Xena’s Story with Input from Sho Part 5a

Read Xena’s Story in the pages of Canadian Cats.  It’s really easy to access Xena’s Story simply click on the header at Xena’s Story and poof! there you are.


Sho was riding on the Magic Carpet over where the big white house was supposed to be.  “Holy kittens, Look at the size of that white house,  It puts our poor little hut, Canada, to shame.    What is that in the backyard….it looks like Xe and Tye. “Up Here Tye and Xe.  Look up…up, up.  They see me, CADA.  Oh catnip heaven they’re safe!”  Sho let’s out a deep breath she’d been holding in since she learned Tye was in an Internment Camp…..now she could relax, the travellers were ok.                                                                           

They’re both running in circles and waving their paws.  Sho waves back and brings the magic carpet down gently beside the Rose Garden.                                                                                                                                 

Tye was impressed with the Magic Carpet.  “You didn’t get this carpet from Omar’s Emporium….this carpet has ever so strong fibers, Omar would give you some dang rug that would fall apart as soon as you hit warp drive.” grinned Tye “This carpet is from Aladdin’s and a Genie installed a Canada Activated Device Assistant. I call her CADA.” Tye slapped Sho’s paw in a high paw and hugged Sho saying, “Well, I guess we’re going to the country Canada soon….it is the land of the free, I’ve been told.” “Come on Xe, don’t be shy….step on board…Sho will stabilize the carpet so it can hold all of us. “CADA how far is it to Tennis-See?” Far enough! It’s no where near Canada either.  “Simmer down, we have to take Xe home to see her mom and Lucy….not to mention her dad. Ok. we better get started then.”                                                                     

Sho was speechless at the beauty of the trees and mountains under her.  Tye asked Xe where they were and Xe explained that these were the Blue Ridge Mountains…..  “Should we land down in the midst of the trees,” Sho shouted in a happy voice.  “No way!” said Xe.  “It’s very wild in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  There are even mosquitoes….I hate that buzzing in my dainty ears.”  “OK, Xe …by the way what state are we in? inquired Sho   “Is this Tennis-See?  “We’re close but not yet, Sho, we have to keep going.

Are the American’s ashamed of this here Washington DC?  Sho inquired with furrowed brow.  Xena hollered…“No friggin way….this is the home of democracy for our nation.”  “Well, it’s very difficult to find Washington DC on any map…maybe they want to hide it from terrorists.” stated Sho.                                                                   

“It says here that we’re not far from Chattanooga Tennis See.  Let’s lay back and relax….Anyone need some Siamese Cat nip?” asked Sho.  Xe howled with laughter saying, “Me, a schnauzer taking cat nip….no woofie way!”  Tye suddenly opened her mouth and told XE “You’re buying into all those old stereotypes Xe, that say cat nip  works strangely on dogs and if dogs get high they start meowing.  Rubbish I say….the only way you’ll find out for yourself is to try it.  We would never ever hurt you so let’s dig in.”  Tye told Xe that Siamese cat nip was special in that it relaxes your whole body but with out the drunk effects.

“You brought the fresh nip from the garden. It’s the best one, Sho.” Tye said with a laughing voice.  Soon, Xe and Tye were mellowing out pointing at the sights.

As they were sitting about Sho told Tye about the country of Siam hearing of her plight through the Internment Camp and her and Xe attempting to change life for the better and wanting to honour her. “Really, they want to honour me?  How are they planning to honour me? Tye inquired.  “They are thinking about changing the country’s name to Tyeland to honour you.”  Sho stated proudly.  “Oh kittens, that would be wonderful.  What an honour. Tye said as she wiped a happy tear away.

“Choo choo should be coming up soon then,”  “Choo Choo?…do you mean Chattanooga?” said Xe. “Yeah… that’s the name, seems long to me…Choo Choo or just Choo gets the message across.”  Tye said with a grin. “Hey, I can smell home….Lu’s scent is on the wind..” Xe cried out.. “There’s Lu!!”  The three travellers looked down and sure enough there was Lu looking up at them.                                                                          

Tune in Monday for the final part of Xena’s Story, from Xena herself.  Xena’s Story may be picked up later by our little elfey selves should we wish to continue the adventure. Meanwhile, I wonder if Xe’s mom was expecting a couple of rag tag Siamese Cats to visit?


23 thoughts on “Xena’s Story with Input from Sho Part 5a

  1. Sandra Hangey

    I am wondering how Lucy greeted those cats and if they brought cat nip and if they did would someone send some for ME? I am OVER staying home and inside.. maybe crazy cat nip would help me


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