River and down one side was refinery upon refinery. Quite a blight to the natural scenery.

Refineries, supplying many jobs but a blight on the landscape.

Refineries, supplying many jobs but a blight on the landscape.

When they got back to the condo they were tired and not very hungry so ate in the condo. The internet was out due to the construction so they decided this was a sign to go to bed early. They were woken up this Saturday night by party-goers again. This time they were louder and the bass was stronger. They had to take pictures, mirror and plants off the walls and put ornaments on the floor or they just rattled until they hit the ground. The morning’s festivities ended with the fire alarm going off for a half hour around 5:30am. Another unrelaxing nights sleep.

Sunday they took the car back and went to the Farmer’s Market. There was something for everyone. In fact, it was too overwhelming for mom. These two decided to walk about. Stopping first at a pet store where mom finally found Silvervine Catnip and some Silvervine toys for Kali and I. Her and dad hurried over to Marie Laveau’s voodoo shop, Mom was disappointed. She said the voodoo stuff was mass produced junk for tourists, She had promised to get me something but said it wasn’t worth it. After this disappointment they went to the Café Du Monde, suggested by June and Jim Thompson. They had something called bayonets. Mom said they were delicious! They were like fried doughnuts with icing sugar all over them. They both were covered in icing sugar when they left the Café.

Cafe Du Monde

Cafe Du Monde

We passed this landmark building each time we came back to the condo.

They passed this landmark building each time they came back to the condo.

Mom and dad headed to a Walgreen’s the following day for some stuff to take home to Canada. For instance dental tape….Prince George grocery stores and drugstores have decided not to carry the stuff anymore. Mom…being dainty and all walked into a man…she excused herself and the man shook Bill’s hand heartily saying…..”Your wife came shopping with you. good job….mine just sent me out with a list and said come home when you finish the list!” They laughed and moved on. What an open honest man. They then went to a grocery store called Wynn Dixon and mom asked the deli person for 100 kilograms of Black Forest Ham. The girl got upset and said…,”Kill who?” Then mom got upset because she could not convert it to ounces immediately but figured it out finally. Think fast mom….hehehe.
They raced back to the condo with their goodies.

Monday was another trolley day. They jumped on the St. Charles Ave. trolley and headed for what turned out to be a rather ritzy district.                                                           

They decided to hop out at an Audubon Park. The birds were so relaxed around them and they didn’t beg for food. A lazy afternoon as the weather was turning warm and humid.                                                         

There were two universities that mom and dad saw on their Trolley ride. Loyola University and Tulane University. They sat side by side on St. Charles Ave.

Loyola and Tulane Universities were side by side!

Loyola and Tulane Universities were side by side!

Then it was over to the WW2 museum. They were outside the Louisiana wing of the museum and found bricks formed the sidewalk, red bricks with the name of those Americans that gave their life to assist Britain to keep the Nazi’s away from Britain. There were so many bricks….it made one tear up to think of the families that had been devastated by war.

They decided to end the exploring for the day and headed back to the condo.

Their final day in the big city of Nawlins’ started with packing their suitcases and then they decided to go visit the Civil War Museum so they jumped back on the St. Charles trolley and actually knew where to get off the trolley. The trolleys were neat and clean and younger folk let the older peeps sit down. Very polite….not a case of every kit for her/himself.

Mom said it was almost unbelievable how these very young soldiers fought with poor, ratty clothing and basically next to nil to fight with except their love for the Confederate way of life.

They both left with visions of horrific battles in their minds.

Time for the pawents to leave this wonderful and unique city. They caught a plane to Denver and then to Vancouver and finally to Prince George where I gave mom hell for half an hour for leaving us. Kali would not have anything to do with these two gadabouts. It has been 2 weeks and she is just starting to let mom pet her tummy and is purring when she does.

There you have a pretty good description of what mom and dad were doing for over 2 weeks.

We hoped you enjoyed their travels and had the odd laugh.


Mom has news but I will pass it along.  Wednesday morning mom’s niece, Deb, was taken off of life support.  We all held our breath.  Wednesday evening Deb’s eyes were open but she was confused.  However, like mom she was trying to talk with her hubby…whether she made sense or not.

This is Deb and Tyebe last year out for the first walk of the year.  Look how Tyebe worships Deb.

Here it is Friday and Deb is sitting up on a chair and seems to make sense.  They will try removing Dialysis tomorrow.

I was unable to get down to Vancouver as I seem to have the  Streptococcus infection deep within the wound from the surgery. and am unable to walk.  My family has kept me updated every step of the way.


We thank everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers.  So far so good.  We are delighted with Deb’s progress.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles Pt3

So mom and dad had a most enjoyable sleep at the Hilton in Huntsville.  Unfortunately, it was a case of up and out and on the road at 8am.  No more visiting with June and Jim….mom thought of phoning them around 6:30am and thought better of it.  Dad adjusted the GPS on their little car and off they went back to Memphis.  Mom says the car ride was uneventful.

Mom and dad went cruising through Memphis and were crossing a bridge when mom hollered, “We’re in Arkansas! Let’s stop and get a souvenir of Arkansas.” Dad looked at her like she was acting weird again but stopped at a gas station. Mom jumped out….or should I say crawled out…she’d been sitting for over 4 hours. Inside the gas station, she didn’t see anything like a souvenir so asked the man behind the counter. He looked just like a serial killer off of Criminal Minds as he said, “NO..we don’t have that kind of stuff, lady!”

Arkansas gas station attendant looked just like this Criminal Minds serial killer

Arkansas gas station attendant looked just like this Criminal Minds serial killer

Look at that face…he would have scared me.

Mom went back to the car and told dad that Arkansas peeps didn’t seem that friendly so let’s get back to Memphis. Dad set up the GPS. They were back in Memphis very quickly and went to Sun Studios. This is where Elvis recorded his first songs. This place was just a “hole-in-the-wall” type of place.

l-r Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis and Johnny Cash

l-r Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis and Johnny Cash

The singers in the picture had their start at Sun Studio.

Mom was anxious to go and meet my friend, Pete Saunders mom for lunch. Pete is the co-leader of the ThunderCats Patrol in Cat Scouts. Off they scurried and had a terrific chat and lunch with Teresa.

Mom and dad piled into the car again and headed to the Civil Rights Museum. The museum is situated right beside the Lorraine Motel…where Martin Luther King was shot.

moments before the shot

Moments before the shot

A charismatic and power leader....what a waste?

A charismatic and powerful leader….what a waste?

One cannot help but get choked up at the plight of the coloured man/woman. It’s hard to believe that this is the United States and not some fascist country!  Can you imagine being in chains and forced to work without enough water or food? Your family was taken away from you and sold to plantations far away. Never, ever knowing where your child ended up…is he alive or dead? In western Canada, we heard some news about the struggles of Negroes and saw some riots on TV but we were not in the climate of anxiety like the southern states were. To do this museum justice, you must spend at least 4 hours combing through the exhibits and write-ups. Fascinating!!

The pawents headed back to the hotel. Mom says she can’t remember if she ate out….although she must have. They were very tired because they did all of these activities in one day. So it was time for a little shut-eye.

Feb 23rd. Monday morn at 4am they were up to catch. “The City of New Orleans,” to Nawlins’. Mom says the strange thing about Memphis was there were hardly any cars on the road. It was quieter than Prince George. She figures it was because of the freezing rain.

Look at the ice on this truck!

Look at the ice on this truck!

Mom and dad went slippin’ and slidin’ onto the train. Hey, this looks familiar, those steep stairs again. The bathroom is downstairs and coach isn’t.  Hmmm.


Agh….comfy. Mom brought some sandwiches for lunch and accidentally sat on them. Whoops, she tried plumping them up a bit. A little fluffing here and there….good as new…well almost. The train started up and that was it for mom….

The busy schedule caught up with mom

The busy schedule caught up with mom

There were many sights one doesn’t see here in western Canada. The Spanish Moss hanging from the trees was beautiful. Mom wondered if the moss actually killed the tree or was it just the time of year they saw them.

Spanish moss on this tree...awesome!

Spanish moss on this tree…awesome!

Lunch time. Dad declined the squished sandwiches saying he wasn’t hungry….. ENOUGH. Mom dug into an Italian sandwich…pepperoni, Hungarian salami and cervelat salami…Mmmm. Ohh that’s another thing mom noticed…everywhere there was Coke no Pepsi. The little cafeteria on the train had Coke so a diet Coke it was.

They arrived in New Orleans around 3:30pm and headed straight for the condo. They walked into the building just off of Bourbon St. The facility was under construction…men were scuffling back and forth.  Mom was wondering if they got a “pig in a poke.” Finally they found their floor after going through several doors….which cut the noise down. Mom and dad then walked and walked and walked some more. There wasn’t a peep out of any construction folk by the time they made it to the condo. They were delighted when they opened the door.


Living room





Whoohoo, the same bed for more than one night. They deposited all their luggage and headed out for a bite of dinner.

At the corner of Bienville (their street) and Bourbon was a band in the middle of the street. Bourbon St, was blocked off to vehicles. Imagine….Monday night!

After watching the band for awhile the pawents ate and went back to the condo for the night. Their colds were full-blown by now and they slept like babes.

The final part will cover their stay in New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles Pt2

Mom and Dad were ready to board the train, “The City of New Orleans” for Memphis.  Mom felt maybe they’d be piped on board with the song “The City of New Orleans” by Willie Nelson as they stepped onto the train.  Short of that, mom says she could have sung it for everyone….hope you held off mom, we’ve heard your voice before.


Mom, what's the guy in the raincoat doing to the guy in front of him?

Mom, what’s the guy in the raincoat doing to the guy in front of him?


OK. OK…we won’t discuss the man in the raincoat. Back to our story. There was an upper deck and that’s where mom and dad”s sleeper unit was situated.

Cwap! Those are steep.

Cwap! Those are steep.

How did you manage to get up those steps mom? Dad gave me a boost on the butt and I was set…no problem.

Now once they got into their little room and it sounds very small, they deposited their overnight bag and sat.  There was a wee table in front of the window and a bathroom a wee bit smaller than the airplane bathroom set back a bit.  Sitting didn’t last long as they were tired but knew they had to eat, so headed to the dining car.   They couldn’t help it but the child in them came poking through in their dinner orders.

Dad had a hot dog and mom had Mac and Cheese….comfort foods.  What they didn’t realize was they were both getting colds.

They dragged their butts back to the little sleeper and made up the bed for the night.  They were both kinda stunned when the beds went down.  So much for a romantic night on the train.  There was an upper bunk….this would be dad’s bed.  The lower bunk became mom’s resting area.  When the beds were down there was a path of six inches between the sink and bed.  Two steps and you were sitting on the toilet.  Dad climbed the ladder and settled in for the night.  Mom lay down and was all prepared to be rocked gently to sleep.  She had a sheet and a very thin blanket for cover.  She snuggled down and waited for the lull but the train didn’t sway, it shook with a thud and a jerk every few miles.  Sounded like the engineer was collecting road kill with each thud.  The train shook all her blankets off and one thud…moved her to the bottom of the bed.  Furthermore the engineer was leaning on the whistle!  Mom and dad started chatting about 3:30am and got up about 4am as dad was not sleeping either.

This is dad explaining to mom that this was a learning experience…..obviously train travel is not for them.

Here is mom’s response to such great info….hehe

Finally 6:30am rolled around and they were leaving the train. The weather in Memphis was terribly cold and there was ice on some cars.

Mom and dad rented a car and headed out to catch a tour of Graceland….Elvis’s mansion. They were very tired but this was Elvis’s mansion….they had to see it.



You could see Priscilla’s influence in the livingroom where there were two painted pheasants in bright blue on the windows between the living room and TV room and yes the TV was from that era….round screen and all. The picture mom took was too fuzzy my friends. However, here is a picture of Elvis’s kitchen, where he made those famous grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

There were several out buildings that showed Elvis’s movie roles, gold and platinum records and his gifts to various organizations. He was a true philanthropist. Mom, how can you say that? He was a wonderful man…not like the fellow in the raincoat at the train station! That’s what I’m saying Shoko…he just kept giving to others less fortunate than himself. If a friend liked something…Elvis would buy it for him. Pretty generous I’d say.  Me too!

After visiting Graceland, these two fought sleep and headed for a cruise down Beale St.   Finally retiring to the hotel.

Alot of tourist traps

Back at the hotel, mom and dad ate and went to bed. Tomorrow they were to drive to Alabama and meet some friends.  Mom helps dad drive by giving very helpful advice…like, there’s a car coming and the light is turning red.  Dad does not appreciate it and mom just doesn’t know why.

Saturday rolled around and mom and dad headed out for Alabama about 9am.  Alright, let’s get going to Huntsville.  The scenery was spectacular.  The land was as flat as pee on a plate but the Southern Pines were fantastic.  Thinner than the BC pines.

They stopped for brunch at the Cracker Barrel.  There are no Cracker Barrels in Canada.  We will do a separate post of mom and dad’s first dealings with grits and buttermilk biscuits another day.


I just gotta ask mom…are you wearing the same sweater since you left home?  That is tacky mom.  No Shoko one sweater is darker than the other.  OK…if you say so!

They went through Mississippi and then before they knew it there was Huntsville.  They had made it.  Mom and dad were staying in the Hilton Hotel as were June and Jim.  Mom heard a knock on the door and opened it to see June and Jim from the blog Piglove.  Big hugs went all around.  Where was Bacon Mom?  They left Bacon at home with his nana.  He really likes staying at nana’s, so that’s alright.  We hugged and chatted and traded goodies to each other.  Shoko and Kali got a haul of treats and toys.  There were several goodies in the bag for Bill and I also.


Planes, Trains and Automobiles Pt1 (rerun)

We are headed to Vancouver as there is a family emergency involving my niece.  She is in the hospital and her chances are slim.  Very unpleasant circumstances.  I hate to talk of such unpleasantness so we will keep our toes and fingers crossed and use the power of the paw to wish her back with us.

Meanwhile here are a few old posts from March of 2015 to keep you amused.

See ya in a couple of weeks girls.  Love ya both and be nice to the pet sitter Shoko.  I’m always nice mom…see ya soon.  Then her and dad left for the airport.





Mom and dad left about 7:30pm for the Vancouver Airport so they spent the night in Vancouver. The next day they were up early, up and out to catch the United airlines plane at 11am for Chickago. That is 1761 air miles. The flight was 3 and a half hours and a change of 2 time zones. They landed at O’Hare airport at 5pm.  Mom struck up a friendship with Gus Moya, a training manager for United Airlines.

Gus and mom

Gus and mom

He looks nice doesn’t he? Meanwhile, dad is racing around trying to find their luggage. No, they didn’t come to carousel 33, the flight from Vancouver carousel,
but were finally discovered hanging out with the luggage from Australia.

It was very cold in Chickago….-15F or -26C with a wind. Mom and dad scurried to their hotel like little mice escaping my furry clutches. The room had no heat….dad suggested sitting in the hallway to warm up….mom just gave him the evil eye. I taught mom the effectiveness of this look. Dad called maintenance. They were slow and couldn’t fix it. I mean friends their was ice inside the windows by the heater….ccccccold! They changed rooms and all was well. The next day they went to Macy’s. Dad was struck by the architecture. Beautiful ceilings….mosaic tile!

Macy ceiling

Macy ceiling

There are more pictures of the ceiling but I don’t want to bore you with the same stuff. I was getting bored when mom showed me all the pictures of the same ceiling.They had to buy a new suitcase as one developed a great big hole in it after cavorting with the luggage from Australia….those Aussies must be thugs.  Mom and dad decided it was time to head to the Amtrak station and get their tickets for the train, “The City of New Orleans.” Off they went with their new red carryon. There was a total of 6 bags. Dad carried 5 of them. Mom struggled with one. That’s my mom, a real strong lady….hehe. They had reserved a sleeper because they would be spending the night on the train. The train left at 6:30pm.  We’ll leave off here as they get on the train bound for Memphis.  Next time will have part 2.  See ya then my friends.

Friendly Fill-Ins and Bloopers

15 and Meowing‘s Ellen and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs blogs have made some sentences for us to fill in.  We’re taking turns…even mom is taking a turn.                                                               
Today is the last Friday of the month so it is blooper day or Pet Photo Fails from Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries and Meows.                                                                     
Mom only has a couple of photo fails this month.  Probably because she wasn’t able to nag us as much with her foot acting up.
I have a favourite place to disappear and usually be hidden away from the furry annoyances here.                                                                            Tyebe discovered my wee fortress with the toilet paper and made herself very comfortable….foiled again!
The other photo fail is of me!                                                       
Mom cut off my paws while I was posing so prettily. She just *wham* cut off my paws. Not one feeling of remorse. She can be cruel. mol

Wordless Wednesday

We are taking part in Wordless Wednesday.  This blog hop is hosted by Comedy Plus.  I was the chosen one for the wordless day.                                                                     
I have found heaven.
Nothing more needs to be said about my happiness at finding a cozy place to be me.