Sunday Selfie with the Yoga Girl

Well, it is the beginning of November,  This Is the beginning of winter for us.  Snow hasn’t fallen yet but it’s comin’  Highway drivers should have snow tires on at the beginning of October.  We have studded snow tires and for those that have never travelled with the thrill of studded snow tires, they vibrate through one’s body as they spin.  True Tyebe, one does get used to it and then finds something is missing in the spring when their teeth are no longer chattering.  It’s not that bad but you get the idea.

I am doing the selfie for The Cat on my Head this week.                                                                                             

This is a great pose. I call it, “Cat Stretching on Pole.”  It is part of my yoga regime.  One must remain limber.                                                                           

It’s also time for Shoko’s Meezerism of the week.  Take it away sis.

                                                                                      “Never be afraid to show your lighter side.  Be carefree and show up for events in, say….a shower cap.   Keep them guessing at who you really are and if  you’re a doughnut short of a dozen.  MOL ”   

22 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie with the Yoga Girl

  1. Xena and Lucy

    Lucy: Great pose, Tyebe. Maybe I can learn to do yoga, too.
    Xena: I wonder if I would have won my title yesterday if I had worn a funny hat like that, Shoko.
    Amy: Oh, yes growing up in PA, I well remember the snow tires, and was amazed I didn’t have to change out tires with the seasons when I moved to TN. Have a safe winter.

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  2. theKittyCatEnthusiast

    Oh man, we got a little bit of snow last week in our neck of the woods, but it’s since melted and has been pretty sunny the last few days. Not ready for winter yet!
    I love both selfies, but Shoko and her lovely shower cap definitely put a huge smile on my face 🙂

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  3. Kitties Blue

    Tyebe, you are the most beautiful cat I have ever seen, and you sure are a champion at the dangle, doing a double. And boy did Shoko give me and my fursibs a big laugh. Thank you for hopping with us. Sending you my 💖, Cooper Murphy

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  4. Valentine

    Humans think they came up with yoga, but we pussycats know that it was our ancestors that did. You are showing off the ancient art with precision! Shoko, Mom asks if she can borrow your cute shower cap. Purr purr purr.

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