Artsy Caturday ansd Selfie Sunday.

Shoko and Budd it’s Saturday and that means one of us can pose for Athena the Cat Goddess and Wise Kitty’s Saturday Art work. Athena is so clever and pretty.  She’s a knockout and doesn’t seem to notice how beautiful she is.  Who has posed just right for an artsy photo?  You do look good, Budd.  Where did you find the box.  We got gifts from the coast?  Wow, lucky us.  Let’s see your picture, Budd.  Ok I’ll save it for Sunday Selfies.                                                                               

I used mom’s knee walker to get close to the tree and then reached out for a pawful of tree. MOL

        I look so pretty.  Mom used Floating….about 70% i Lunapic.

Come and view your friends posing at Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty blog Click on the name or the badge.  I taught mom how to make the badge hold the name.  MomGingersap,  would not have a clue without our guidance.  Sssshhhh….don’t tell her though.                                                                        Sunday is Selfie Sunday with my guy’s blog….The Cat On My HeadCooperMurphy is my Gingersnap….a good  looking mancat and a fun guy.  You want to see his picture?  I have it here somewhere…..

This is CooperMurphy or my Gingersnap. His face is so expressive. I’m floating for him. Mom is pretty strict. I can see him but only at Cat Scouts till I’m 2 years old.

Anyway onwards and upwards. Budd is posing and doing the selfie for The Cat On My Head blog who is sponsoring this fine tradition. Simply click the badge or the name and float on over for a visit.                                                                   

Budd is pretending to be sleeping but he isn’t and “click.”

Do you notice that Budd is loosing weight? It is kinda hard to tell as he is usually sleeping or lolling about. Mom says she thinks he is. We must do a before and after picture.

41 thoughts on “Artsy Caturday ansd Selfie Sunday.

  1. Feral cats' videos

    The cats want a pawful of the tree. What’s these things hanging on the branches, cats’ toys? And what’s with the lights? Oh, I know. It’s the red dots. How thoughtful of my humans to get me not one red dot, but several. Let’s attack. On account to three. One, two, three.

    Let’s see how long this tree will hold.


  2. onespoiledcat

    What great photos! Tyebe you are beautiful and Coop is lucky that he is besties with you. Be careful playing around with that Christmas tree – you don’t want to get in trouble knocking things down or Santa won’t visit you! Budd losing weight? Naaaaah – he’s nice and round like always (like me actually!).

    Hugs, Teddy


  3. Xena and Lucy

    As for Budd losing weight, well, we thought he was a fancy memory foam pillow. Maybe another pound or two, right?
    Tyebe, your pose is great, and we love what your Mom did with the picture, too. XOX Xena and Lucy


  4. BellaDharma'ss LadyMew

    Mee-yow wow Tyebe yore lookin gorgeous inn yore photoe. An Miss Jean yore Lunapic photo iss furry kewl…
    An GingerSnap mee meenss Cooper Murphy will *swoon* when hee seess yore photoe Tyebe!!
    Budd yore selfie iss furabuluss! You look pawsitivelee hansome!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      I am sweet….just ask me. Every morning before brekkie, Tyebe has a play fight with me. Now that she’s bigger she slams me against the bathroom door and is quite rough but she gets it back in spades.



  5. Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs

    Tyebe, you are just so pretty trying to snag some tree for yourself:)

    I have a piccie of me as a wee one doing that too, MOL! Must be a kitty hobby, right?

    Budd, I am with you on the snooze thing. Esp on a dank and wet, dark day liker this one…its been pouring here all day, and more to come and snow later, OMC!



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