Thankful Thursday with us Gals

Another fun day helping dad change the bed.  I must make sure the sheet is straight.                                                                     

Now, listen sheet get down,  It doesn’t matter how much dad pulls at you….lay down and stay there.

   Dang, it feels like the sheet is winning!

Today is Thankful Thursday at Brian’s Home.  What a good day to give thanks for all we have.  We have lots.  Mostly we have love.  Love makes people want to give and be kind.  Our parents want us to be happy and content.   Click on the name or the badge and go visit.                                                                               

So we got some cool toys.

Like this bug that runs around in circles.  He does get boring after a while but mom usually takes it away before I get bored.

It’s not bad out here, Tyebe.  Let’s go for a walk n the Lane.  Mom come along.                                                                               

The Kitty Kat moved to our Lane.  Stripper is so happy it’s in this neighbourhood.  I have never seen the Kitty Kat Klub yet Tyebe.  Just imagine the entrance is just off our Lane.  You know the crappy house….ya.  They aren’t using the crappy house as a club are they, Tyebe?                                                                     

Geez, won’t they get a lot of nosy peeps coming to the door of the Kitty Kat Klub to find out what’s happening?  They could make a mess.  Stripper was explaining that the club runs on feline vision.  Only those peeps that can comprehend like a cat , can even see the Klub.  Really?  This is a modern idea for a club then!  Must be some magical type of science.  I guess!  So mom won’t see what we see?  I bet she will.  She is so attuned to us that she will see what we see.                                                                             
Wowzers!! So this is the Kitty Kat Klub. Do you think mom sees it? By the expression on her face…..I’d say she sure does.  Where is the crappy house?  To see the crappy house you’ll have to clap your paws and blink twice. So peeps can still see it but we are blessed with the Kitty Kat Klub.

There we are something else to be thankful for…..a club right here off the Lane.  Instead of us having to see the crappy house.

45 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday with us Gals

  1. Timmy Tomcat

    We really have to visit and check out that club. It looks quite respectable and the cats eye logo is the best. We hope there are a few tough kitties managing so the riff raff keeps away. Stripper is working it, hard


  2. onespoiledcat

    What a cool spot to visit and hang out – The Kitty Kat Klub! That Crappy House is pretty ugly but I imagine the hunting is good….mousies, bugs, all kinds of critters!

    Hugs, Teddy


  3. Zoolatry

    Now I know who to blame! Tyebe, you’re the one who snuck over here in the night and taught June the “bed sheet trick”, eh? She is the “ultimate” helper, did you also teach her to dig in her claws so the sheets are now “picked” all over? Sigh …


  4. Sandee

    I think the sheet won and dad did too. That’s how it works sometimes.

    Oh you can see something your peeps can’t. I like that idea.

    I love it that your loved and cared for so well. That’s a huge thankful.

    Have a purrfect Thankful Thursday. My best to your peeps. ♥


  5. databbiesotrouttowne

    wavez two ewe shokz and ty; nice two see both yur gorgeouz selfz again….we haz been off de grid sinz winter !!!! COD~~~~~~ de new club lookz awesum…may bee sum one will troo lee tern
    de houz oh run down,,,, inta a club…{ hint hint mom and dad 🙂 ♥♥


  6. Eastside Cats

    As much as I’d be tempted to investigate that building, the size of the weeds and such around it would probably be full of chiggers, ticks, and stinging nettles!
    I’m terrified of getting ticks on me; The PO’M had one under his chin a few years ago, and once I’d figured out what it was…I’m such a city girl…I nearly fainted!


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      There are no chiggers here. In fact mm had never heard of them. Most bugs are killed off with the cold winters. If, the temperature keeps warming with climate change this will no longer be the case. We have spiders and ants mostly. No ticks either but the same applies to climate change. Every year dogs bring them into this area while they vacation but covid has cut out the tourists so all is well.



  7. 15andmeowing

    Very nice kitty cat club. And Tyebe, you are a good girl to help make the bed. My Joanie likes to help me. XO


  8. kittiesblue

    All of us like to help with sheet changing, but Kizmet and C.J., are the masters. Mom was a little miffed that she had to change the sheets yesterday and then again today. Sawyer had a seizure in the middle of night and drenched mom, her jammies and shoes and the bedding with pee-pee. She wasn’t miffed at Sawyer, just at having to do the job again. We love the club house. It sure is better than that awful house. Hope you enjoyed your stroll. Sending my sweet Crackle oodles of paw hugs and whisker kisses, Snap 💓🥰💖🐈


  9. Xena and Lucy

    Hi Tyebe. I want to go to the club with you and drink Mai Tyes and dance like we did at my house in my story! Will they let me in? I can try practicing saying “meow.” XOX Xena


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