Two Siamese Cats and their Dog Friend Part 3a

This is a continuation of Xena’s Story at  Read Xena’s story and Tye’s tale will make more sense.  Click the blog address and enjoy.

Geez, I miss that white tornado.  Didn’t think I would, she talks non stop and is ready to play at the drop of a paw.  Taking in the sun and laying back is getting old very quickly.                                                                                

Squish the Siamese elephant, wandered by and Sho confided how much she missed Tye. Squish, a very understanding elephant, had an idea “Go see Tye and perhaps you’d be happier over there and want to stay.”  What a fantabulous idea.  Tye will be happy to see me.   “Thanks Squish.”                                                               


“No problem Sho. You need to be with Tye.  I feel her and XE are having hard times over there and she’s never been parted from you before.  Tye borrowed a phone from a cool lady at the Internment Camp not the ICY lady and called me to let me know she was forced to eat rotten vegetables in the Internment Camp.   The paperwork for their release was being worked on as we spoke.  Tye said XE arrived to help but was panicking cause now that she was here she didn’t know the way to Tennis-See other than walking through Texas.  So, Tye wanted me to follow the highway near Houston and look for them walking home.  Seems vague, Squish.

Tye used to play with Omar’s kids and she said they were little terrors that would give crappy old toys for any candy.  They learned this behaviour somewhere  and she says the nuts don’t fall far from the tree so I’ll be on the look out for Omar the Siamese Shiftless Carpetbagger tricks.  Tye is always on my mind…I must hurry and be with her and Xe.                                                                  “Let’s go, Squish, and see what we can find in the Magic Carpets around here.” Sho brought out the ladder and climbed up on Squish’s back and they headed for the village.  Squish had a sensitive back since Tye had done the Siamese dance for rain  on her back.

They hit 2 flying carpet outlets and were disappointed in the quality of the carpet threads. Then they hit Omar’s Emporium. Omar’s had revved up carpets but they wrinkled up during flight so it was uncomfortable sitting.  The wrinkles also made steering a hazard. No seat belts and the threads were not water proof. They were inexpensive but dang nab it, they looked cheap and wobbly.                                                                 

Next stop Aladdin’s Magic Carpets.                                                                   A huge Genie welcomed me inside.  I told him I wanted a thick, sturdy Magic Carpet with all the safety precautions.  No souped up piece of crap as I was flying to America to see friends and the object was to arrive in one piece.  Gene, the Genie, found the most superb carpet.  Luxurious seat belts, with a relaxing cruising speed and the “paw to the fiber count” of 300 MPH.  An instant sale.                                                             

Sho put the ladder up to Squish’s back and leaped on. “Sorry Squish. I was so happy about our new Magic Carpet I forgot to suck in my claws.” Sho said apologetically.

Sho thought of hot and tired Xe and Tye pawing their way across Texas to Xe’s home in Tennis… See.   Stupid name for a state as it brought up visions of everyone playing tennis in short skirts and funny hats.  Sho reprimanded herself for being judgemental…..this was the time to accept whatever cultural habits that the States has.  Tye would be delighted Sho was going to be headed over to the States.  Sho had to pack up Canada and have Squish water the plants everyday.  Sho would let Squish know what was happening.  Now, up and away and hope Tye and Xe find their way safe and easy.                                                           

TO BE CONT’D..Join Sho as she continues her adventures to cross the Atlantic and get to Tennis….See.

28 thoughts on “Two Siamese Cats and their Dog Friend Part 3a

  1. erinthecatprincess

    Now flying a magic carpet really is the way to go! Used carpet salespersons though, jeez, there are some right cowboys out there selling what they call, in the trade, ‘cut and stitch’ rugs or crash, rain or fire damaged rugs that are write offs. Sounds like you got a real winner though! Too much sun? that heat must have got to you, MOL I’d do anything for that right now, MOL
    Hers to the next part of your fascinating adventure — All aboard!


  2. onespoiledcat

    There are very few magic carpet shops in our area…..most of them are temporarily closed due to the virus! This is quite an adventure and we’ll try to be patient to hear more of this tale.

    Hugs, Teddy


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      America is so different from Siam. In Siam there are magic carpet vendors on every street corner. In America you have coffee shops on every street corner. We don’t drink coffee, however tea is a great substitute.



      1. Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs

        But in Canada there are donut shops on almost every corner, MOL! (at least around the part where the not US contingents of our furmily comes from…) And there is The Mandarin!
        *She* misses that over here…

        Stay safe on your carpet of magic, Shoko! Did you remember to pack hand sanitzer?


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    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      There are several genies lurking in the marketplace in Siam…Bang -.Cock, is the town. Wisper your wishes to them and they will follow you. Doesn’t this guy look like a mighty strong Mr. Clean?



  4. Marv

    This is quite the story! we have enjoyed it immensely! I asked Kozmo about why you guys used carpets and he said that some pets use carpets, Speedy the Bunny uses closets and we use the tunnel! I would LOVE to ride on your carpet!



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