Xena’s Story- Finale

Here is the final installment of Xe, Sho and Tye’s adventure for now. You will only get part of it here. Do rush on over and read the whole story on her blog in red.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess with Lucy, Chia and Riley

If you missed the previous posts in this series, you can follow these safe links.

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“We’re almost there,” exclaimed Xe! “C’mon Sho, let me sit up front and steer. I know where we are going!”

Sho knew that CADA’s built-in navigation system would get them where they were going no matter who drove. She quietly agreed and swapped places with Xe. CADA wouldn’t let Xe crash them. Sho knew she made the right decision when she saw how happy Xe looked.

“Over there!” Xe barked a short while later. “That’s my house!” The Siamese sisters looked to where Xe was pointing and right there, on the front lawn, was a shiny, striped dog looking up at them.

“Hey, that must be your sister, Lu,” meowed Tye.

“OMD, it is her! I didn’t realize…

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