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I have been married for like AGES and AGES according to Shoko. A whole 47 years. Shoko is my only young'un. Bill and I have lived in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada for 34 years. Gardening is my passion and also Shoko's passion. Bill's passion is being included as a member of Shoko's family.

Fill Ins on Feline Friday March 25/22

The Fill Ins Friday are awesome!!

We stopped with a blog of Epilepsy BC.


It is Fly Day again.  We don’t seem to have flies.  In the summer we get tons of  the black whizzes.  What do you call a group of flies?  We know about a murder of crows but not flies.  How about a crisis of flies?   mol


I love purple!  It’s the colour of the British Columbia Epilepsy Foundation.  It’s also the colour for royalty.  Us Meezers are definitely royalty.

You are The BC Epilepsy in Prince George, B.C..  Mom was her self support for the fun places for different games to help each others.  We will put the Epilepsy BC on a E-MAILED for your for somewhere in Canada.

1. I have never been able to …..SNAP MY CLAWS.  Neither can Tyebe or mom.  Dad slides his fingers around but doesn’t make a sound.

2. I … WELCOME competition.  Especially with Tyebe in Spring.

The whole household will fight with you if you want.

3. I…. GET LIGHT HEADED… when spring has sprung.


4. I would like everyone to know,  TYEBE and I were spring kittens.  Both of us born in spring.  I don’t think that makes us good to eat.  We do have a permanent darker colouring due to the sun.  Seems this idea could be wishful thinking so Shoko says.  I have a ginger colouring on my ears, around my nose and eyes.  My tail has flame coloured rings on it.  The rings on my tail are the only way to tell a flame point from a white cat at many months older.  It is older to catch cats but so harder to get young kits younger.


Sadly we left Sammy P to the Rainbow Bridge.  We could not wait to remain with our mom  but her Ellen is with her sparkle within her Angel Sammy P.   I have the   wonderful  life and will keep love forever.                                                                                                                                

Aww..Its that Dang Moanday Again

It’s Aww Monday at Comedy Plus.  So grab your nearest Aww type article and tell us about it and join in the fun.                                                           


I found a mouse under the chesterfield and asked him how long he’d been sitting under there.  He said,  “No speakth cat.”  The little white weirdo.  Oh my, Shoko will say I’m talking about myself.  Dang sisters.                                                             

Shoko, it’s warming up out there. It’s 2C and the sun is in and out.  I guess the sun gets shy and hides behind the clouds. mol                                                           

I don’t feel like doing the selfie, Shoko.  I’m pretty tired  what with breakfast being forced on us.  I like the food but didn’t feel overly hungry this morn.  That’s not like me.  I play hard and work hard at knocking everything on the floor but today was different.  That’s cause we sprung a head an hour.  This is so the day’s will be longer and you might get out for a wee while after supper now.  Well, this would be super!                                                             

How is your Meezerism coming along, Shoko.  Crap!  I’m outta practice Tyebe.

“If you see a four leaf clover this is a sign of good luck.  If you eat  the clover it will make you barf.   Puff!  No more upset tummy.  That’s what I call luck.”


                                                HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY


Friday Fill Ins March11/22

Let’s get right to the fill ins this week.  The Friday Fill Ins  are hosted by Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Lorianne of the Four Legged Furballs, I gotta love this name…so descriptive of our family members.  Of course I’m mewing about mom and dad.                                                     

1. I love that  SPRING IS SHOWING HER HEAD AROUND HERE.  The days are getting longer.   The temperatures are above freezing during the day. There are no buds on the trees yet but the days are getting longer.


2. To celebrate pi day on Monday, I will have a slice of….PUMPKIN…



3. I’d like to be able to…EAT SPARERIBS… every day.


4. If I ended up in jail, it would probably be because…SOMEONE HURT AN ANIMAL AND I KICKED THEM! .

Friday’s Fantastic Fill Ins March 4/22

Tyebe it’s time for the Fill Ins hosted by our buddy Sammy Pilch’s mom at 15 and Meowing and Lorianne of Four Legged Furballs.  OK, I’ll be with you in a sec.


1. I would rather smell a skunk than smell……..LIVER BEING COOKED….gives me the shivers…Yuck!

2. Every March I look forward to HAVING CABBAGE AND CORNED BEEF to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  I come from Irish stock.  With a maiden name of Kelly……it’s a dead give away.

3. I knew MOM HAD MY FUREVER HOME the moment that I MET HER AND HISSED AT HER.  SHE  LAUGHED, SAYING I LOVE A CAT WITH ATTITUDE.                                                               

4.  GETTING TREATS AFTER HAVING TO DO SOMETHING DISGUSTING,,,LIKE GETTING A MANICURE,… currently my silver lining.  Mom and dad were both needed to keep me still while my nails were sliced off me with a hacksaw!!   So I’m posting a picture of me being cute. mol                                                             

  There you have it, our fill ins for today.


Sunday Selfie Feb. 27

I don’t know about you Shoko but even I’m getting tired of the snow.  The Lane hasn’t been plowed so I gotta jump in the tire tracks from cars or I’m lost in the white wonder of winter.                                                                   

It’s a real struggle to get to the fence.  Geesh!!  I’m past tired of it Tyebe’s.  Spring will be welcomed with open hairy arms.  My passion is to grab 40 winks whenever the cat spirit moves me in this kinda weather.

Anyhow, it’s time for Sunday Selfies at The Cat on my Head blog.  This is the last Selfie of February!

  Gee, Coop and his family have had Selfie Sunday for a very long time.   It’s practically an institution.  We must thank the whole family for being such sports and hosting the Sunday Selfies.                                                                               This is my selfie.  The button to  the camera is in the bag.  I just felt around for it and voila!  So I pressed my paw on it as hard as I could.  How do you like it?



Flamin’ Friday Fill Ins Feb. 25

Hey Tyeb’s, quit shoving that card mom got under the chesterfield.  You know she’s going to wonder where it went.  Then she’ll turn around and give you the evil eye.  mol.  She’ll figure it got knocked over by the wind and flew under the chesterfield.  There’s no wind in here, Tyebe.  Yes, when the heat comes on the heat is forced into the room. It’s not like the heat is coming at 30mph.  It’s like a breeze.  Use your imagination Shoko.  Whatever Tyebe…’re a kook!   No, I’m no kook.  I just see things differently than you do.  I believe people call it “Thinking outside of the box.”                   


Today is Feline Friday at Comedy Plus.  Drop by and see the different sites that are participating.


It’s Friendly Fill In’s  hosted by Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Lorianne of the Four Legged Furballs.                                                       


1. 30 MINUTES  is the EARLIEST I have ever been.                                                 

2. I really hate going to GET A FILLING  AT….THE DENTIST.  The sound of the drill puts me on edge and I think he may not have given me enough freezing.



3. While most people DISLIKE filling up the dishwasher.   I enjoy it.  This means I don’t have to wash and dry by hand.                                                                   



Frying Friday’s Fill Ins Feb.18

Comedy Plus has it’s Feline Friday today.  Click on the badge and be swept over for a visit.                                             

It’s that time of the week for Fun Fill Ins hosted by Ellen of 15 and Meowing

1. It’s about time …..treats were served all day long.                                  2. An anecdote I like to tell is …when I found mom’s ice pack.  It was a very hot July day and I loved the feel of the cool pack on my paws.  I started purring and kneading with my claws and a few little holes showed up.  The coolness all slid out of the ice pack.  Mom wasn’t terribly happy with me.  Next day she went out and bought another two ice packs.  Just in case I got passionate with one again. mol


Mom has no pictures of that fateful day when I kilt the ice pack.  She was horrified though!  Think of a happy face with the smile upside down.  mol


3. I wish there was a way to….get ino the Lane …without ….getting my feet wet in the snow..

   I found it!!

4. Too many people take FURRIES for granted.

See how sweet and lovable we are?

We grow up to be holy terrors but outgrow this in about 5 years. mol

We MUST HAVE TREATS not just kibble and wet junk.                                                        


Sunday Selfie Feb, 13

It was a pretty nice day today with the sun out for a visit and then it hid behind the clouds like a bashful kitten.  I, on the other paw, was out and about looking for intruders.  I didn’t see any.  The only other one around was Shoko.                                                             

Shoko didn’t last very long out here so I headed in to see that black eared wonder.                                                       

Wouldn’t you know it. Shoko was pretending to be Cindy Lou of Whoville.  I decided she was the queen of the theatre and deserved her selfie in Sunday Selfie.




Fiddly Friday Fill Ins Feb. 11/22

It’s warm today Shoks.  I know  Tyebe my cozy blanket seems almost  too hot to lay on.  It must be 5C.

It’s Feline Friday at Comedy Plus.                                                         

It’s also the day for the Friday Fill Ins with Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Lorianne of Four Furry  Legs

1. A week without ..MORE SNOW… would be nice. 


2. A week without __TREATS.. would be impossible.


3. I didn’t plan to ,,MAKE COOKIES.., but I’m glad I did.                                                         

4. I once ..ATE RAW OYSTERS.. and lived to regret it.