Daily Archives: February 8, 2020

Shoko’s Selfie Sunday

You’re going to pose for the selfie, Shoko? You bet your peach coloured booties, Tyebe. Where’s Budd? He has a thing for me. What ever do you mean, Shoks?

You’ve seen him do it Tyebe. If, I growl at you for doing something stupid, Budd comes over towards me, using the ole evil eye look. He’s a big guy and he isn’t looking at me with love in his heart. Well, you don’t have to fuss over Budd.

He’s sound asleep.

Good!! Now, it has been awhile since I tried this,

Woops, my ears are elsewhere.

Those ears are high enough! Look, I have white hairs growing out of my ears….like dad! Maybe I’ll have to pull them out like dad does. No, I’ll just leave them. I look debonair.

Last try, my arms are getting tired, not to mention the pressure on my paw when I push down on the camera button.                                                                               

Much better. I look presentable.

Have a great week, friends.