November Sunday Selfies with Tyebe

Another Sunday.  This one was sunny and bright and just got above freezing.  Shoko nd I wandered down the Lane but nobody wanted to play.  So we wandered to our backyard and devoured the catnip plant.  It was limp and yucky looking anyway.                                         

It didn’t take long t discover we don’t like to be cool and we wanted in.

I of course continued playing with Spot

while Shoko crawled in our box looking guilty too!

        All the while trying to drag mom’s runner inside.

We decided I’d be the selfie this week and the best spot for me was in my Murphy Bed.                                                 

I had my head on a toy Cooper Murphy had sent me….what a guy!  

Oh my we forgot to give credit where credit is due.  The credit of course goes to The Cat On My Head blog for such a wonderful blog hop.  Pop on over by clicking on the name.

     Oh by the way, the cataract surgery went well and I could read without glasses that night. 

30 thoughts on “November Sunday Selfies with Tyebe

  1. Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs

    Awww, Tyebe you look so innocent in your Murphy Bed.

    Shoko, if the shoe is out and around with no feet in them to claim them then they should be anyone’s; toy…lest we think so, being pups, shoes left out are fair game.

    Hope you get lots of nice sun in the days ahead.


  2. Xena and Lucy

    Brrr. We’re glad we live in Tennessee where it’s sunny and sitting outside in shorts warm kinda weather today. I’m laying in my outdoor bed, but I didn’t have a boyfriend to get it for me. That must be a special feeling, Tyebe.
    Hi Shoko, no meezerims today? How about this for one: If you can’t fit in the shoe, then lay in the box. XOX Xena



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