Happy Tyebe Tuesday

MOL….Here we go….  Mom let loose this white mice, see, and  I’m thinkin’ this is probably a relative of Gus.  Gus had certain moves that he repeated.  This was his tell.                                                                     

I can get ready and be prepared for him or have a lousy day thinking a white mouse beat me.                                                                   

Have we got a Gus or a Geraldine there Budd?    I’ll lo…., oh, Gus seems to be a Geraldine.   There we go another female in the house.  Be beware boys we’re growing in population. mol

W What was  that?  Holy frog butt!!  Look at Geraldine run!!  Get her, Tyebe!

Today is a very cool day so we’re not going out.. Think we’ll harass Geraldine some more at the Meezer Bowl.


Shoko is ready for her Meezerism of the week.  Take it away big sis.                                                                                

We can all relate to this proverb.  “When in doubt, clean your butt.”

We are joining Happy Tuesday at Comedy Plus.  Come on over with us and view all the other furries.  Click on the name or the badge and be swept away.                                                                       



I wonder if GingerSnap sees me as his rose in the snow…like in this song.

Oh It’s real mushy! UGH!  Sounds more like mom and dad  MOL



40 thoughts on “Happy Tyebe Tuesday

    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Are you kidding me! Shoks has never killed a mouse in her life. She just keeps bringing them home live and plays with them til she’s hungry and then comes inside for a treat. Some teacher eh?



  1. Timmy Tomcat

    It is always fun to get a new mousie whether a Gus or Geraldine. As long as they smell nippy that is Hee Hee.
    I wanted to thank you so much for the very nice goodie you sent me for my Cat Scout of the Year Celebration. It is PAWSOME!
    Einie says he got Shoko’s card for the big V day coming and to keep a look in your mail Shok’s. Well it may take a few days but by the end of the week we hope.
    Buddy says thanks for coming to his pawty too.
    Purrs friends
    Timmy and Family


  2. Xena and Lucy

    Xena: You’ve got a lot going on, Tyebe. Do you hurt Geraldine when you play? Is Gingersnap your boyfriend yet? I’m still Mommy’s baby, and I don’t care if I ever get a boyfriend! Hey, Shoks, I try my best not to lick my butt, because then Mommy rushes over to see if I got a flea and even if she can’t find one on me, sometimes I still get a bath. So I guess I had always better be sure, and never in doubt, right, Shoks?
    Lucy: I don’t understand why Mom never appreciates the help when she is trying to change the sheets!


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Xena, I never hurt Geraldine nor did I hurt Gus until I drt=owned him that is. That was an accident! I didn’t know he would quit after a bath. Mom says I’m not grown up enough to have a boyfriend yet so GingerSnap and I are just real good friends. He’s taking me to the Cat Scout Valentine dance. Mom says when I turn 2 in May I can get a boyfriend. So GingerSnap and I are counting the days.

      Your mom sounds mean or obsessive at best…..if mom gave us a bath each time we cleaned our butt there would be somebody having a bath all day long.


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      1. Xena and Lucy

        That’s cool you’ll have a boyfriend in May, if you still want one. Mommy’s not mean, she just knows I’m really allergic to fleas, and that’s where they usually bite me if I get one. XOX Xena

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  3. Marv

    Hee Hee! Ninja has a “thing” for white mice. He ides them and brings them out at night. Mom finds them in the food dish in the morning (along with my Ratty). BTW, we harassed and harassed Mom and she got your painting in the mail today! But we have NO IDEA when it will get there.


  4. kittiesblue

    Dearest Tyebe, you are my rose everyday, in the snow, sleet, rain or sun. Looks like you have Geraldine under your spell. I could have used your help last night with that mousie at our house. It would have been fun batting him back and forth between us! Sending bushels of whisker kisses, your Gingersnap, Cooper Murphy



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