Xena’s Story….Recap and a Cobra Named King

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Xena’s Story: A Recap and A Cobra Named KingPosted at 1:1 am , on June 5, 2020

Lucy: Xena, I think it might be a good idea to give a quick recap on what’s happened so far in your stories. Not all our readers saw the earlier ones, and that would help a lot.

Xena: Why don’t they just read them? *pout* Oh, OK. But if you have been keeping up, and your memory is good, just scroll down to the first picture to take up where we left off last week. Or go here to read them all from beginning to end.

So, for those of you who missed the earlier editions, or just don’t remember, the first section is simply called Xena’s Story.

Xe the schnauzer took a boat trip to Siam and met the Siamese cats, Sho and Tye. They all quickly became besties, and had a lot of adventures before Xe had to go home. (Click here.)

Tye missed Xe, who had become like a sister to her. Tye stowed away on a boat, where she eventually made friends with the captain by catching all the mice on board and keeping them fed and happy in her cabin. After docking in Texas, USA she got thrown in a detention center, where she only had rotten vegetables to eat, but made friends with a chihuahua. After receiving a text from Tye, Xe left home to rescue her. (click here)

After taking a school bus to Texas to rescue Tye, Xe got caught inside the detention center by a plott hound, who tossed her in a bag labeled “fresh meat”. She was put in the same area as Tye. Xe had remembered to pack a soft bed, a pretty night shirt, and a mouse toy for Tye, which they used while they waited to get out. Xe applied to be Tye’s sponsor and they were finally released. (click here)

Tye and Xe had more adventures on the way back to Xe’s home in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A horse named HoNo (short for horse with no name) gave them a ride to the Tennessee border, where they were picked up by a NICE Plott Hound in her old truck. Sally drove them to the Big White House to meet with the Person in Charge. There, Tye told her tale of the interment camp and all the other Siamese cats who were being held there. The Person in Charge gave them their favorite foods and made a decree to free everyone from the camps. (click here)

In the meantime, Sho decided she had better come help Tye, so she bought a magic carpet and ended up in Newfoundland, where she met a Newfoundland Hound named Buddha. Buddha had heard about Tye’s troubles and told Sho where the detention center was in Texas. Sho flew her magic carpet there where she found HoNo. HoNo remembered the two friends, and directed Sho back up the coast to the Big White House where they were headed. (click here).

Sho finally found her sister and friend when she landed on the lawn of the Big White House. They all climbed onto the magic carpet for a ride to Xe’s home, where Lu was waiting for them. (click here)

Lu and her Dad have arranged a Zoom meeting with lots of the friends that the Xe et al made on their journeys. Siam is renamed Tyeland after Tye’s fame for freeing the Siamese cats held there. Lu informs them about the Shelter in Place edict so they cannot continue on to Canada as planned. (click here)

This next part is called Sheltering in Place. Sho and Lu, as the more mature members of the group, hit it off and spend time relaxing together and enjoying island beverages. The youngsters Tye and Xe continue to find fun ways to spend their days, including a full spa treatment and a hula lesson by Tye. (click here)

Sheltering in Place continues with Sho and Lu taking a tub soak while sipping on Coronas and the youngsters shooting the bird back and forth with old rackets they found in the attic. (click here)

The story takes another turn with Think Canada. The 3 friends decide to hop on the magic carpet and take their chances at returning to Tyeland to finish up their business there before trying to relocate to Canada. By the way, their hut in Tyeland is named Hut Canada. (click here)

Sho is tired by the time they land, so she goes inside to take a nap. Tye and Xe get bored and go off to stuff a mouse down a cobra’s throat. That doesn’t end so well. (click here)

That was what is called a synopsis in writer’s talk for all the episodes so far. The Canadian Cats did a great job of putting these all together. You can click here to go to that page on their blog, where you can begin at the beginning and read straight through. Next is a gratuitous shot of me to let you know we are starting the next story in Think Canada.

While Sho was relaxing outside of the Hut Canada, waiting on Tye and Xe, a large cobra snake slithered up to her, stopped and stared. “You’re not the cat I sssaw in the jungle, are you?” he hissed.

Not knowing what the cobra snake was up to, Sho did not let on that her little sister was in the jungle more than her. “I walk through the jungle from time to time,” she replied. “Why do you ask, snake?” inquired Sho, pronouncing the word snake as if it was a swear word.

*Hisssss*. “My name is King,” he said, not bothering to answer Sho’s question. Continuing to quiz her, he asked, “Do you have a schnauzer friend? I sssmell her. *Hiss* I’ve ssseen a schnauzer in the jungle, and I would like to *hiss* say hello.”

At this point, Tye and Xe ran out onto the porch, completely unaware that danger lurked in Tye’s own front yard. When they heard hissing, they looked out to see someone they never wanted in their front yard. They’d been found!

“We have to do something,” whispered Xe.
“One of us has to let Sho know not to tell him we’re here,” replied Tye. “I’m a bit smaller, so I guess I’ll try to sneak down there.”
Even though Xe was shaking like a rattler’s tail, she knew that this was mostly all her fault, and she couldn’t let her friend do this. “No, I’ll go,” she whispered with only a slight quaver in her voice.

Xe ran like she was in an agility trial, zip, zip, and ended up behind the bush near Sho. “Don’t tell him we’re here,” whispered Xe. “He’s mean.”

King, seeing movement, hissed, “What wasss that? Isss someone elsssse here?”

“Why don’t you rest your scales and I will go inside and make us a nice cup of mulberry tea?” suggested Sho, without ever looking over at Xe.

Before anyone could turn back towards Hut Canada, Tye leaped off the other side of the porch and ran full out into town, looking for Squish, their elephant friend. It’s rumored that elephants are afraid of mice, but that snakes are afraid of elephants is known as a fact.

Tye tore through the town looking for Squish until she ran headlong into a tree, bouncing off it and landing on her back. Blinking hard, she looked up and saw it wasn’t a tree after all. It was her friend Squish’s leg.

“Why such a hurry?” inquired Squish. Tye quickly related to him what trouble they were in, and that she feared for Xe’s life. “No one hurts my friends!” trumpeted the elephant as she took off full speed toward Hut Canada.

Xe was now hunkered down behind the bush, afraid to move.

“There you are, you slimy piece of shnake!” Squish said with disdain. (shnake is a swear word in elephant-speak.) “You may be King the Cobra in the jungle, but here you’re going to be…”

“Wait, pleasssse!” pleaded King. “I know who you are, too. You’re the mighty Sssquish, who sssquishes snakes until they pop like balloonssss! Pleassse, let me go, and you and your friends will never ssssee me again.”

Squish knew that you had to be dumber than mud to believe a promise from a snake. She thought about the pedicure she had just come from when Tye found her and didn’t relish messing it up with snake guts. But she would do whatever needed done to keep her dear friends safe. Then, from the corner of her eye, she saw a mouse. And not just any mouse, but Missy, who had helped her in the past. Missy, had brought her oboe. As she began to play a mesmerizing tune, Squish sneaked around King, whispering, “King, the Snake, you will never hurt or eat a mouse or a schnauzer or a cat again. You will be kind and gentle to all you meet.”

By this time King was softly swaying back and forth in rhythm to the music. He was being charmed and was open to all suggestions made to him. “You do all these things,” the elephant continued, “and I will let you live.”

Missy stopped playing. Xe stopped shaking. Squish stopped talking. King stopped swaying. It was as if, just for a moment, they were frozen in time. Then King shook his head, looked around, and whispered, “Weren’t we all invited for tea? I do hope there’s a drop of honey. I just love honey with my tea, don’t you?”

Xe stepped out from behind the bush. King looked at her quizzically and said, “Why, what an adorable little dog. Will you be joining us for tea? I do hope so, and perhaps there will be some biscuits as well. I just love biscuits with my tea and honey, don’t you?”

Sho, absolutely shocked, still remembered her manners and hurriedly set the outside table for everyone to have tea with honey and not just one, but two plates of biscuits as well.

From that day on, King never hurt another living thing, and Squish didn’t kill him. In fact, they made up a game called, “don’t step on the snake,” which they had to play every time King came to visit. Squish and Missy often accompanied him, and Sho always made tea with honey and biscuits for everyone. (She is a very good hostess.)

The End. (Well, just the end of this part of the story.)

I am Xena, with Shoko and Tybe playing supporting roles.
Lucy: Xena, this isn’t a play. Nobody is playing any roles.
Xena: I’m getting ready for when it is turned into a Broadway play. I want to be the star, like Angel Lexi.
Lucy: *sigh*

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