Togetherness on Happy Tyebe Tuesday

Tyebe, leave Geraldine alone. You keep pickin’ on her and she won’t come when you call her. I hate to leave her Shoks, she’s so active.

Budd whatcha doing? This here paper is trying to get away and I need to sit on it.

There must be something making the paper move.  I’ll check Budd. You try to catch me.

I got it Tyebe!! That’s me Budd. You’re too heavy on my paw….get off bro!

I don’t see a thing under there Budd. It must have run off when it saw me climbing under the paper.                                                                                   

MOL…keep trying, you’ll see him. Are you making fun of us Shoks? Well, kinda. There’s nothing there. When Budd jumped on the paper, the paper moved and he thought someone moved him but….NO,…..he moved himself.

We’re going to join in on Comedy Plus and their Happy Tuesday.  Click on the badge and we’ll go over and visit with you.

SHOKO…..Midnight BLACK

I thought they’d never leave. This paper feels so good and loud. MOL


Now for my Meezerism for the week.

“When you feel upset with life put on a happy face and trip your sister/brother so they fall down.  It feels so good.  Betcha get a laugh out of it. MOL

38 thoughts on “Togetherness on Happy Tyebe Tuesday

  1. onespoiledcat

    Well I think Angel Sammy was “king of paper” around here. He loved the sound of tissue paper and wrapping paper – I’ve not quite got the hang of it myself but every year when Mom does Christmas wrapping I sit on top of it and watch…..I guess that’s a step in the right direction towards “paper appreciation” ???!!!

    Hugs, Teddy



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