Thankful Thursday with Tyebe

Great balls of  weeds!  It’s cold as your heart at treat time, Shoko.  Mom and dad won’t let me out and I’ve whined and cried,  I even tried screaming in my mother tongue. Nothing works.  Geez, Tyebe it’s so cold outside you’d be a popsicle in minutes.                                                               
Of course I wouldn’t. I’m tough!  You look tough, Tyebe.  You can’t keep your eyes open.  Mom is going to let you out.  Bye Tyebe.                                                         
Mom wasn’t foolin’ it’s dang cold out here. Let me in!! Open the door and get outta the way. It’s -39C with the wind chill. I’m stayin in now and giving thanks at Brian’s Home. Simply click on the blog name and you’ll be in their abode. Tell him what you’re thankful for. I am delighted we have such a lovely warm house and many treats.                                               

18 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday with Tyebe

  1. fgsjr2015

    They truly are beautiful, adorably unique animals …

    Many of us can appreciate the healthy reciprocal relationships—some animal lovers would go as far as to describe them as somewhat symbiotic—that can exist between pet cats (many of us see them as family members) and their loving and appreciative human hosts, especially physically and/or mentally ill hosts.

    They have a beneficial influence over humanity that many people still cannot fathom; and this beautiful reality of their positive effect on their human hosts can also be beneficial to the pets.

    There are numerous studies revealing the health-benefits to humans when in immediate proximity to the pets, such as a person’s high blood pressure being alleviated.
    There are also research findings indicating that the cat being lovingly stroked can act as a soothing and even healing massage for it.

    Many palliative and seniors care residences adopt them to reside at the facilities, and the data available has revealed the improvement in the health or lessening of suffering of many patients after the adoptions.

    Feb.13, 2021



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