More Adventures in Tyeland With a Peanut Surprise

Enjoy more adventures in Tyeland with our trio of adventurers:  This Chapter is taken off of Lucy and Xena Warrior Pup blog.  Click on the name and visit for awhile…take your booties off and stretch out.

“You two can stay out of the jungle for awhile.  Enough with the hairy visits from reptiles,” scolded Sho.

Tye looked skyward and then at Sho saying, ” We were just goofing around, Sho.”

“Yes,” said Sho with a smile in her voice. “I know you were just having fun.”

“Now we have to get the magic carpet ready for the trip to Canada, Xe and Tye, so let’s pad on down to Aladdin’s Magic Carpets and talk with Gene the Genie about the thruster problem.”

“Sho, look at the new models of Magic Carpets!!” Tye’s blue eyes were wide as dinner plates as she spoke.

“Tye get off that beautiful swirled carpet!  Act civilized, you’re not in the jungle now,” Sho said with a smile.

“Look at all the room for my friends, and it’s got my favorite colors! Hey Gene, our thrusters don’t work and they are making sounds like *ouff, puff….poooo-diddle…plop!!* just before they quit.  Can you fix them?” asked Tye as she bounced off the new Magic Carpet.
“Not the plop sound too!” Gene said with dismay.
“Yep, and now they won’t work at all,” answered Sho.
“My brother specializes in thrusters, let’s ask him. Gen come look at these thrusters.”

Gen leaped aboard the magic carpet. He listened, then twirled the tassels and spun the rug around twice. Out popped peanuts!  Gen hollered “up, up” and the magic carpet purred to life, rising slowly.

“So your problem seems  to have been  a bunch of peanuts stuck in the thruster mechanism,” he explained. “There are a lot of peanuts here. A few wouldn’t bother the thrusters, but great gobs of peanuts slowly worked into them sure will.  The peanuts could have been there for months until they worked down into the chamber.”

PEANUTS!! This was the work of Squash, Squish’s little sister. Sho knew Squish would be horrified if she was aware that Squash was sticking anything in the thrusters, so she decided not to tell Squish.

Sho asked Gene and Gen to check over the invisibility cloak and tune up CADA ( Canadian Activated Device Assistant) because the next trip would be to Canada, the country.   “We’ll need first rate advice so Cada should be on her toes, so to speak.”
“We’ll get right at it,” the muscle bound Gen stated. “Where in Canada are you heading, the east or the west?”

Sho got this happy distant look on her face and purred, “West, across the Pacific Ocean this time.”
“Good choice furry face,” said Gen. “British Columbia is what they call that province.  There are many forests throughout BC.”

Sho and Tye’s eyes lit up as they imagined a jungle of trees.

Meanwhile, Xe and Tye were taking turns pretending to fly the new round carpet.  Xe stated she had to have a Magic Carpet all her own.  “I want to get an updated model with all the bells and whistles.”

Xe was imagining herself flying around, visiting sights.  She remembered Paris from when her Mommy took her as a puppy.

“Gene says it will take them a day or so to get all the extras updated and checked for a long flight,” said Sho with a sigh of resignation. “So, if you can tear yourselves away from that new carpet, lets go home and talk with Squish about renting out the house while we’re gone.”

Reaching the hut Canada, Sho put the bag of peanuts from the thruster on the backyard table. Tye leaped into her usual seat, followed by Sho.

“Xe, where’d you go? There’s something I need to tell you both,” said Sho.

“I went out front to play ball with King the Cobra. He plays so good, I told him he could be a ‘ball python,’” quipped Xe. “Hi everyone,” said King with difficulty. It’s hard to talk with your mouth full of ball.

Sho and Tye laughed so hard they fell off their seats into the sand. While they wiped themselves off – and helped King get his fangs out of the ball – Sho told them all about the peanuts and swore them to secrecy.  Xe, Tye and King agreed to say nothing to Squish. The four friends sat and enjoyed some banana sundaes from the fresh banana trees close to the backyard.

“Here come Squish and Squash….remember, not a word or you’ll upset Squish and when she’s upset the earth shakes,” warned Sho.

Squish noticed the bag of peanuts right away and asked Sho why she had them cause Siamese hate nuts.

“I found them,” Sho stated as she pushed the peanuts at Squish.

Squish said she didn’t like peanuts but Squash – who had stashed them all over their house – was so happy to see more.

“Can I please have these Sho?” Squash asked.  Young Squash was very polite, as Squish wouldn’t put up with a rude elephant for a sister.  For a chuckle, Squish asked little Squash if the peanuts were hers.  Squash asked where they were found and Sho, who couldn’t lie, said,” Oh they were found in the Thruster Chamber.”  Squash turned a darker shade of grey, ran to the edge of the property, and hid her face – or so she thought.

“I’m so embarrassed sis….I hid them in the chamber so I could keep more nuts.  I just love ’em!” cried out Squash.

“You know that the peanuts could have caused the magic carpet to jack knife and dump the occupants out,” Squish said with a soft voice. Squish could see that Squash was indeed sorry and decided to let her little sister be.  Squish and Squash hugged and Squash ran over to hear about the new Magic Carpet Tye and Xe were conspiring, er, hoping to get.

Story by Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess and Friends Tyebe and Shoko

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