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Mew Like a Pirate Day

It’s that time of the year for “Meow Like A Pirate Day”  ye mateys.

Me’s going to introduce Swashbucker Shoko to these proceedings and haul her outta the briny deep. MOL mateys.  Shoko said me could blow on me bunghole and call in the seagulls.  No, not that hole but the hole of me bottle of rum.  That calls for a song….♫”Well, awela….,me grog has a bunghole,ta hit dat bunghole is me goal, booty, booty…who got me cootie booty?”♫

Swashbuckler Shoko is honouring us today with yet another Meezer Philosophyo.                                                                 

“When youse find the booty treats sitting for everyone to see, never count them till you be alone or dem landlubbers will steal it away.”

It is also Thankful Thursday at Brian’s Home so we are thankful for so many things but as the weather gets cooler we are thankful for a nice warm house.  Pop over and visit with them. Just click on the name on the highlighted blog.


HappyTalk Like a Pirate Day me scurvy dogged friends.

AWWWWW….. Monday with Tyebe

Today we are joining Comedy Plus for Awww….Monday.  Do patter over to Sandee’s blog and see the many blogs listed there.                                                         

We’re doing the washing Budd.  I sort out the clothes and dad washes them.  He puts them in the dryer too.                                                       

I must take care and make sure mom’s clothes are inside out so they don’t get balls on them…mol… Mom gets balls…mol

Dad, dad this doesn’t smell bad. You don’t have to wash it.

Mom will never know the difference.  OK my work is done.  Wanna play Budd?  I got some fake butterflies in my toy pail.

Right, I can’t forget Shoko!!  Here are Shoko’s Meezer Proverbs and they are from the heart.                                                               

” A Meezer’s boots are made for walking but never for walking in puddles.”                                                                     

Friday Fill-Ins with Budd

Though Ellen of 15 and Meowing is taking a wee break from blogging, her partner in crime, Lorianne of the Four Legged Furballs, very nicely thought up the fill-ins for each sentence this week. 

This Friday Budd has volunteered to be the sole fill er in dude.  So without further adieu….Budd takes over.                                                             
I went to the vet’s yesterday and what a horrid place. It stunk to high heaven. Lands sakes ogoshy, this lady vet….think I saw her last year. She stuck this huge needle in me and talked with dad, She told dad my weight was equivalent to a 300-pound man. I guess she thinks I’m fat. You realize this is straight muscle, I hope. No telling Dr, Sara that, she had her mind made up. Dad was buying into it too.

Time for our fun fill-ins.

1……A wash of Tyebe… never fails to improve my bad mood.                                                     

2. I feel out of place…..when peeps come visit.  Should I eavesdrop on them or go do my thing.  Shoko says to do my own thing….they will go away.

3. I would like to find a treasure chest filled with…..Greenies.  Apparently Dr. Sara said I have tarter on my teeth.  I don’t think I like her.  Too judgey!

4. If you ask me,….. walking the other way when the cat carrier comes out of the basement…. keeps the doctor away.

These are my best fill er in’s for this week from me.

Have a great Friday friends.

Phenny and Nelly hope to see yee on September the 19th for Talk like a Pirate Day.

Tyebe Tuesday on

We are joining Happy Tuesday at Comedy Plus for Tyebe Tuesday.  Go visit Sandee and click on some very interesting blogs.   


What are you two watching?                                                                   

Oh, the kids are back.

You see that little girl, Shoko and Budd.  She’s racing around like her hairs on fire.  MOL….what a character.  She sure is enjoying recess.

Mom was saying that Canadian schools no longer teach the art of writing.  She was quite upset.  Instead of writing one’s name, they will just print their name.  So much for the sayings about signatures…..”Put your John Hancock here.” Writing is individual to people and the traits writing discloses are an art.  Budd and Tyebe look at each other with a puzzled expression.  Printing can be analyzed too, Shoko.  What’s writing?  We don’t do either so why should we care?  You should care because its something you won’t ever see folks doing once the old-timers,like mom and dad are gone.  We don’t care Shoko….we won’t be here either and neither will you.  It will be history and peeps will read about it just like drawings from cavemen.  I dont think mom would like you comparing her to a caveman.  Kitten Kustard! you can’t tell these yung uns anything.                                                                         

Budd, look at those kids move.                                                         

I’m getting sleepy Budd.  The condo beside mom’s desk is calling me for a relaxing nap.


It’s Meezer Proverbs time with Shoko. So put your thinking caps on.

” A Meezer that works on her beauty all day will never be hungry.”


Wordy Wednesday

We are joining Comedy Plus’s Wordless WednesdayPlease join us by clicking on Wordless Wednesday Comedy Plus or the badge.                                                              

Hey Budd where is mom?  She’s been getting out with dad for a couple of days.  She’s doing fantastic. I think she’s wheeling herself around the living room.  I heard some laughing in that direction. She might be out in the garden before the snow.  She did have that set back when she decided to visit the backsplash store, the deli and go grocery shopping.  Bet she wished she hadn’t.  She was unable to walk for days.  I guess she learned a valuable lesson.  Hoomans are like that….they don’t know how to relax like us.                                                             

Hey, there’s some dude coming down the Lane. Quick get in the yard!

Ohh, my hip! This gate must have warped with the rain. I’m not so hippy that I had problems before. Cheap gate!                                                     

I smell him….he’s ok. It’s the woofie from across the Lane. He’s nice. Gave me some of his water when I was thirsty. He has the loudest laugh in the Lane. 

No kidding,  the first time he laughed I almost coughed up a hairball!  Wow!  Talk about the life of the Lane.  Anyway, he’s safe to let pass.

Where’s Shoko?  She’s working on her Meezer Philosophies.  She was on the internet last night.  Just in there pounding on the keys.  Yeah, she wrote a bunch of letters that ran together so she had to scrunch up her paws to get the right effect.  I think she found some really old sayings of our ancestors.  What gets me is these sayings are very valuable but one has to really think deeply about some of them.    There’s no fuzz growing between her ears.                                                        “When in doubt, lick your shoulder.  Makes them wonder what deep thoughts you’re pondering.” 


September the 19th is “Talk Like Ye Pirate,”  me blowhards.                                                                            

Join us you Fuzzy Furries.

Friday Friendly Fill-Ins with the Crew at Fort Meezer

Budd, oh you notice mom is up more.  Yeah, I think she wants to do things.  She looks sore.  Yeah, but she is heading out on the deck to be with us. Woohoo! Is she over the infection yet?   Dunno, but she’ll find out soon from the doctor.  I’m sure she wants to get her meds for the Rheumatoid and get back to normal and she can’t have those until the infection is gone.

Today is Friday Fill-Ins with Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs. Love that name as opposed to the two-legged furball that is their housemate. MOL

We’ll all take turns starting with Shoko.



2. I know it’s time to…..RUN HOME….. when…..DAD SHAKES THE TREAT CAN…..                                                             


4. We should never take…..EACH OTHER…..for granted.  YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT CAN HAPPEN IN THIS WORLD .  ENJOY SHARING SPACE WITH A FRIEND.                                                               



Ooy, it’s time for Shoko’s Meezer Proverbs.  So without further delay…’s Shoko……                                                             

“If fish floated through the air instead of water, then fish would beat out mice as a delicacy.”

How do cats stop crime?

CLAW enforcement