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I have been married for like AGES and AGES according to Shoko. A whole 47 years. Shoko is my only young'un. Bill and I have lived in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada for 34 years. Gardening is my passion and also Shoko's passion. Bill's passion is being included as a member of Shoko's family.

Sunday Selfie with Both of Us

This is not such a great day for a walk in the Lane.                                             

I’m really tired today Tyebe. I feel like I haven’t slept in hours.

Maybe we shouldn’t have played pin the tail on the skank with Stripper. She’s fast and we chased each other around for a long time.

 We are joining The Cat On My Head for Selfie SundayClick on the name or badge and say hi to my boyfriend….Cooper Murphy.                                      

Let’s finish today with one of your meezerisms, Shoko.

The patient cat is rewarded for silently waiting when the mouse comes out from hiding.

Thankful Thursday with us Gals

Another fun day helping dad change the bed.  I must make sure the sheet is straight.                                                                     

Now, listen sheet get down,  It doesn’t matter how much dad pulls at you….lay down and stay there.

   Dang, it feels like the sheet is winning!

Today is Thankful Thursday at Brian’s Home.  What a good day to give thanks for all we have.  We have lots.  Mostly we have love.  Love makes people want to give and be kind.  Our parents want us to be happy and content.   Click on the name or the badge and go visit.                                                                               

So we got some cool toys.

Like this bug that runs around in circles.  He does get boring after a while but mom usually takes it away before I get bored.

It’s not bad out here, Tyebe.  Let’s go for a walk n the Lane.  Mom come along.                                                                               

The Kitty Kat moved to our Lane.  Stripper is so happy it’s in this neighbourhood.  I have never seen the Kitty Kat Klub yet Tyebe.  Just imagine the entrance is just off our Lane.  You know the crappy house….ya.  They aren’t using the crappy house as a club are they, Tyebe?                                                                     

Geez, won’t they get a lot of nosy peeps coming to the door of the Kitty Kat Klub to find out what’s happening?  They could make a mess.  Stripper was explaining that the club runs on feline vision.  Only those peeps that can comprehend like a cat , can even see the Klub.  Really?  This is a modern idea for a club then!  Must be some magical type of science.  I guess!  So mom won’t see what we see?  I bet she will.  She is so attuned to us that she will see what we see.                                                                             
Wowzers!! So this is the Kitty Kat Klub. Do you think mom sees it? By the expression on her face…..I’d say she sure does.  Where is the crappy house?  To see the crappy house you’ll have to clap your paws and blink twice. So peeps can still see it but we are blessed with the Kitty Kat Klub.

There we are something else to be thankful for…..a club right here off the Lane.  Instead of us having to see the crappy house.

Mother’s Day Sunday Selfie

Tyebe, get outta the way and let me in.  No way, what’s the magic word?  I don’t know….BUTT BREATH?  Geez, Shoko it’s PLEASE…where are your manners.                                                             

You’re pushing it Tyebes. Come on in then.

We are joining The Cat On My Head for Self Sunday this fine Mother’s Day.                                                             

Today is a very special day cause it’s Mother’s Day.                                                                     

I want to wish all the mothers of kitty cats a Happy Day with lotsa treats.

This is the flowering plant that Shoko, dad and I got for mom.  Isn’t it beautiful?

May you have a lazy day, moms.


In Purrsuit of Flavours…Cinco de Mayo Theme

Let’s get out in the garden and see what mom and dad have accomplished.                                                 

Look, dad was hard at work separating the quack grass from the soil.

The soil is lovely and black. Needs manure mom. I think cattle manure would be best cause it has to produce cukes and peppers. So it needs some pretty skookum proteins.

You’re getting there, mom. Yeah, there is quite a bit more to be done.

Everyone is happily working here, Tyebe so let’s go inside and play in the box Mrs. Amazon sent us.

Have we got all the fixin’s for our drink for In Purrsuit of Flavours, Tyebe Mom picked up our supplies when she went grocery shopping.  Good, let’s get at it.

 Easy Blog and us are hosting In Purrsuit of Flavours. I wonder what Phenny and Nelly are cooking for Cinco de Mayo Day?

Wordless Wednesday or Wordy Wednesday at Comedy Plus is joining the fun here at ground 0.  Simply click on their name or badge and stop by,                                                        Now first of all our drink is called Mexican Meezer. It’s non-alcoholic but is great with some vodka or gin.  Tyebe will be the tester for this drink.  How does the mixture I did for you taste?  Yuck!!  Let’s leave the garlic out completely, Shoko.  It really has a bitter after-taste.  Ok, Tybes.  We have basic ingredients here of cranberry ginger ale, ginger beer, lemon from the plastic lemon, and lime from the plastic lime.

You drank all that cranberry ginger ale testing our Mexican Meezer?  The bottle’s much easier to move now,  It was pretty skookum at 2 litres.  I really needed to go tinkles a lot.


paw……….. ounce
whisker….. squirt
claw………. 1 leaf

Mexican Meezer

3 paws cranberry ginger ale
2 paws ginger beer
2 whiskers lemon juice
3 whiskers lime juice

Served in a wine glass with a blackberry on each side of the glass to resemble ears. Several claws of catnip on the side of the wine glass. If, your Mexican Meezer has too much of a bite to it, then try cutting back on the ginger beer.  Maybe try cutting back a 1/4 of a paw to start.


This is a blog hop so you can put the picture of your recipe and the other info on the next page and when we click on your picture we’ll be taken to the blog with your recipe.  Scroll a bit further to enter. 



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Aww….Monday in the Backyard

We also are joining Sandee for her Aww….Monday on Comedy Plus blog She always has the cutest little furries over there. Go on over and tell her what you think.  Just click on the badge or name to fly on over.                                                                     

Oh Shoks, we’re so lucky to be outside in the sun helping mom and dad.                                                           

Dad put this pole in the ground to mark where the next catnip plant goes. Have they got the cat nip yet? I can’t smell any nip on the deck or in the house. Me either! I’ve searched for it too.

We’d better remind peeps that In Purrsuit of Flavours comes out honouring Cinco de Mayo Day. Come share your Mexican recipes with us, We love to read and then try your recipes. Your recipes can be for snacks, appetizers, drinks, or basically any edible food.                                                             
I can’t wait till we see what recipes peeps have. I wonder if any will make up their own recipe or if it will just be us being creative? We’ll see Wednesday, Tyebe.

Your eyes will pop when you see what we’re planning for our drink. mol

The first of May Selfie

Hooray, hooray it’s the first of May. Outdoor investigating starts today.

It may not be warm and kitty but it isn’t -30c so poking about is fun.

Shoko’s holding the fence in place while I’m yelling at her not to make walking the fence look like a runway and she is a model cause it ain’t so Shokers.

We are appearing in the blog hop of The Cat on my Head so go take a look at the other hoppers by clicking on the badge or name of blog.                                                                           

What a fine day to get sun in the face.


Friendly Friday Fill-Ins with Felines

More weeding?                                             

We had better get out there and help mom, Tyebe.  I’m ready.

Mom, mom, over here this area needs weeding badly.                                                          

See dad has turned the soil for you so it’s not as hard to get your claws through it.  I see it Shoko but I’ll work my way over there.

The greenhouse needs the dirt taken out and sifted for quack grass and then plastic on the bottom of the bins to keep the quack grass out.                                                                           

Dad will do that, Tyebe. Tell him about itK….dad…

Geez, nobody seems to want our help.  I know, let’s do the Friday Fill_Ins supplied by the hosts, Ellen of 15 and Meowing Blog and Loriane of Four Legged Furries blog.                                                                

We can’t forget Sandee and Feline Friday at Comedy Plus.    Click on the names and go for a visit.                                                               

1. I wouldn’t mind if……I LAY HERE ALL AFTERNOON.   SO WARM.                                                               

2. I want to …..SNIFF…my…….CATNIP.                                                 


3. Others come to me when they need……..SOME WISE WORDS TO HELP THEM THROUGH A TOUGH SPOT.                                                                               


4. ANGEL BUDD AND I PLAY FIGHTING….. is a memory that I regularly think about.

Doesn’t Budd look like he means business?  He was always so gentle with me.

Wordy Wednesday Welcomes May

Alright, we’ll head inside and leave you alone. Geez, some folk just can’t take advice nicely.  Mom’s got a lot of weeds.

Come on Tyebe let’s get comfy.

Our next In Purrsuit of Flavours comes out on May 5th. This is Cinco de Mayo Day. Now, I looked this up on Mr Goggle’s page cause he explained what Cinco de Mayo Day is. Cinco de Mayo Day is an annual celebration held on May 5. The date is observed to commemorate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza. The victory of the smaller Mexican force against a larger French force was a boost to morale for the Mexicans. So this is why Cinco de Mayo Day is celebrated…well, I’ll be a lizard’s bad breath!

Anyway, to honour Cinco de Mayo Day we, meaning the Easy boys and us, will make the theme for May, Mexican. What can you dream up to present on this special day? You can make an appetizer, veg, bread, drinks…..basically, anything edible with a Mexican twist is on the table……so to speak.   We’ll let you know Monday what we plan to make for this day.                                                         

We are joining Wordless Wednesday at Comedy Plus so go admire Sandee’s silent page.


It’s past time for my Meezerism.  So pull up your boot straps and adjust your truss, here we go.

The cat that loves a car ride will soon find himself at the vet’s and car rides will hold little pleasure in the future.





Remembering Charles


Put down your outside stuff, Tyebe.  I must do a special selfie today for my brother Charles Mallory.  You met Charles and thought he was so darn good looking.  Lisbeth Blue was a lucky lady to have Charles for a boyfriend.Go see Lisabeth’s memorial to Charles at The Cat On My Head’s blog.  While you’re there put in a selfie to show Charles’s family that we’re standing with them in their time of need.                                        


Charles passed away on Monday April 19th   and our world was a little darker.  We have so many memories of Charles to keep us going that I know our world will be shiny from the memories.                                                   

This is Charles and Lisabeth strutting their stuff in Cat Scouts at a Sock hop.

Charles was my brother from an American mother and we gave each other a bad time about Canada and the States,  I said Canadians have tons of room to wander compared to Americans crammed into little towns all over the countryside.  Just plain fun between kin.

We will miss you Charles but will see you once again when our time comes to join you.


Fun Loving Friendly Friday Fill Ins for Felines

Tyebe, you want to pass  the Nip Ginger Beer this way.  It’s so warm and relaxing laying in the sun.

It’s time for Friendly Fill Ins with our hosts Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Lorianne of Four Legged Furballs.  Mom filled in the first 2 statements and I filled in the 3rd and finally Shoko filled in the last statement.  Click on the names and visit these super ladies.                                                               



1.   SPEEDY the Cheeky Rex Rabbit is a non-cat related blog I follow.
2. My favorite place to shop online for…LOOSE LEAF TEA is MURCHIES FINE TEA AND COFFEE.  iT’S Canadian.
3.THE NEW KITTY….. has been keeping me busy lately.

4. If I could go back in time, I would tell my younger self …TO RELAX.  THAT MOM AND DAD WILL LOVE ME NO MATTER WHAT FOOLISHNESS I GET MYSELF INTO.

We are also joining Comedy plus for Feline Friday so come click on the name or badge and visit with Sandee.