Mew Like a Pirate Day

It’s that time of the year for “Meow Like A Pirate Day”  ye mateys.

Me’s going to introduce Swashbucker Shoko to these proceedings and haul her outta the briny deep. MOL mateys.  Shoko said me could blow on me bunghole and call in the seagulls.  No, not that hole but the hole of me bottle of rum.  That calls for a song….♫”Well, awela….,me grog has a bunghole,ta hit dat bunghole is me goal, booty, booty…who got me cootie booty?”♫

Swashbuckler Shoko is honouring us today with yet another Meezer Philosophyo.                                                                 

“When youse find the booty treats sitting for everyone to see, never count them till you be alone or dem landlubbers will steal it away.”

It is also Thankful Thursday at Brian’s Home so we are thankful for so many things but as the weather gets cooler we are thankful for a nice warm house.  Pop over and visit with them. Just click on the name on the highlighted blog.


HappyTalk Like a Pirate Day me scurvy dogged friends.

44 thoughts on “Mew Like a Pirate Day

  1. Zoolatry

    NOT bein’ a “scurvy dog” as referenced above … I shall hoist a mug o’ rum to my bestest Canadian cat furriends … may ye find treasure beyond measure!
    Cap’n D.D. Danger
    And from First Mate (used to be lowly bosun) Z.Zo … ahoy me mates!


  2. rubytheairedale

    HOLY SCURVY DOGS! That was excitin’!!!! Butts wait…. did I reads that right….somebody shot a hole in a bottle of rum??? That’s just not right! We needs to lick that up right aways, and not let any of it go to waste! okays, maybe I’m not up on my Pirate lingo, butts if you needs any rum licked up, I’m your gal!
    Ruby ♥


  3. Timmy Tomcat

    Yarr we love ye song and yer great swashbucklin kitties! Hope ya stopped by. Dad was busy with getting the junk man going with the garage stuff and working around the house. We love you guys


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      That was my idea to sing a yar ar ar song. We did stop by yur pirate pst and were blowin’ in the wind, it included all of us. Thank you Einey and Timmy and all yor family. Us guys loves ya back. Shoo loves Eney the mostest.




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