BEWARE: In Purrsuit of Flavours is Coming

MOL…What have you there, Budd?  I found this on the floor…looks like food to me.  I’ll have a taste.                                                                             

Yuck!!  What the frog fangs is this? It tastes like….SOUR! ROF…….mol…That’s a dill pickle. They are gross but I don’t think that was on the floor Budd so you deserve the taste.  I should’ve sniffed first.


We’re here to remind our friends that “In Purrsuit of Flavours” is coming up. Us and Da Phenny and Nelly of Easy Blog discussed what we should highlight in June.  Ok..ok, a little food was thrown at each other but not in anger….no, not us but everyone wanted bacon thrown at them. mol

Our post will appear on Wednesday, June 3rd  It will introduce Salad Season.  So our dish will be salads.  Any kind of salad that you adore is great with us.  Please share so we can sample the best of the season.


We are also joining Wordless Wednesday with Comedy Plus     Click  on  the  name  or  the  badge  and  be  swept  over  to  Comedy  Plus.

Yes, we know this isn’t wordless but what can I say?  We’re not known for being meek and mild.  Stop by and visit Sandee.  She has the cutest pet pictures.


Da Phenny and Nelly have a surprise for everyone on Purrsuit Day.

Don’t tell them I said anything though,

                                                                                                BONEY PETITE

20 thoughts on “BEWARE: In Purrsuit of Flavours is Coming

  1. Sandee

    I love dill pickles. We had grilled burgers last night and I had slices of dill pickle on mine.

    I love all kinds of salads too. One of my favorite salad is Caesar salad. Yummy.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. My best to your mom. ♥



We love mewing with you my friend so pull up a cushion and let's chatter like the squirrels.

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