Christmas Day & Boxing Day at Fort Meezer.

Shoko that was the best Christmas ever.  It was fun watching you go hairy in the loose paper and Christmas Bags.  Notice all the toys on the chesterfield and you’re lookin’ to see if mom missed anything.

That’s my sis, ever helpful.

We got a chirping bird that drives mom nuts.  It never seems to quit.  You can see it in the above picture.  The goldfish lost its “gulping” pretty quick but the bird’s hanging in there.

We both got some turkey when mom and dad got home from going to a friend’s for Christmas dinner.  We discovered that we like fancy feast turkey way better than what the humans eat.                                                                               

Today has been a riot what with a box of my own.

First, I check for any intruders that want my box. No, Shoko is washing her face. Ok, here I come!! “Look out below!”

Dad are you watching me? I did good.

Hope your Boxing Day is a “Do whatever you want day”, like ours.

34 thoughts on “Christmas Day & Boxing Day at Fort Meezer.

  1. katsrus

    You got some nice toys. When Tubby got this noisy ball toy you could hear him playing with it at 1am every night. He loved that toy. It was like a loud chirp too.
    Jake and Sue

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  2. kittiesblue

    I loved seeing you today, my darling. Looks as if you had a really terrific Christmas. I wasn’t that interested except for the gift you sent me. I can never see enough of you. Merry Christmas to you, Shoko and your peeps. And happy Boxing Day. Love from you Snap. 💓🐈

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  3. onespoiledcat

    So glad you girls had a fun Christmas and an equally fun Boxing Day. Mom put lots of empty boxes out for me but really I prefer being UNDER the Christmas tree rather than in a box. Looks like Santa Paws brought you girls a LOT of fun new toys – you were good girls last year or he wouldn’t have brought you so much!

    Hugs, Teddy


  4. Xena and Lucy

    Xena: Wow, you got a lot of toys. With Chia and Riley not there, those oughta last you a while. Boxing Day…BOL! You do look like you are having fun with your box, Tyebe.
    Lucy: Well, Shoko, I don’t see any pictures of you today, just like I got left out of the day after pictures. But I did get to go shopping! XOXOX


  5. Eastside Cats

    Looks like a ton of fun was had by all!
    All cats at Eastside Cats are now catching up on their after-breky naps, which will merge with their PM napping schedule, waking only long enough for another meal!


  6. franhunne4u

    Yesterday little Merlin got his very own hammock on the radiator (Kessy is not interested) – and now I have to remove my meezer like fluff ball from it surgically, as he loves it so much.


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      This indeed would be a special year. We wish you al the happiness you can stand. You have had a rough time Barbie but pulled through like a trooper. It wasn’t easy and you took it in your stride. You really are a special person. Crap! We’re getting mushy. Hate that.

      Have a wonderful and safe 2022. The rate of covid up here is very low because its too cold to go out the door!!



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