Xena’s Story: Sheltering in Place with the Siamese Sisters

Do stop by and read Xe, Lu and the Siamese Sisters on their blog.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess with Lucy, Chia and Riley

Tye: I’m getting bored with this Shelter in Place thingie. Hey Xe, let’s play a new game.

Xe: OK, what do you want to play?

*a bit later*

Tye: Sit still, I’m almost done fixing your hair. Then I’ll do your nails.

Xe: Curlers in my beard? And I see nail clippers! I’m outa here.

Tye: Wait, Xe, you’re going to like this next part….trust me.

Xe: Mmmm, can I have the recipe for this juicy drink? When can I eat the cucumber slices?

Tye: Wait til I’m done with my spa soak and I’ll get you finished up, Xe.


Lucy: What do you suppose Tye and Xe are doing in the house?

Sho: Hmm, all I know is I’m enjoying laying here in the sun. Do you like the drink I made for you, Lu? I’m sure those two are having fun playing some silly game or another.

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