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I have been married for like AGES and AGES according to Shoko. A whole 47 years. Shoko is my only young'un. Bill and I have lived in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada for 34 years. Gardening is my passion and also Shoko's passion. Bill's passion is being included as a member of Shoko's family.

Sunday Selfies with Shoko AndTyebe

Here we are looking at a murder of crows on the school grounds.  No. we don’t mean we’ll kill the kids…mol  Crows must like the food kids drop cause they’re having a field day.

What do you mean Shoko? You can’t see them? Those little specks on the ground in the schoolyard. Do you need glasses big sis?

No, I need a spectrometer to make these guys bigger. mol   Rose coloured glasses would be wonderful.                                                 



Frankly Friendly Fill Ins on Feline Friday

Here it is almost the end of January already.  This month has gone fast and thank goodness for that.  January and February are the coldest of months up here.  When March arrives it’s still cold but you know April and May will soon follow.  Then the thoughts of us in Spring filter through our thoughts.

Today is Feline Friday at Comedy Plus so whisker kiss the feline of your choice.                                                                   

The Fill Ins are provided by our furry wonderful hosts, Ellen of 15 and Meowing fame and Lorianne of the amusing Four Legged Furballs.                                                                   

1. I get my chuckles from playing with SPOT.  He runs up the walls and the cupboards just like I want to but can’t .


2.  It’s a good thing MICE CAN’T FLY!.  Flying things give me a headache trying to catch them.  If only they stayed in one spot for a wee while.                                           

3. Having to PEE and wanting outside to do it.... required me to muster a lot of courage.
Geez, there’s no pictures of me PEEING.  Would you like me to take a picture of you PEEING?  Well, I’m no different.  This is me mustering up the courage. Looks like I’m sleeping doesn’t it?

4. My younger self would be proud to know that I now ….have learned how to navigate the screen door onto the deck.

These are our Fill Ins for the last week in January of ’22.


Wordy Wednesday Jan. 26


We are joining Comedy Plus’s Wordless Wednesday.                                                                 

The weather has warmed up a bit since this picture was taken..  The sun is shining without a cloud in the sky. 

A few days ago it was a different story.

We are joining Comedy Plus’s Wordless Wednesday.  Simply click on the name in red and be deposited at Comedy Plus.                                                               Of course, I ventured out in the conditions but when I had enough I came inside and stayed inside.

As you can see I kept mom company.

Shoko was a sleepy gal and slept through most of the storm.

As you can see we are two laid back Meezers.  Thank Goodness we have a warm home with plenty of treats.


Friendly Friday Fill Ins Jan. 21

It’s Feline Friday over there at Comedy Plus so drop by and see what Sandee has in store for your viewing pleasure over there.  Maybe you’ll see some charming animals….real or stuffed.                                                                         


Shoko took the first sentence
Mom took the second sentence
I took questions three and four.

1. MOM RATTLING OUR FOOD BOWLS…. is music to my ears. 

2. My favorite kind of soup is …..PEA SOUP.


4. I would…..OPEN A BOX OF TREATS… if I.


Friendly Friday Fill Ins on Feline Friday

Welcome to Feline Friday sponsered by Comedy Plus and Friendly Friday Fill Ins sponsered by Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Lorianne of Four Legged Furballs.

The first sentence mom answered, #’s 2 and 4 were answered by Shoko and I answered #3.  As you will note it seems I have a tiny addiction to treats,

1. When I run out of  KLEENEX, I use toilet paper as a substitute.

2. I don’t understand why..PERSONAL CHOICE IS  MORE IMPORTANT THAN SAFETY FOR  …some people .

3. ANYTIME is the best time to…  ASK FOR TREATS.

 4. It seems like I’m the only one who ….. THINKS A LADY SHOULD BE POLITE AND SLOWLY  EAT HER FOOD.

The sun warmed up the snow and it got hard when the temperature cooled so I could get on top of the snow  .Even Shoko popped outside to enjoy the sun.

Feline Friday and the First Fill Ins of 2022

Hey, hey hey.  We are still cold up here but it’s not quite as cold, -20C or -4F.  I snuck out this morning and discovered it was far too cold to linger. A quick pee and I was polishing the window to get back inside.  Lemme in before I stick to the deck.

We are joining Feline Friday at Comedy Plus                                            

and of course Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Lorianne of Four legged Furballs for the   Friday Fun Fill Ins.


1. My focus word for 2022 is ……POSITIVE.         I’m positive that  I’ll smash Tilly the Toilet Paper.  I already pulled on her whiskers.

2. This year I want to learn more about… SQUIRRELS.

We have a family of squirrels living in the huge evergreen behind us.  I never bother with them.  They just want to have fun and grab lots to eat.  They have races on the power lines. I don’t know how they do it and they run along the wires.


3. Mom….ENJOYED THE CANDY FROM SANTA… during the first week of 2022.

     Sorry, no pictures of me hogging out.  The candy didn’t last long into the week.  My favourite are hedgehogs.


4. In this season of my life, I ..WANT WARMTH.

 A nice fire when the powdery snow blows off the roofs and it looks like Siberia out there.                                                             


Tyebe Tuesday In the Snow

It’s a mew year but my wish for warmth didn’t come true. Although it is warm in the house.  The snow blew and blew some more.  I wanted to be out till I looked out the window.                                                                   

So I stayed inside and played tag with Shoko.  She didn’t want to play but the exercise will do her good.  There is no sun today so time to just hang.  You can see the street lights are on.

We are joining Comedy Plus for Happy TuesdayDrop in and see why it’s a happy blog.  Simply click on the name and you’re there.

This is my favourite pose so many pictures will have me just hanging.  So what if its not ladylike as Shoko says.  I’m comfy and that’s  all that matters.                                                          Shoko has arthur itis and is on these weird looking pills.  They smell so good.  I have a pretty sharp sniffer and they smell like fish…..yummy.  Mom won’t give me any.  Shoko gets a special plate with this gunk in it.  I get the same stuff but without the fish.  Mom calls it  it fatty acid.  I want arthur itis to visit me so I can get the fishy stuff too.

I trudged out and walked on the fence as the snow got so high on the fence a lot of it fell off.  I jumped off and was surrounded by the stuff.                                                                          Meanwhile back inside the warm house Shoko poked about.

You’re fuzzy Shoko.  That’s what you get for sleeping too long.  That’s what you told me last year.   mol   Language Shoko.  Mom would not be pleased. How about a quick game of HOE (herd of elephants).    Wait for me Shoko!



Happy Paws For 2022

The weather here is still frightful so we go nowhere.  Dad let’s us sniff the air but go outside for more than a minute… way.                                                               

This was taken just as the temperature was dropping.  It finally got down to -45C.  I wanted to go out but no deal so we stayed in and I squeaked and squawked at everybody.

It was far too cold for mom and dad to go anywhere besides covid kept them grounded so they watched a movie.  It looked boring to me.  So I curled up in mom’s chair.

Shoko and I spent New Years Eve at Cat Scouts.  I was with my boyfriend Cooper Murphy aka Snap.                                                                               

Don’t Cooper Murphy and I look smashing.  Not SMASHED Shoko but smashing like a fantastic couple.

Unfortunately, our buddy Pete Cusack, Einstein’s dad passed away but Einstein and his siblings are being well taken care of.  I miss Einstein something fierce but love that Einstein and his siblings were taken in by a friend and all are doing well.

Shoko went to the New Years eve party also and had a ball.  She danced the night away.                                                     

We hope your New Year’s eve is fun and safe.  Watch a movie with those in your bubble.  Mostly have fun and let’s welcome in 2022 with a smile and wish for warm weather.