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Shoko Does Paris

What a weekend…Cat Scouts offered us a trip to Paris. This was done through Sammy’s Travel Group, we left Saturday morning. There were lots of us. Sammy of One Spoiled Cat masterminded the entire trip. I mustn’t forget his skilled crew, Raz of Friends Furever and Gracie of Goodness Gracie

There I am! Right in the middle.

I will only be talking about the things I did as there were so many events and activities on this prized weekend.

Einstein…my guy,and I, had tons of fun from hang gliding off the Eiffel tower to walking around the gorgeous palace at Versailles.
Einstein and Shoko handgliding

We managed to find time to ourselves and walked along this ever so quaint rue in Paree. Einstein and Shoko on a small Paris st

Before we left for the airport to go home…Einstein and I had a picnic along the river.

Our time in Paris was over so we headed to the plane.

We had a ball.

Frenchy Shoks

What did Kali do while we were gone?