Sunday Selfie starring Budd

My heaven’s it’s cold outside.  I tried to keep my ears warm with dad’s Rudolph toque….oh alright Red Nose toque.  I like to personalize the reindeer and Rudy is my favourite.                                                                     
A wee rest and I’ll be up and at em’.


Tyebe you can’t have my box.  It’s my bed.  Aww…I’ll get out of it right away.  I just want to try the box.  No way. the last time you said that, you stayed in the box till dad served dinner!                                                           
Here comes mom, Tyebe. She’s making her way down the hall.                                                               

Go sit in front of her walker and clean your toes.  You might be able to hitch a ride.

I am sending this picture into The Cat On My Head as I managed this selfie before Tyebe was even in the hall.  Pop on over for a visit with all the Blues cats.  They have some nip in the back room, I hear.                                                               

Last time I waited in front of mom’s walker, she hit me in the butt with the wheels.  I was too involved with my manicure and didn’t see her coming.    Do you think she’s getting faster with her UBER for furries?  Probably not….just seems she can really move when she has a target to aim at. ML                  

“When all is quiet with your house mate, stare down the hall wide eyed as if an ax murder is in the hall.  This scene will scare the cwap outta your house mate and she will shakily try to see behind you.  That’s your cue to yawn and walk away.”  Great chuckles my friends.


19 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie starring Budd

  1. BellaDharma'ss LadyMew

    Mew mew mew Shoko you made LadyMew laff so loudlee!! An mee has to say mee goin to do this one nite an freek her out! Yore so wise….
    Budd you look furry comfycozy inn THE box! An Tyebee you an THE toque look guud together….happy nappin mee frend!
    Grate Selfiess mee frends.
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma
    Pee S: Uber fore Catss…mee LIKESS that name!! LadyMew has a burr-gundy UBER here Miss Jeanne…what color iss yoress?

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  2. erinthecatprincess

    Getting run into by the staff can’t have been fun at all. Have you noticed how there is never a lawyer when you need one, MOL.
    Anyways, great selfies from you all, and we hopes your weather doesn’t sink into lower temps!
    Purrs and Brrrs


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Mom’s walker has hard wheels and she can be a hazard with that thing. However, I do believe a hammik situated from side to side would be perfect for the discriminating kitty or princess. We g=have been lucky with temperatures above freezing during the day.


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  3. Feral cats' videos

    My cats like to sleep in a cardboard box just like this!
    Cold and rain make cats sleepy. They like their cats’ beds better when it’s cold. Mine refuse to sleep in the beds during the summer. Only in the cardboard box.
    I’m sure their fur keeps them warm, anyway.


  4. Eastside Cats

    Around Eastside Cats, if a kitty is in a box, then a human is obligated to pick up said cat-filled box, and take it for a spin around the house! We also call it Cat Uber, and no cat has tried to jump…I think they want to know where they are going…



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