Xena’s Story with Input from Sho Part 4a

Please read the first parts of the story under Xena’s Story in our pages.  The story will make sense.  Now when we last left Sho she had chosen a fantabulous Magic Carpet and looked at the map so she knew how to get to the United States.  The shortest way was to go through the Gulf of Siam into the Indian Ocean and then make a sharp left to the Pacific Ocean.  Sho also noted that if she turned right from the Indian Ocean she could travel the Atlantic and…oh look, there’s the country of Canada.  Sho dreamed of going to Canada one day, that’s why she named the hut Canada….just to have a piece of this huge country near.                                                                                         

I’ll take the long way and shake any bugs out of this Magic Carpet. I better use warp drive for half the trip or I’ll be months getting there.                                                                           


I never imagined the ocean had this much water….The tag around my neck states who I am and my next of kin so if anything happens hopefully Tye  will be notified.  If anybody can find her and Xena.  “You’ll be be fine…let’s not get maudlin ole gal.” Who said that? Is there a freeloader I’m carrying to the States?   “hehe…Heaven’s no. I’m the CADA….that stands for Canada Activated Device Assistant, the Genie installed in the Magic Carpet before you left.” “Some assistant you are CADA…where are we?  We must be close to Canada but there’s nothing but blue for as far as I can see.” “We’re getting pretty close to NewFoundland in Canada.” REALLY!! You flew past the United States.” “I did.” Let’s drop down and step on Canadian soil.  After landing the Magic Carpet, Sho walked around til she met a dog…a Newfoundland dog.  This dude was huge….looked more like the pictures she’d seen of a black bear but he seemed like a happy fellow.  Sho padded up to the huge dog and the dog said, “Ow’s she cuttin’, me cocky? Sho stepped backwards in surprise.  Is this guy swearing at me? she thought.  She realized there may be cultural differences but this dude was….really different!  Sho chose to treat him as a potential friend as it’s harder to get mad and bite at a happy dudette.  Sho plastered a warm smile on her face and said, “How are you, my friend?”  To which the dog dude replied, “Aye, that’s what I says.”                                                                                   

Sho told the Newfie dog her name and that she was on her way to the United States to find her sister that left there home in Siam to see her dog friend Xe in Tennis-See. The Newfie dog introduced himself as Buddha.  Buddha said he’d heard about a Siamese cat that had been thrown into an Internment Camp when arrived in the United States for just being Siamese…..most of the Canadian furries knew about this one little cat struggling to be free.  He said her name was….Tye.  “That’s my sister!!   “Go awn wich ya!” said Buddha.  Sho liked being with Buddha in Canada but Tye needed her so she must continue her odyssey.   Buddha slapped a paw on Sho’s back and hollered,   “May the wind aways blow in your back.”  Sho understood Buddha and waved bye to her only Canadian friend.  Up she and CADA went headed for Texas.


This is a lonely looking place CADA.  The cities are massive here so we’ll stay along the backroads.  Let’s go ask this horse if she’s seen Xe and Tye.                                                         Sho eased the Magic Carpet down and introduced herself.  The horse told Sho she was called A horse with No Name but her friend’s called her, Ho No.  Ho No told Sho about helping a white cat  and a dog get to Georgia and said he’d show them the way to Georgia.  What if I lose you cause I’m in the air and you’re on the ground.  That’s easy enough Sho, just start singing, “Georgia on my Mind,” and I will come galloping into view cause “all  roads lead back to you.”   This sounded like a great plan to Sho so she leaped onto the Magic Carpet following Ho NO.

TO BE CONTINUED….Will Sho find Tye and Xe or will Ho NO lead them on a wild horse chase?




26 thoughts on “Xena’s Story with Input from Sho Part 4a

  1. Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs

    Oh, MY!! I remember long years ago, hearing peeps from Newfoundland talking…and yup, they sure had their own speak sort of! So did a lot of peeps in Nova Scotia where I was, and then there were the Acadians…they had a decidedly French accent:)

    I do hope that HoNo is a good horsie and takes Shoko to the right place…Cada…that made me giggle!


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  3. Sandra Hangey

    this is shownuff interesting and I think Ho No will come through and get them there.. unless someone forgets and says Whoa No, that might put a cog in the wheels


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