Reminder of In Puursuit of Flavours plus link to Xena’s story Part 5

On April 1st, Wednesday  In Puursuit of Flavours makes it’s first appearance on Canadian Cats and Easy Blog. I believe Katty has a link you can follow and I…yes moi, am providing a blog hop to follow. Providing mom followed instructions properly.

We want you to write out your favourite recipe.  Whether its for a mid day snack or din din.  Just use the blog hop provided.   Hubby is making the meals here so the less complicated ingredients the better.  Mom does love herbs in her meals….”Herbs, Are gifts of the Gods.”

We are also joining Aww….Monday at Comedy Plus.

Visit Xena and Lucy’s blog to see the whole of Part 5 of Xena’s Story.  Simply click the red splotch over their name.

10 thoughts on “Reminder of In Puursuit of Flavours plus link to Xena’s story Part 5

  1. franhunne4u

    Favourite recipe? I have so many, sooo many … but I tried a new one, potato gratin with salmon.

    You cut about a pound of potatoes in fine slices (I take a mandoline), cut the onion (one large) (cubes) and dust it with flour, fry that in some oil in a cooking pot, add about 400 ml Milk/Cream (each 200 ml), add the potatoes and salt and pepper (I also added some nutmeg) and let boil for 15 to 20 minutes. Heat oven up to 180°C.
    Half of it into an oven dish, add 200 g smoked salmon (I just took 100 and it was enough!) cover with second half, grate 200 g cheese, add some dill on second layer, add cheese on that and put into oven for about 15 minutes (until cheese is slightly golden and molten).
    Eat with a small salad …


      1. franhunne4u

        Oh, so you want something simpler than that?
        Always happy to oblige:
        The infamous German creation of Toast Hawaii:

        two or three slices of toast per person, for each a thin coat of butter, some ham, a slice of pineapple, some melting cheese (we have a ready product, that is ideal for that, but you can also grate some cheese over) – 220 °C, about 17 min in the oven. Real barbarians add a glacé cherry before baking, but I hate those overly sweet cherries.


      2. franhunne4u

        I have searched for something easy for your husband to make:
        That is a versatile veggie soup – you can exchange the squash to carrots, you can leave out the cream if you cannot digest lactose, you can add oily smoked fish, if you want something more heartening (just put some fish out of a can into the soup bowl before you pour the soup over, you can leave out the cream and have a smudge of sour cream instead .. versatile, easy to make.


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